Ek Nayi Pehchan 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sakshi applying vermilion on Sharda’s forhead and says when a king wins a battle, he is applied vermilion on his forhead, it is like she won a battle today. She prays god that mom made impossible as possible with his blessings. Sharda says it is god’s blessings that she got a bahu like Sakshi and saas like daadi, else she would not have done it. Sakshi says some things take time and explains with her patola sarees business, Meeta can meet Suresh and they can forward a business proposal.

Sharda gets happy. She keeps cheque in front of god and says whenever she mades something special, she keeps it in front of god. Sakshi asks her to prepare patola saree today. Sharda says we will make it after vat savitri pooja/prayers and fast tomorrow. Sakshi asks even after dad is angry on you, you want to fast for him. Sharda says it is her duty to pray of Suresh’s health. Sakshi asks to tell about Vat savitri pooja. Sharda says women fast whole day for men’s long life and pray at the evening.

Daadi sees Lathika and asks her also to fast. Lathika says she does not have time for that and says even mom will not do it as she is a business woman now. Daadi says Lathika fast for 2 days continuously in the name of dieting and what she wants to teach her daughter. Daadi commands she has to fast and do the puja. Lathika asks her to chill and agrees to keep the fast and do the puja. She goes to office. Sakshi smiles.

Sharda informs Suresh that Sakshi is keeping the fast and make her understand everything. Suresh says ok. He gets a message. He calls someone and asks him to cancel his appointments as he is going out of city tomorrow. Sharda asks, if everything okay? Suresh says, I have to go for urgent work. Sharda says, tomorrow I am keeping fast. Suresh says, it happens every year. I don’t have time for these rituals. Karan comes and offers to go. Suresh says, this client is important for me. You don’t have right to speak between husband and wife. Sharda feels bad. She tells Karan that your dad is right. She asks him to sleep. Suresh asks her to pack his bag and keep white shirt in it. Sharda says ok.

Karan comes to his room. Sakshi says, I am very excited for the fast and puja. Karan sits down sadly. She asks, what happened. Karan says dad is leaving tomorrow, Sakshi promises to keep Sharda happy. Karan says, she deserves a good bahu and not bad son like me. Sakshi says, you are good son. Karan looks at her saree and says it is good. He asks, are you going to keep the fast. Sakshi says ofcourse. I am scared a little, but mom is with me. Karan says, it doesn’t matter to me. Sakshi says, it matters to me. I want us to be united always.

Sharda gets ready for fast and Puja. Suresh comes. Sharda asks her to stay until Puja. Suresh says ok and asks her to hurry up. Sharda does the puja. Sakshi too do the puja. Suresh gets irritated. Karan looks smilingly at her. Sharda asks Suresh to bless her. Suresh says, yes. He says, I am getting late and says I will go. Karan says, I have to discuss with you about project. Karan goes to get Suresh’s bag. Sharda feels bad as Suresh is leaving. Karan goes to drop Suresh.

Karan says, I will park my car and come. Suresh asks him to go. He waits for Karan to go. Then he take a taxi instead of going inside the airport. He calls someone and says I will reach you in sometime. Lathika is on phone call. She asks her daughter Diya to go to Dad. Sharda says I will take you out. Sharda compliments Lathika. Dadi teases her. Lathika asks her not to talk about food. Lathika asks, until when I have to be hungry. Sharda says, you have to wait till the Puja. Karan says, we have to open our eyes open. You never know we may get the solution. He offers her food silently. Dadi asks him to keep the food back in its place. Sharda serves food to everyone.

Sakshi comes and asks Karan to eat, Karan says, I am not hungry. Sakshi says, you have to eat it. Karan signs Sharda that he kept the fast. Sharda says, he can’t eat it. Sakshi asks, why? Sharda says, he is having stomachache. Sakshi says, you didn’t tell me. Karan says, I will be fine soon. Sharda says, don’t eat anything then you will be fine. Sakshi gets upset and goes inside.Karan thanks Sharda. Sharda asks Karan to go. Sakshi comes to her room and says you messed the room. She says, I didn’t have anything, not even water. Karan says, I can understand.

Sakshi says, you didn’t eat anything. I am so sorry and says I will bring something. Karan says, I don’t need anything. Sakshi says, don’t tell me that you kept the fast, why? Karan says, I kept it for you. Your security is important for me too. Sakshi gets emotional and hugs him.

Suresh brings his first wife shocking Sharda.

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