Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj says to Bauji that his mother seems strict but is soft as wax. Sanvri says that our Avni will win our heart whatsoever. Mrs. Anjali come downstairs and was in a bad mood. She asks Bauji not to label them as mother and daughter-in-law, thanks them for anything and asks her children to go home. Suket asks why she is leaving so soon. She says he must ask his daughter. Bahwna asks Avni what is this all? Avni says I hurt her. Avni says it wasn’t my first meeting; she is Mrs. Anjali to whom your investors went. I went to talk to her; and tell them about all the events.
Raj’s mom was angry and says that the girl spoiled everything. She says she can’t forgive Avni anyway. She tells Raj to go tell Avni. Raj asks jiji to ask mom, jiji says that once mom takes a decision she doesn’t listen to anyone; she can’t help him.
Avni gets Raj’s call, he was saddened.She says sorry to him. Raj says it is too late, as his mom said she won’t like Avni as his wife. Her dignity and self-respect is most important for her. Avni drops the cell phone.
Sanvri says that she didn’t like Raj’s mom at all. Bhawna argues that this isn’t what we taught our daughter, mistake was on our part. She asks Bauji to go ask her apology. Avni comes there, and says that she did the mistake, and will solve it herself. She has Raj’s example, and will work hard to win their hearts. Raj comes and says he is with her. Suket and Bauji support the idea. Avni says thanks to Raj for helping; she asks shall she talk to him. She asks shall she cook something. Raj suggests she should cook that ‘Daal Baati’; they both go inside. Bhawna asks for help, but Avni says I don’t want any cheating in my test. She and Raj work together, to prepare the Daal Baati. Raj tries one and says there is something missing in it, one taste is missing. They both try to recall, it was lemon. Raj says it is perfect now. Bhawna comes to taste it, Raj offers her one. She takes a bite and says it is even better than me. Avni says it can’t be better than you and asks Raj to take to his mom.
The investors thanked Mrs. Anjali to be invited on lunch. Mrs. Anjali is shocked to see them, and comes to ask what you are doing here. Avni says she won’t say much as she has already said what wasn’t needed. She says she loves Raj a lot, please forgive me. Mrs. Anjali asks do you want to say everything goes well between us. She says she brought Daal Baati for her. She acts, as to keep it in the kitchen. Mrs. Anjali agrees.
Sanvri hands Pooja’s mom with money. She tells her to go to Madhuri and ask for Pooja. They lady asks her for another five lac till the evening next day. Sanvri is taken aback and comes back without saying anything.
Suket and Bhawna come to Raj’s house. Bhawna asks does it look awkward we came here without invitation. Suket says that Avni came here alone, we must help her. Avni serves the guests. The investors laugh what days Suket has to see, as his daughter is serving us. Mrs. Anjali stands up to ask them to leave. The investors say that she doesn’t want people like them to eat what my daughter-in-law to be cooked. She further says that she called them here tear their contract, for they aren’t loyal to the company which has been giving them profit for years. Suket and Bhawna were still standing on the doorway.
Mrs. Anjali says to Avni that her Raj can’t get a better wife than you, I did this all to see how you react. but you met with my guests and served them well. She says welcome to Avni to the family. Mrs. Anjali asks an apology from Suket and Bhawna that she misbehaved yesterday. Bhawna asks her to let Avni touch her feet, but she stops her saying her place is in her heart and hugs her.
She goes upstairs, and gifts Avni a diamond set. Bhawna says we don’t accept a proposal final till ‘tilak’. She suggests they must do this Tilak tomorrow. Suket asks how can it be done in Raj’s dads’ absence. She says he will come soon.
They family was excited and prepares for the ritual. Bhawna asks for Sanvri, she comes back home. Bhawna tells her everything but watching her worried, she asks what happened. Sanvri says she has a headache. Bhawna prays to keep everything smooth and end the events happily.

PRECAP: Bhawna gives the promotion that for Bhagwan Dad, someone with blue umbrella is coming to hear all the problems.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. that was an easy test for Avani compared to what Ray when through

    1. I don’t think the tests for them done yet lol

  2. raj****

    1. I agree

  3. Lol I agree dat test is too easy and dat was predictable

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