Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman talking about Shagun. Raman tells Ishita that Shagun has spoiled it. She asks will you fight with her. He says no, I will do her aarti. She says ignore it, as she wants us to fight or fight with her, but I explained her. He says its not easy. She says she is challenging our relation, its strong and above all this, and there is no place between us that someone else can come. She sits very close to Raman and smiles. He holds her and says lets go for dinner, you and me. She says yes, I want to have Dmakhani. He says Oye Madrasan, leaving sambar and now Punjabi Dal makhani. She says yes. He says get ready, and goes. She says our relation is made by much difficulty, I won’t let Shagun break it.

Appa talks on phone and says I m coming. Amma asks where is he going, he did not have coffee. He says I m going insurance office, I m in hurry. She says have coffee first, call me and tell what they told, and go in taxi, its cold. Appa says I will be by bus. Amma says its far, do by taxi. He gets angry and leaves. Amma says what happened to him, he is not talking well and so much misery for no reason. Raman asks Appa where is going. Appa says I have some insurance work. Raman says I will drop you. Appa says no, I will take cab, I have some other work also. He leaves. Ishita comes to give Raman his phone and says bye to him. He asks her to think and learn how a wife says bye to husband. She says I married for first time, how can I learn. He says use your mind. She says I understand, but in public. He says who cares. She asks are you serious. He asks did she say yes and smiles.

She says fine, don’t say. He closes his eyes. She gives a kiss to his cheek by her hand and says you will get just this in public. Appa goes to take 2 lakhs loan. The man says we can’t sanction this as you are retired. Appa says I have to give it to builder, else we won’t get possession. The man says Raman Kumar Bhalla stays there right. Appa says yes, he is my son in law. The man says you can take money from him, he is CEO from him, whats this amount for him. Appa says how can I take money from him, he is my son in law. The man says I understand, but bank matter will be long. Appa asks how much amount can I get. The man says I will see your docs and tell you. Appa leaves.

The man calls Raman and tells about his father in law coming to take loan, I told him a lot but he did not agree. Raman thinks in FB about spoting Appa at the bus stop, and Appa hiding his face, then catching the bus. Raman thinks of Appa wearing old shirt in pongal and being worried for giving money to Chadda. He says I was right, Appa has money prossure, but he is not saying, if Ishita and I try to give, he won’t talk, we have to do that we help him and keep his self respect. Raman comes home and talks to Ishita.

He says Subramanium wants to shift, how can he leave job. Ishita says how can you force anyone, find someone trustworthy. Raman says he is managing since 20 years, it would be good if there is someone from family. She asks shall I talk to Appa, as he did accounts work well. Raman says yes, we will give him salary. She says no, he won’t take money from you, he will help. Raman says its nit charity, its professional, its official work. Appa is bored at home, whats problem in this if he comes office and work, he can get paid for his work. She says maybe he is right. He asks her to talk to Appa. She says such a Nautanki. He says I m seeing you and learning. She leaves.

Raman says I wish she convinces Appa and his financial problem can end. Ishita meets Appa and Appa says he can’t handle it, its big company. Ishita asks Amma to explain Appa that Raman needs someone trustworthy. Amma says yes, your health will be good too. Appa says its not about home, but big company, if I make any mistake it will spoil relations. Ishita asks him to join from tomorrow and leaves. Amma asks Appa why is he tensed. Appa says I m afraid I can disappoint Raman, its all on computer these days, its advanced now. Ammaa says don’t worry, you will get used to it, do any computer course.

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She says she has seen Raman’s pic on Ishu’s computer when she did not know much, Raman is our son and we have to help him. He asks you think I can do it. She says yes, I will make your clothes ready for your first day at duty. She thanks Lord and prays that he gets confident. Appa calls loan manager Dheeraj and says I m getting a new job, I think there will be no problem in getting loan.

Its morning, Ruhi tells Ishita about her annual sports meet and she wants to practice, she will tell Raman to get their sports dress. Ishita says I did not participate in such activities, I m worried if we lose. Ruhi says its ok, we will win, you practice with me and then we will run. Ishita says yes, then we will win. Ruhi says you will enjoy a lot. Ishita says sure and makes her ready for school. She asks her to have breakfast and she will see Raman. Appa gets ready and asks Amma who is he looking. Amma says Rajni Sir. She says he will be in office and they won’t have lunch together, but they can have breakfast together. He says you made it early today.

