Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman looking at Shaguin while she gives her statement to the inspector. The inspector comes out. Ashok asks whats the reason. He says nothing, she had more pills by mistake, take care of her, if anything happened to her, it would have been a big case. He says Shagun wants to meet Raman. Raman says me? He looks at Ashok and goes in the ward. He asks how are you. She says say thanks. He asks why. She says you got saved, I have saved you from going to jail, so thank me. She says you thought I will die so easily, this is to show you what can be the price to insult me, thank me and think twice before insulting me again, I can fall very low to get you punished.

He says you are more low than I thought, do you think I will be afraid. I m alive after being cheated by you, I m strong, stop this act, I will insult you as many times as you come infront of me. He leaves. Raman comes home. Ishita comes to him and says I tried hard to give that speech. He says so? She says you gave a speech and wanted appreciation and now when I gave, you went, you are so rude. She scolds him. He says stop it now.

He asks Romi to bring his phone. Romi comes. Raman asks him to show her the video. Romi says Raman asked me to record your speech and asked me to keep the phone on, as he heard the speech. She smiles and asks seriously. He says yes, I heard on the way driving. Romi jokes and leaves. Ishita smiles. He taunts her in his rude way. He says you don’t understand, my speech was better. She says praising yourself again, can’t you praise me. He says my speech was in professional tamil, and yours was so bad.

She says you should have not heard then. He says I wanted to be there and hear it standing there, I m sorry, but I had to go, I had some work. She asks where did you go. He tells her hospital. She asks why. He says it was Christmas party there. She says say it straight. He tells everything. Ishita says I can’t believe a woman can do this. He says I went there because of Adi, he was so scared. She asks how is Shagun. He says fine, coming back to the point, speech was good and senti. He smiles and leaves blushing. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….. plays…………….

Ishita says this is not right happening with Raman, Shagun is still troubling him. Ashok talks to Shagun and asks how can you make such a big mistake, for that Raman. She says I was very irritated, I was angry and did not realize when the whole bottle emptied, I promise I won’t do this again. He says why did you not blame Raman, he would have got ruined. She says so this is what you want, I was thinking you worry about me. She says you are just mean, this was warning for Raman, but I m shocked seeing this affection of yours. He says you will not die like this, you lost the good chance. He leaves.

Its morning, Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that she made the list to cook dinner. She tells veg items. Mrs. Bhalla says why did you act smart, Bua ji wants chicken. She says Paneer is not out chicken. Simmi says Ishita invited her. Ishita says actually, Bua ji was telling about rituals, so I thought to cool her down by making her eat food. Simmi says she always stays annoyed. Mr. Bhalla says its fine, its our duty to invite her. Ishita says don’t worry, I will manage. Simmi says my respect is in your hands. If she gets angry, she will be annoyed till Ruhi’s marriage. Ruhi asks when is my marriage and everyone laughs.

Romi says PP to everyone. Mrs. Bhalla asks whats this PP. He says Pairi Pona. Mr. Bhalla and Raman asks him to focus on studies. Romi says I m going to extra classes and leaves. Simmi thinks she will see how Ishita controls Shaila Bua ji. Raman gets a call from his client and his phone hangs. Ishita comes and brings tea for him. He leaves. Ruhi asks did Papa go. He was talking to himself saying bad phone. Ishita says his phone has become bad, lets buy a phone for him. Ruhi says like SRK. Ishita says it means we will make Ravan Kumar SRK, its tough, but we will try.

Mrs. Bhalla cuts Badam for making kheer. Ishita says we will go and bring some items. Simmi says we need some more things. Ishita says message me and leaves. Simmi says how will she cook chicken.

Romi meets his friends. They say Bala has given us the question paper. Romi thinks of Bala’s words and says this paper is wrong. Ishita and Ruhi see some phones. Ishita says its heavy food of punjabis, with so much oil. Ishita calls Amma and talks to her about cooking Punjabi food. She asks her to help her in soaking Chole and thanks her. Ruhi selects a phone. Ruhi and Ishita come to meet Raman. Preeti says he is busy and does not want to get disturbed. Ruhi says I brought this with love. Ishita asks Preeti to give this to Raman. They leave.

Bua ji comes to Bhalla house and calls out everyone. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi attend her. She asks where is Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she did not went to clinic and was preparing everything for you. Simmi says have this mango juice. Bua ji criticizes it and says I don’t want this. Simmi says lets go and do shopping. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, lets have appetizers. Bua ji says fine, lets have Chole Bhature if you say. Mrs. Bhalla goes to bring her purse.

Raman takes a 10 min break. Mihir asks why are you using old phone. Raman says my phone hanged. Preeti comes and says this is for you, Ruhi and Ishita gave this. She says Ishita said you urgently need this. Mihir says wow, open it, she has given it with love. Tandon also insists. Raman opens it and sees a pink phone. Tandon bursts into laughter and Mihir pulls Raman’s leg. Raman asks Mihir to take it. Mihir says now you don’t need new phone, use this one. Everyone laugh. Raman gets annoyed and thinks she made his fun in his office by sending a pink phone.

Ishita thinks how will she cook chicken, how will she touch it. Ruhi shows gloves. Ishita smiles. Bua ji criticizes the food. Raman gets angry and defends Ishita. Ishita smiles while Simmi gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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