Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari sees Radha at stairs and asks what is she doing here. Radha tries to provoke Pari that she is playing with Modi family’s emotions, but Jigar is using her instead, etc. They engage in a verbal argument. Radha holds Pari’s hand and says if her child cannot benefit her or cannot be hers, she will not let her come into this world. She sees Gopi and Kokila coming and falls down from stairs. Kokila and Gopi hold her on time and stop from falling. Radha starts acting that Pari pushed her when she told she cannot feel motherhood like she can. Kokila shouts at Pari how can she so careless and try to harm Radha. Gopi also starts yelling at Pari. Pari says Radha is acting and to check CCTV footage. Gopi says she saw herself now and why should she see CCTV footage. Jigar also yells at Pari. Tears roll down Pari’s cheeks. Gopi consoles Radha that she always did not believe her and believed outsiders, now she will not do that. Radha asks her not to go to US until her child is born as Pari will harm her else. Gopi says yes, she will not go to US until Radha’s child is born and will not believe Pari. Kokila also warns Pari to get ready to be punished if she tries to harm Radha again. Radha smirks at Pari while walking with Gopi, leaving Pari teary eyed.

Urmila sees Kinjal writing a list and asks what is she doing. Kinjal says she is preparing kitty party arrangement list and says last time when she won, she got very happy. Urmila says she will prepare food for kitty party. Kinjal is surprised to hear that. Urmila says she needs her sari and necklace for 1 day. Kinjal gets happy and says ok. Urmila smirks and hatches a plan in her mind.

Gopi asks Radha to rest and says she will not go to US and let Pari harm her. Once she leaves, Radha thinks Gopi believes her now and is doubting Pari, so after her child is born an once Gopi goes to US, she will kick out Pari.

Ahem gets a nightmare and wakes up worriedly calling Gopi. He holds Gopi’s hand and says she cannot leave him. Gopi also wakes up and says she is not going away from him. He says he is sensing something wrong will happen. she says nothing will happen and she will not go away from her.

Pari in her room thinks Radha is trying all her dirty tricks to prove her wrong and don’t know what her next step would be. She hears door knock and opens it. Radha gets in acting as worried, hugs Jigar and says she is very afraid after today’s incident and does not want to sleep alone. Jigar says he will come and sleep with her and follows her, leaving Pari irked. He sleeps on sofa while Radha on bed. Radha thinks he came into her room and soon will enter his life also, kicking out Pari.

At breakfast, Radha asks Hetal to give her more paranthas as she is feeling more hungry. Hetal asks Pari to pass on paranthas. Ahem joins them and asks where is Jigar. Radha says he left for office in the early morning and smirks. Everyone are surprised and look at Pari, who looks sad.

Urmila prepares snacks for Kinjal’s kitty party. Kinjal gets happy seeing it and gets back to her friends. Urmila calls Dhaval and informs that Kinjal is forcing her to prepare food and asks him to bring bumpling dough as mixer is not working. Dhaval says she does not have to work and angrily comes home. He sees Kinjal with her friend s and asks her to come in. He asks if she asked Urmila to cook food. She says yes. Urmila comes and says she has prepared tea and will prepare snacks in some time. Kinjal says okay and joins back her friends. Urmila starts acting and says her hands are paining. Dhaval angrily goes out of room and asks Kinjal’s friends to leave and asks Kinjal why is she forcing Urmila to work. Kinjal tries to speak out, but Urmila interferes and asks Dhaval not to stretch the issue. Dhaval asks Kinjal to prepare food on her own for her friends next time and not trouble Urmila.

Radha cuts backyard’s CCTV camera wires, pours kerosene on ground, sets fire and shouts that Pari is trying to burn her. Pari runs from there.

Precap: Kerone bottle falls in fire and Radha gets trapped between fire.

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