She gives him the old book of accounting and asks him to read. He says I know you are nervous, me too as I m going after long time, any company need potential, I m hardworking. She says she is proud of him. Appa thinks Raman has unknowingly helped me, he is such a nice person. Ishita gives Raman his phone and says he forgets his things intentionally these days. They see Amma making Appa have curd sugar and asking him to have medicines. Raman and Ishita greet them. Appa asks Raman shall I call him Sir or Raman in office. Raman says I will call you Mr Iyer and you call me Appa. Ishita reminds him about coming in evening to meet Adi’s counselor, and they leave.

Raman introduces Appa to the staff and tells about his past job and their family relations. Mihir gives him a bouquet. He takes Appa and asks Sameer to show him his cabin, and take care. He tells Mihir that Appa still looks nervous, he asked me what to call, Sir or Raman, Amma and Appa are so sensible, and did good upbringing, Amma was making him have curd sugar with love, if Ishita and I grow old and are half happy, it will be enough. Mihir gets sad as Raman talks about love. He leaves. Raman says till when will you run Mihir. He gets a message to meet Adi’s counselor.

Romi meets a doctor as he wants a medical certificate for new job application. The doctor goes. He says once i get it, my job will be final, and I will show family I m not useless. Romi waits for the doctor, and sees Sarika.

Raman says its my mistake, I could not give Adi a good family, and blames himself. My son got away from me, and got wrong upbringing, I m fighting with the fear to lose Adi. Ishita says you did not do any mistake, you were just weak in love.

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  1. wow prayosha its super news…..i hope ki yeh date ache se ha jaye romantic vala…..

  2. Maine sahi guess kiya tha….yeh dono Daaal Makhani khane hi gaye the…..Dinner Date ke liye Raman ne pura cafe book kar liya….& wo to waha Ishita ko propose karnewala hai…….but phirse aa gaya disturbance….Mihir ka call…….usne kaha ki meeting cancle nahi hui hai……….& important client hai to Raman ka jana jaruri hai……..but but but……Raman ne Ishita se kaha …….jo kehne aaya tha wo kehkar hi jaata hoo……..Ishita ne kaha aap ka jana jaruri hai aap jaao…………….

    Ab Raman apne Dil ki baat keh kar jaayega yaa nahi yeh to Bahagwan hi jaane………

  3. I love both Divyanka and Rachna……….Rachna Parulker is playing the role of Ajabde in the show Maharana Pratap of sony

  4. Hey dekho maine kaha wo spoiler me bhi aa gaya……

  5. arey yaar kitni baar ayegi ye disturbances its toooooo much kya mihir thodi dher nahi ruksakthi kya……….

  6. Hey. ..hi Prayosha ……
    maine sbs. …nahin dekhi. .yaar. ….mujhe dekhna hai par yhm fb abhi tak ye video upload hi nahin hoa hai. ………….bahut achcha bataya honga na. ………..par ye Mihir ko issi waqt phone karna tha. ………

  7. guys did u see this? what do u think? i am thinking to stop watching thiscz its really paining to see this shaguan drama continuosly going.

