Doli Armaanon Ki 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
samrat asks for cofee, and shashi begins to rush out. But urmi says that she shouldnt bother as she would get it herself. While the jamaal ghota begins to work, shashi rushes to leave the room to go to the bathroom. urmi asks shashi that she gets very less time to stay and spend some quality time with samrat and when she has gotten the chance she shouldnt leave it. Shashi says that she has lots of work downstairs. samrat asks her to sit down with them. She is surprised and wonders what to do now. She tries to get out of it, but samrat sternly tells her to sit, and she has no option but to comply. she then makes another excuse, of having her BP machine. after she leaves, samrat is wondering what went wrong. She has a hard time dealing with her bowels, that have gone for a toss, after the jamaal ghota. as she comes out of the bathroom, she swears to take revenge on urmi, but then finds the need to use the bathroom again. urmi and tauji are amused in samrat’s room.

In her room, urmi comes in asking if she needs any medicine, as she is experinecing some other problem, evidently. urmi then tells her that if you try to trap others, they themselves fall into it, and tells that she knew everything. shashi feigns innocence. urmi says that she is surprised that just to torture her, she was about to put her own son in misery. urmi says that she got what she desrved, but asks whats the enemity that she has with her, that she could overlook her motherly love for samrat too. shashi again rushes to the bathroom, while urmi says that she would wait here only. urmi tells her that she would get her a salt-sugar solution, for her comfort. But she shoves urmi away. As urmi comes outside, tauji laments that shashi was like this, behind this all. urmi tells what shashi did, to spoil her relation with samrat. tauji compliments her action. He says that he believes in her, that she can win her battle herself. He asks her to prepared for the next move, as shashi would again attack in full form, and asks her to beware. He leaves, amused at shashi’s torture, while urmi smiles.

In the evening, shashi is exhausted, while tauji begins to tease her about her bad health today. He tells her that she seems to have lost weight. urmi is amused. The phone rings and urmi recieved it, and finds that its devi, and shashi is instantly startled. devi tells her about gaurav’s marriage tomorrow. Urmi is excited, and asks howcome so soon. devi explains the reason. He says that maybe her in laws wont come, but they would still come to invite them. Urmi asks him not to bother, as he has so much prep, and that she would invite them on his behalf. he asks her to be on time. she complies. as she cancels the phone. shashi asks why is she so happy. urmi tells them the good news. shashi doesnt express any happiness. Rudra and tauji are tensed. tauji asks if this isnt a good news. shashi tells him that this isnt the first marriage. rudra asks what does he mean that nobody should be happy at this. Rudra expresses his pleasure and the inability too of not coming due to ill health. urmi expl,ains why she didnt want devi to come. rudra agrees to it. shashi doesnt stop from commenting, saying that she did right. Shashi tells her that samrat or she wont go, despite them being called several times. Rudra is displeased. shashi asks him to go inside and get her meds. shashi too goes after him. Urmi is tensed. Tauji observes this and goes to her, asking what happened. urmi says that she or her family cant get any respect here, and in this important marriagfe, she would have to go alone. tauji says that what can happen, if she already believes it. urmi asks what would she do, as when she goes without samrat tomorrow, people would start talking. She says that samrat wont understand. He asks her to make him understand then, as she hasnt understood him nicely, when she complains that she has tried everything but in vain. Urmi says that samrat would definitely not come, whatever maybe the reason. tauji says that he does only that for which he is forbidden. Urmi understands what he is trying to hint and thanks him for his advise.

Scene 2:
Location: gaurav ‘s residence
gaurav expresses displeasure at their action of shifting the marriage tomorrow. granny tells that four months are many, and maybe she too doesnt survive. gaurav asks why does she have to emotionally blackmail all the time. saroj says that they have started all the preps too. Granny and saroj begin with their prep, while anu and gaurav are left alone. anu tells him that the girl is good. gaurav says that this is too hasty and hence feels weird. He asks if there’s any pressure on her for marriage. Anu says that she doesnt feel so. Gaurav tells her that he wants to talk and meet her once before marrying. anu is tensed, but then says that if its that important he would talk to her, before the pheras tomorrow. Gaurav is relieved.

Scene 3:
Location: samrat’s residence
The next morning, urmi is getting ready, while samrat is working on the computer. She distracts his attention to herself, and he asks where is she going dressed so much like that. Urmi tells Samrat that if its a marriage, she would have to dress up nicely. samrat asks whose marriage. urmi pretends that she forgot to tell samrat, and then lamenting on her forgetful nature, she says that gaurav is getting married. samrat is shocked at her casual approach. He is angered, and urmi says that she completely forgot, and as it is, he doesnt care about family functions, and wouldnt have gone. samrat asks why would she decide for him. urmi asks if he would have gone with her, had she told him. He falls into the trap, and says that he would go. Urmi smiles and then turns around with a serious face, saying that his important time would be lost. he asks her to stop being oversmart, and get his dress ready, while he goes to get a bath. As he leaves, urmi thanks tauji’s advise, and says that he got to do what she wanted him to do.

While they are discussing about dental problems and sauggested measures, shashi, rudra and tauji are surprised when they find samrat coming down dressed, with urmi and shaurya. shashi asks where are they all going. urmi tells that they have to go for gaurav’s marriage. samrat tells them that he is waiting outside and asks them to hurry up. Shashi asks about him and asks where is he going. samrat says that if he is going together he must be going there too. shashi is silenced. urmi eyes tauji smilingly, that they got what they wanted. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Tauji tells urmi on the phone, about shashi approaching him for help. He tells her that she has to play offensive as well as defensive in this game. after the phone call, he turns around and is surprised to find that someone had been hearing all along.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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