Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman being in a meeting. He ends it and sees Ishita 7 missed calls. He sees Ishita and Ruhi there. Ashok smiles and tells Suraj it will be good fun to see now. Ishita makes Ruhi sit and says Papa is in conference, sit here, I will get milkshake for you. She goes to the restaurant. The clients likes Raman’s presentation and asks about the news article. Mihir says we came here for business, why to discuss such gossips. The man says such campaigns works on such things, we want Raman to tell the truth to us. Raman says my daughter is outside, and she is important to me, she needs me now, I don’t care if you don’t give me this campaign sorry I have to leave. He leaves. Suraj says don’t be happy Ashok, don’t know why she came, something wrong is going to happen.

Raman comes to Ruhi and asks why she came here. Ruhi asks Papa do you love me. He says yes, a lot. She says she came here to take his test as she knows what came in paper. He says its all wrong written in paper, ask me anything, Papa will pass in your every test. He cries. Ruhi says you know everything about me. He says I know everything, I know the most. She asks what do I do when I m sad. He says se plays with nails like her dad. Ishita comes and asks can I participate. Ruhi says just Papa. Ishita sits there hearing them. Ruhi asks what do I do when I m happy. Raman says she paints her nails. She asks further questions which Raman answers all right. Ruhi cries seeing him answer everything right.

She says my fav color. He says pink. Fav icecream. He says chocochips, but now blackcurrent as your Ishi Maa. Ruhi says most imp question, who is my fav person. Raman says Ishi Maa. Ruhi nods no and looks at him crying. He says Muttu….. She nods no. She says wrong Papa. He says don’t know I give up, who is your fav. Ruhi gets up and hugs him saying its you are my fav person. Raman and Ishita cry happily. Ashok, Shagun, Mihir, Suraj and all business associates looks on. The clients are convinced.

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Ashok says I don’t believe this, their family drama does not end. Raman gets angry. Ishita says its good you all saw this, you all know how much bad Raman is as a father, how many you know so much about your daughters, this is Raman who hates his daughter, right. She says Raman would have convinced you all by taking you on lunch, but he did not, as Ruhi’s opinion matters to him. He can do anything for his daughter. She says you know news is not always right, its your duty to know the real story. She says if you are interested in girl child service, ask her how is her father. She asks Ruhi to say. Ruhi says my Papa is world’s best Papa, I know he will never hurt me. Raman cries.

Ruhi says he knows everything about me, he loves me by his heart, he thinks about me all the time, he gave one answer wrong, he is my fav person. She hugs Raman. Ishita says I think you don’t need any proof now, as Ruhi told who is worthy for this project. They go to discuss and asks Ashok to wait. Raman clears the matter to Ruhi and she says she knows everything and understand it. She says you call me Dadi Amma. He kisses her forehead. Mihir smiles. Ishita says Mihir, we lost this move, it does not matter, as we did not play any wrong game, its good as love is important to us. They are called inside.

The client say the bidding goes to Raman Kumar Bhalla. Raman and Mihir shake hands. Ashok, Suraj and Shagun are stunned and angry. Ashok says this is unfair. Ruhi dances happily. Shagun says whats the use now, we did not win after doing so much. Ruhi stops Shagun and says say Adi that my Papa loves me a lot and he signed the paper to save your life, Adi should know this. Raman asks who told you. Ruhi says Adi told me in school. Raman scolds Shagun and asks her to keep Adi away from bad things, you don’t have a mum’s heart, you did cheap thing to take revenge from me, did you think how this will affect Ruhi, this is last warning, don’t use my daughter, wife and family, else I will ruin your life, I know you don’t care, but I care, I can die and even kill someone for my family. Ashok and Suraj looks on.

Parmeet comes and says Ashok congrats. He sees them upset and asks what happened. Raman says king of fools came. Ishita tells Ruhi to learn a lesson of life, that truth always wins, lie does not have power to win, a loser told me he won’t let your dad get contract and I told he can’t defeat Raman, as your Papa has power of truth. Raman says Ruhi, you made your Papa a winner today, and some credit goes to your Ishi Maa. He thanks Ishita. Yeh Hai mohabbatein……………plays……………..

Romi drops Sarika at Ishita’s dental clinic. She says don’t behave such with Vishal again. He says he won’t. She says don’t do such with anyone. He asks how many brothers you have. She says my mum is seeing a guy for me, maybe you can spot me with any guy in café, you don’t react this way. He asks why looking for guy. She says for marriage. He says why so soon, your career. She says I m receptionist and will do same job after marriage. He asks her to take time to build her career. She says my mum does not keep good health and its her wish to see me married soon, I listen to her always. She leaves. Romi says you are gone, she listens her mum, I have to make her mum agree first to get her.

Ashok is very angry on Raman. Suraj comes and asks what is he doing, it was your presentation. Ashok says leave it, Raman got the contract. Suraj says relax, we have ruined his respect. Ashok says he will plan more big thing next time. Shagun comes. Suraj says too bad Shagun, Ruhi loves Raman. Shagun says Ashok, I don’t believe this, you are blaming me, I gave you that info and my name got ruined. Suraj says learn something from Ishita, she made her husband a hero, I think you worry for your respect and Raman more than Ashok. She says I don’t need to prove my loyalty to Ashok. She says its about my reputation, no one worries for me here. Suraj says I can’t understand your loyalty. She gets angry and looks at Ashok.

Raman and Parmeet have an argument. Raman asks him to become paying guest, and asks him to pay 65000rs as he does not want people to say he is having fun at inlaws house, so pay me for food and stay. Parmeet looks on.

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