Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bunty calls cousins down to see dollys dance,suku says sorry to umesh, nisha says sorry as well saying she thought everybody will love this news , i called dolly so many times but she didn’t come, umesh says its her mehndi today why will she come forget it now,to change nishas mood umesh starts teasing her by sourabh,dolly n summit begin their performance, roopan says to leela ur lucky to have dolly as ur daughter in law,in whole of delhi u wont get a girl like her, leela says i could but summit liked dolly a lot, roopan says dolly is a very good girl n has never let us down n she will be a great daughter in law, dolly n summit get very close while dancing, ramesh whispers in laxmis ears these two are definitely gonna kiss, the guest start murmuring amongst themselves, nisha tries to call dolly,vimla asks ramesh to do something to stop this, ramesh asks nisha to turn off the music, ramesh asks everyone to have dinner.
Cousins n dadi are together nisha comes with food n says i was waiting for dolly but she ditched me n is ignoring me, dadi says she isn’t ignoring is just aliitle lost with her love, kirti says but nisha doesn’t know wat is love, suku asks dadi to tell her love story dadi says wat love story i used to cover my face all the time n so couldn’t even see dadajis face but i didn’t give up i started wearing a netted saree so that i can see him,nisha says dadi stop i cant hear this, n says i will never marry, kirti says i have seen in movies every person has a life partner, suku says n kirti has 5 ,dadi says nisha has the right to take her time n think abt her partner nisha says she cant do this dadi says u lost before even trying , nisha says i will not give up tell me wat to do, dadi says thats like my girl n now close ur eyes n think wat kind of guy u like, nisha tries to imagine nisha asks whom shd i find, kirti says someone who will say the 3 magical words to u in grt style, nisha tries to find the right guy in her imaginary world kirti asks nisha did any one said those words,nisha says yes the milkman, sharmas dog cafe guy all said, kirti says not this i love u, magical romantic one, suku says nisha i will help u out just follow wat i say, imagine urself on a big road with ddlj romantic track, a lavish car comes near u, nisha says i don’t like cars only bikes, suku says ok a bike comes with ur dream man riding on it, dadi asks nisha did u see the face,nisha says no i cant see any face, n refuses to imagine anything further.
Laxmi calls Sharma saying sorry abt being late since bunty is unwell, she asks nisha to take care of bunty as she needs to go to school, nisha informs laxmi that her grandma wont be attending dollys wedding, laxmis mom calls her for financial help, nisha tells her dad that bunty is very unwell n why does mom needs to go to school, ramesh says its necessary , laxmi rushes into kitchen n vessel falls of her hand she gets upset, ramesh asks nisha to go n look after bunty, ramesh asks laxmi to relax n asks her to take leave from school, laxmi says she cant after all its abt the salary money, n says we have dollys wedding n even mom is unwell n we need money for it, ramesh asks howmuch mom needs laxmi says abt 30 to 40 thousand how are we gonna manage , ramesh says i will manage u go to office but have some breakfast umesh comes with breakfast, ramesh says ur here at the right time umesh don’t let laxmi go without having breakfast, umesh says chichi don’t worry abt being late i made rolls for u have it on ur way to office.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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