    Shagun to exploit Ishita-Mani friendship to trap Ishita!
    In the upcoming episodes of the much loved TV show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, viewers will watch interesting twists and turn in the ongoing sauten drama. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is now aware of Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) evil intention and will stand up for her own rights on Raman (Karan Patel) and Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan). There will be a school sports competition where Ishita and Rhuhi will take part against Shagun and Adi (Gautam Ahuja). Despite Ishita’s lack of experience in sports, the mother daughter duo will win. Things will spice up when Shagun will try to slap little Ruhi because of an argument and Ishita being the perfect mother will intervene timely. Ishita will scold Shagun saying she won’t tolerate such misbehavior with her daughter. But when Ishita will try to elaborate this to Bhallas, Shagun will show her true color out open. She will question Ishita-Raman’s love and remind Ishita about Raman’s greatest weakness, Adi. She will threaten Ishita if she wants to spill the beans, she and Adi will leave the Bhalla house again. Ishita will be shocked hearing this.
    While Ishita will be thinking how to react further, Shagun will try to strike back. Shagun will now act smartly and try to get cozy with Ruhi but all her attempts will go in vain. But soon she will get perfect weapon to get back even in this sauten game. When Shagun will volunteer to take Adi and Ruhi back from school, she will meet one of her closest friends there. Her friend will inform Shagun that she’s seen Ishita getting intimate with her male friend in a Twaekwondo coaching class. Shagun will be shocked and ask her for proof. Shagun’s friend will then give her a mobile video clip where Ishita and Mani will be seen hugging intensely and Ishita saying I love you to him. The clip will also show Ishita confirming to Mani that she will leave her daughter and husband for him. Then it will be revealed that Ishita and Mani were just joking. Shagun will edit the last part out and use it this time perfectly. She will show this video to the most vulnerable one this time and it’s none other than Ruhi. Ruhi won’t believe her but seeing the video she will be stunned. A heartbroken Ruhi will think her Ishima too will leave her. Ruhi will then go to her grandmother (Shahnaz Rizwan) for clarification but Toshiji will be shocked too after watching the video. Soon she will reveal it to rest of the Bhallas, all will get shock of their lives. Teary eyed Ishita will have no option to defend herself as all the evidences are against her. Bhallas will think that history is repeating itself and they will wait for Raman’s decision.
    In the meanwhile, Abhimanyu Rahgav aka Mani (Sumeet Sachdev) will make a reentry on the show and will be after Ashok Khanna (Sangram Sinhg) and he will get to know that Ashok and Mihka’s (Mihika Verma) marriage was fake.
    What will be Raman’s decision? How will Ruhi react to her insecurity regarding Ishima? Will Bhallas take a strict decision against Ishita? Will Mani be able to reveal the truth? Or Will Shagun triumph in the sauten drama?

  8. i am really fed up watching shaguan in bhalla house the thing is shaguan can always do anything and say anything but no one knows.when ishitha did or tell somthing everyone knows…

  9. Hey. ….kya bakwas hai mani ishita ka video kis ne banaya tha. ………
    ….ye shagun …kabhi nahin sudhre gi. Iss bar woh ruhi ko target ka rahi hai. ………..waise … sab raman ko pata hai na. …..toh woh ishita ka hi saath dega. ……………..

  10. OMG Lucky …….yeh kaise ho sakta hai yaar…………yeh jo video Shagun dikhayegi Ishita Mani hug & talk …wo to Diwali ke pehle ka hai naa jo Ramanne suna tha…ab phirase kyo yaar…….& Ramanko Ishita ne pura bharosa dilaya tha ko wo Mani se pyar nahi karti………no yaar ab yeh ek aur drama nahi chahiye……ab to sirf romance……yaar ab to IshRa ki 1st anyversry aanewali hai…… drama pls…….

  11. Yaar humjab bhi khush hote hai …..koi na kou shoking news aa hi jati hai……

  12. Haan yaar jab bhi. …khush hote hai. ..peeche peeche. …….bad news aarahi hoti hai. ……………aur hamari khushi ko. ………tension mein badal deti hai. …….

  13. I am telling you the same this is so wrong and this should be stopped.who knows ektha and her team only knows what will happen next .but i am sure that raman will solve if this happens as he already seen the whole part and they have solved it already.and how even is it possible to have a video about the scene because it happened in a hospital right not in a coaching class or something and no one was there and how possible that shaguans friend has a video clip about the scene.this drama is unbelivable now.i got this from ish ra face book fan page.i dont know if this is all rumour or true.yeah we will see what happens but m sure ishitha raman never separates because they a main roles right?

    1. Dont worry its just a bluff by someone…Surely track ll revolve around Ishita trying to expose shagun and also ll try bring adi & Raman closer…But still dat fat brat adi s dumbo n dis serial..

  14. I hope k ye news. ….rumour ho …..

  15. Hey maine sbs wala video dekhi. …bahut achcha hai. ..

  16. Sry to ask what is sbs??

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