Hello Pratibha 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The bridal dress and jewellery lie on the bed. A girl calls on Mahir to meet him. He asks Pratibha how he can, as they are leaving for wedding. She says it is so urgent, he must come to the roof. Mahir thinks for marrying, he has to climb the pipes as well. He climbs up, but was about to fell when Pratibha holds his hand. She thanks him, then tells him she can’t marry him. He was shocked, turn her to face him but she says she wants to do a lot in her life, how will she live this way. He asks if she is crazy, only 3 hours are left. She asks him to tell everyone, and don’t take her name. He says he won’t do it, she says she will do it herself. He leaves angry what he will answer to his mother and friends. She laughs aloud, wearing his sunglasses and says it is so easy to make fool of him. He comes to her, she runs and enjoys.
The day of wedding is the most special day of life. Does this day become special for the girl only for this reason, no; but it is because of the husband standing besides one. A woman gets his love and the children’s bliss then, but it never remains always.
Prathiba carefully goes from the bed, but Mahir gets up when the glass fells down. He asks why she is disturbing her.
She prepares for all the necessary morning chores. She comes to Anmol, their son. He uploads his photo as soon as he wakes up, and when Pratibha stops him he says there are somethings other than kitchen in life.
Rashi was mother in law of Pratibha. She comes to Pratibha and complains her about not getting tea. Pratibha says she went to temple, but Rashi complains and asks her to get one steamed. Pratibha brings the tea at once, but Rashi complains about the tea and asks Pratibha to leave.
Pratibha prepares the breakfast for all the house members, separately. She makes special roti for Mahir, with extra potato and extra spices. She prepares the table, and looks for Peehu. Peehu was on the roof with her chachi. Peehu told her Chachi that no one will get to know about it. Her chachi tells her to sign the approval, Peehu is Pratibha’s daughter but is more friend with chachi as she is cool. Pratibha comes to call Peehu, and dislikes her intimacy with Sunita.
Sunita comes to help Pratibha, calls everyone getting credits for breakfast. She tells Pratibha she has to manage her boutique, home and a number of works.
Mahir comes to the table, Pratibha serves his paratha. He enjoys it, but Rashi observes and asks who makes better paratha, his wife or mother. Mahir says he doesn’t want to give his mother pain in this age. The other brother ask Rashi to make something for him, but Rashi gets angry at this saying. She says this will further give rest to her daughter in laws. Sunita gives her looks and Rashi is afraid of her. Pratibha listens to all the accusations without speaking up.
Mahir leaves informing Pratibha he will be busy in meeting and leaves dryly. Shalu, her maid brings her a fresh paratha to eat for breakfast.
Days will pass on like this, but till when. There is something wrong; she has lost the Pratibha who was full of life. She asked love of her husband and children and got it. But then she forgot to ask, and now her family loves her only as per their own desire.
Their needs to be a change in the life, a change which must get all the dirt off her life.
The school permission letter fly from wind and comes down. Pratibha wonders today is Peehu’s PTM. Shalu comes and Pratibha says how did Peehu forgot to tell her papa about it. Mahir was caught in meeting the whole day. Shalu asks her to go there. Pratibha says she has never gone to her school, she doesn’t know how to handle meetings. Shalu says she has attended schools in childhood. Pratibha was worried what if Peehu dislikes it. She thinks about going there, where she was to face a new truth of life. But that very truth will be giving her the courage for change.
At school, Peehu’s friends were excited to meet her mom. Peehu calls mom and runs to Sunita hugging her. She introduces her to her friends. Pratibha appears from behind the wall and is shocked to see Peehu introducing her as her mom. She cries. These days must change, and she will be the one to change them.

PRECAP: Mahir gets the notification and question Peehu. Peehu says she took maa to the PTM.

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