Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Priya telling Pihu that she can’t play this blind game anymore. This is getting too much. Khush comes and asks have you seen Suhani? Today is her medical checkup. Priya says, I didn’t see her since morning. Pihu asks, whether her luggage is in her room? Priya asks Khush to call her. Suhani comes back. Suhani says she went to grocery shop. Khush asks her not to scare him next time.

Priya asks Suhani and Khush to go for check up. Suhani tells Suhani that Pihu is behaving weirdly. Khush says, you are behaving strange because of mood swings. Priya asks Pihu to relax. She says, we have to proof that she is guilty. Pihu says, I know you have a soft corner for her in your heart. Priya says,I will tell you the truth, nothing is important to me than Mr. Kapoor, not even you. Pihu goes.

Priya discusses with Natasha that she can’t believe that Suhani can do this. She says, Pihu doesn’t like Suhani and I don’t want anything bad to happen. Natasha says, you wants to say Pihu is judgemental about Suhani. Priya says, I don’t understand. I doubted on Sid and Khush and now I don’t want to doubt on anyone. Suhani calls me her mother. She is so gentle and caring. How can she murder Sammy. She says, she can’t believe Sammy can do that.

Natasha says, we have to find a solution. She says, Bhai is important for us. We have to proved him innocent. Priya says,I don’t know to trap any innocent person in this case inorder to save Ram. Natasha says, what if Pihu is right? She says, we are doing this for Ram.

Suhani and Khush come for the check up. Doctor says, everything is fine. She says, after next 3 weeks you will become a mother. Khush gets happy. Doctor asks her not to take any tension. Priya and Natasha searches for proofs in Suhani’s room. Khush gets excited with the thought of baby. Suhani gets scared and says Sammy. She sees Sammy. Khush says, Sammy is not there. Suhani says, I have seen him. Khush goes to see the guy. He happens to be someone else. Suhani says, I saw him. He was Sammy. Khush asks her to calm down and takes her home.

Priya comes to Sid and asks him to have breakfast. Sid thanks her for uniting him with Khush. He says, Juhi misused me and I deserved it. You always forgave me and given me a chance always. He thanks her. Priya says, we are family. I have not done anything special. Khush is very lovely kid. She says, important is that you and Khush understood everything. I am happy that you got your son back. Sid says yes. She asks him to have breakfast.

Khush asks Sid, what happened. Sid says, I couldn’t become a good father. I was running after money. I wanted you to become like me, but now thinks it is good that you are having Ram and Priya’s values. He says, I won’t repeat the mistakes again. He gives him money. Khush says, I don’t need this money. Sid says, this is for your son. I earned this money in Jail. This is less amount, but my hard earned money. Mamaji says, you both got me emotional. He touches the money and asks him to buy toys for his baby. Khush hugs Sid.

Priya calls everyone. Everyone waits for her. Priya comes and says I came to tell you important and good news. She says, Mr. Kapoor will be out from the jail in few days. Mamaji asks, what happened? Priya says, we got the proofs which proves the guilty. She says, I kept in my room so that no one can steal it. Next morning I will give the proofs to the police and then we will reopen the case. Mr. Kapoor will be out of jail and the real murderer will be in. Suhani comes inside Priya’s room. She sees Priya’s sleeping and searches for the keys.

Priya comes and slaps her. Natasha gets up from the bed. Khush is shocked to see Suhani as Sammy’s murderer. Pihu asks Suhani, how could you do this. Priya asks, why did you do this? Why? Why you have punished us? We have thought you as a daughter and helped you in your studies. We have always supported you. She says, I can’t believe you can do this.

Priya says, I walked out of this house because of you. You punished me for supporting you. I could support Pihu, but I supported you as I knew Sammy loved you. Suhani cries. Khush is still in shock. Priya says, I missed Pihu in those 5 months. My daughter hated me because of you. Suhani cries. She says, you killed Suhani. You loved him naa. Do you realize that you killed how many relations. He was related to so many people. Ram is in Jail and will be hanged because of you. Priya asks, what did I do?

Khush tells Suhani that you can’t love anyone and can’t even have friendship with anyone. Priya asks her to give statement to the police.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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