Tu Mera Hero 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind asking Mukund did he get Sunil. He says I got him home. Su nil comes and taunts Titu. Govind says he is busy in Titu’s marriage. Sunil says he would have made Titu human. Surekha says he is human, and asks him to rest. Rekha and Mukund laugh. Chetan’s parents argue with Kamlesh. She sees the jewelry necklaces and says now I got it, you got a rich proposal for Panchi, so you did not say no. Kamlesh says I was also worried, but its one mandap and two marriage. Manorama thinks its good, as she will get less expenses. She says if you don’t respect us like them, then I will take the baraat back and not stop on anyone’s saying. Kamlesh says don’t worry, like we did not differentiate in our two daughters, we won’t do such for relatives too.

She asks them to come in sangeet function kept by Panchi’s inlaws. Manorama thinks she wants to see who are they, and want to see grand function also. She agrees and smiles. Rekha sees Surekha and Titu talking. Rekha and Mukund hear their plan. Surekha says no one can do wrong with Titu till she is here. Rekha asks what did she mean. Mukund tells her that his friend informed him about Titu falling from mattress. Rekha says it means Surekha was making Titu run. Bhagwati thinks they are planning against Titu. Rekha and Mukund decide to keep an eye on Titu and Surekha.

Golu tells his plan to Titu and asks him to get down from window. Govind comes there and they get shocked. Govind asks why do you want jeep, where are you going. Titu gives long explanation and confuses him. Govind jokes on him and laughs. Titu says hear me, I want to come in jeep. Govind says Daroga come in jeep. Titu says not you, me. He says what, and gives his sangeet sherwani. Surekha comes and says I got a good idea. She sees Govind and stops saying. Govind asks what idea. She says we will go together in jeep. He says oh, you want open jeep in cold weather. She laughs off. Titu and Golu also laugh. Govind says stop it, lets go, let Titu get ready.

Panchi and Rachna talk about mehendi color, if is dark, its said husband loves a lot. Pratibha comes and says my room has this gift and there is no name. Panchi asks her to open it and see. Pratibha sees it and it has best pics of the girls. Panchi says if you miss us, just see this. They cry and hug. Rachna says I don’t get such ideas, I just contributed half money in this gift. Pratibha asks Panchi to win everyone’s hearts in inlaws, and blesses her. Keshav says car is ready and asks Sunil to come. Sunil says my watch is not coming, stop at any watch repair shop and I will get this repaired. Keshav gives him his watch. They leave.

Surekha talks to her mum in law’s pic and says there is no one at home, this is best chance to make Titu run, bless me. She sees Rekha and says I was telling mum about getting all guests and coming there to bless. Rekha says I did not hear anything and did not ask anything, why are you saying me. Surekha compliments her and laughs. Rekha thinks she know her plan now and smiles. Keshav comes back and says his clothes spoiled. Bhagwati says I will get a kurta for you. Sundar plays and Keshav looks at him. Bhagwati says this will suit you. Keshav says no one values with me, I gave my watch to Sunil, my fate is so bad.

He scolds Sundar and breaks his toy in anger. He leaves. Sundar gets upset. Titu talks to his friends. Mukund keeps an eye. His friend says I think he doubts on us. Titu says what to do now, I have to run from sangeet, but how. Surekha comes to get Titu. Mukund is there and Govind asks him what is he doing. Mukund says he was practicing dance. Titu jokes and Govind laughs. He says he will take Titu as he is proud that his son is getting married. Surekha says he will come with me. Govind takes him. She says what to do, and prays to save Titu.

Panchi and Titu dance on the song Ranjhana hua mai tera………….. in the sangeet function.

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