Shastri Sisters 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji trying to tell Anu that Veer has come, but she does not hear him. She is shocked seeing Veer. He says he wanted to tell this. Shastri ji says she did not hear this. Veer says I came here to return your purse, and I went to kitchen to make tea, as uncle said he does not like tea made by you. She looks at her dad. Veer says I m joking, Anu asks her dad why did he let stranger come in our home, how did he get our address. Shastri ji says he is not stranger, Alka and Rohan has…. Veer says I m hearing everything, I told everything to uncle. Anu says I mean…. He says you talk to uncle, I will leave. Shastri ji asks him to have tea. Veer says sorry uncle, next time and leaves.

Shastri ji asks Anu to thank Veer for returning her purse. She stops Veer and says thanks for Papa and purse. He asks what did she say. She says thanks. He says say it again. She keeps saying and he jokes saying he can’t hear it.

He gets a call. She says your phone is ringing, hear it first. She leaves. Veer’s mum talks to him and says she likes the pic of girl for him. He says he has seen someone and he likes her, say no to that pic one, when you meet this girl, you will like her. She says I feel the same about her. Veer bets and his mum is also talking about Anu. He leaves and bumps into Devyaani. She asks who is he, and what was he doing here. He says I m Veer, I went there to steal. He says yes, you look thief by face. He says I m getting late, I will meet later. She says don’t know what he thinks, foolish. She asks Shastri ji about him. He laughs and says he is Veer, he is humorous.

She asks who is he. He says he took me to hospital and came here to return Anu’s purse. She says he was shady. He says when Anu met him, ask her what did she think about him. Anu says he is good as he helped dad. Devyaani says I did not like him, and goes to change. He says whatever the reason, Anu should like the guy. He gets Rohan’s call. Rohan says he has fixed meeting with Veer’s mum Kirti. Shastri ji agrees.

Devyaani sees Neil leaving and smiles. She calls him and stops. She goes downstairs to meet him. He asks do you have to say anything. She says no, yes, I want to say sorry, no thanks. He says you said many times, I hope you are feeling better now. She says yes, I m very strong, I can’t let anything stupid affect me for long. He says I like this about you. She says even I like myself for this and smiles. He asks what is she thinking. She says nothing, you saved me and I was very happy. She compliments him and asks is his jacket new. He says no, its same which you used to say looks bad on me. She asks did I say this, you look very nice in this jacket. He says thanks, I m getting late for college. She says bye. Neil smiles and she waves him. He leaves.

Its morning, Rohan romances Alka. Hari comes and shouts Rohan. Vrinda asks him to be calm Rohan comes and asks what happened. Hari scolds him for his business loss. Rohan asks which order, I did not get any order, I m not lying. Hari says you mean I m lying, or client is lying. Rohan says I have checked my order book, I will show you. Astha smiles. Rohan shows the order book and us shocked to see a paper torn. He says a page is torn in this. Hari scolds him. Sunil asks Rohan to focus on work and be careful. Hari says he does not have time for business, just passes time in inlaws home. Vrinda asks Rohan to be careful. Rohan says fine, but I have to go with Alka’s dad today, as Veer’s mum is bringing proposal for Anu. Alka says its fine, I will go. Hari asks Rohan to go, and come back after doing Anu’s bidaai.

Vrinda asks Rohan not to feel bad of Hari’s words. Rohan says no, why will I feel bad, he is my dad, I m worried thinking how did the paper get torn, someone did it, but who? Astha recalls she has torn the paper. Alka says don’t worry, maybe someone at shop did this or by mistake. Astha thinks ask me also, this time you won’t find anything, as I will not leave any proof, I will show Alka her place very soon.

Anu works and gets roses by everyone. She asks who is sending this. She gets a bouquet and sees Rajat. He stands far and asks her to read the chit. She reads that he is disturbed after seeing a girl who lives in his house, and he wants to meet her outside somewhere. He says please. She writes a reply and sends him. He reads she will meet him. He says I m waiting. She smiles. Rajat waits for her, and says Anu did not say no, it means its her yes for my love, so she is coming to meet me, our families are not happy, but no one can stop us from meeting. She comes to him. He sees her and smiles. He holds her hand and is glad. She takes her hand away. She says Rajat, now we can’t be together ever. Rajat is shocked.

Anushka asks Rajat to promise her that he will try to forget her. Saajna……………plays………….. Rajat says promise and holds her hand. She leaves. Rajat says I will try to keep the promise, but I also promise that I won’t let our tries succeed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. veer plz dont fall for anu she is not ur girl u r so cute and i dont want u to be hurted <3

  2. But lets see what will happen nxt in anu’s life, si think for a few episodes veer shud fall for anu… #VENU# Jst luv them.. But Anu and Rajat are PERFECT.. They make the best couple. Guys for sometym veer will fall for anu but when he will come to know the luv betwwen anu and rajat he will unite them.. till then venu will be going on.. but at last our anuraj will b together..

  3. Plzz do lyk my comment if u agree or reply by comment also.. Waiting

  4. I want anu rajat to be together forever.

  5. Veer is so cute . but anu loves rajat only.

  6. I don’t know how they are going to write this Veer’s character. His mother is also seems very nice like him. But we had so many dramas regarding Anu and Rajat; so I feel it will be both of them together in the end. I have a positive feeling about Veer’s character that he will help Anu and Rajat.
    BTW I am new to this site but not to the serial. Hello to everyone. 🙂

  7. Any and rajat are made for each other. They make perfect couple. Plz don’t seperat them.

    1. But I don’t veer to get betrayed

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