Sasural Simar Ka 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says you have to slap anjali and the echo should reach mata ji. 5 slaps. simar says please punish me but don’t do this with my daughter, Fake roli says this is fate. I have to pay for what someone else did. Anajli has to pay for being your daughter. now decide if you want to slap anajali or want get roli killed. Its 11:50. She leaves. simar hugs anjali.

Shurti says to vash, simar calls me her sister and that sid he calls me jhumki. He wants to be arrested. vash says i judge people very well. sid and simar are not like that. they are troubled themselves. i have seen what tragedy happened to her. If simar said you are her sister that means you are roli. how, when i don’t know. I can tell you if the same woman has done this who has disguised as roli then simar and her family is in danger. this is why simar came to ask for your help. shurti says I am shurti varma, i have no connection with roli. Suddenly she vomits blood. Vash is shocked. shauri faints.

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simar is with anjali and recalls what fake roli has asked her to do, fake roli goes to sanju and says don’t scared unless you listen to me i wont harm you. the same rule applies on everyone. Time is running out, simar says what should i do God. anjali says mama dont cry. its about 12. simar slaps anjali. She starts crying. Everyone listens it. uma says someone is slapping anjali. Prem runs upstairs. prem comes in and says simar have you gone mad? He hugs anajli. Prem says why have yu done this? Sid says calm down prem. sid says why you had to slap her simar? simar is quite. sujata says don’t you say anything, you have never hit her before, rajhinder says if there is a problem you can share it with us. There is no way you should behave like this. fake roli comes in and says didi you never did this with kids before, for sanuju you have been treating anjali ill. why you treat them in different ways? prem says what you wanna say? Roli says i was taking sanju with me. anjali came in the room she wanted to stay with simar Sanju said i wanna stay with simar. simar favored sanju and slapped her. Prem says why you did this? simar says because anajli wanted to stay with me and i wanted to keep sanju here. SAnju is my responsinility. prem says and anjali is your daughter. how can you do this with her. mata ji says stop it now. A mom has right to scold at her kid. now leave everyone.

Prem says you proved that you are anjali’s mom but you care about sanju more. Don’t forget that i will never see injustice with anjali. if you do this again i wont tolerate. simar breaks down in tears. prem leaves. fake roli comes in and says if you break your promise again i will be worst than this.

Shurti gets up, she asks how did i vomit blood? I am fine i have no disease. Vash says how do you feel? shurti says normal. vash says you have been hypnotized thats when i gave you parshad, it fought with the thing that was made you eat, its very strong. a part of that powder came out as blood. Shurti says i never eat something from outside. vash says how is this possible. a singular person is playing with simar and you. We have to find that person. Shurti opens the door and runs outside.

prem makes anajali sleep, sanju comes in. prem says sanju go from here. anjali is sleeping. sanju says can i sleep here? Prem says no go from here. sanju says papa did mama beat anjali because of me? Prem says go from here don’t you understand. She starts crying, sid comes in and takes sanju with her. sid says why were you being angry on that little girl. Prem says she reminds me of vikrant and what he did with us. Sid says she is just a little girlm simar has brought her up. simar is crying. She says my daughter must be in pain.

Simar is going to the room. prem says anajali doesn’t matter for simar. i did everything for sanju. I know she needs attention but ajali is her own blood, she should never forget that. simar sobs.

Precap-fake roli says to parents of shurti why are you not doing what i asked you to. i can kill you for doing this mistake. They say please don’t do this. shurti overhears them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Bullshit story

  2. Update fast

  3. irritating day by day

  4. Crap…. how many more days do we hav to wait for this sara to get ditched out of bhardwaj house ….and roli to come back…
    I believe this is the only serial in colours where they drag the story to monthss…. fed up

    1. i so agree with u

  5. Fake roli is an evil cow

  6. Well i hope they wont drag too long.cant wait to see sid expretion when he came to know the woman he is living with is not roli.and the one he is living with z a monster

  7. well i need to know wats the truth about fake roli??thet are really dragging this and frustrating the viewers

  8. going from one room to the other takes them one episode

    1. And showing each ones shocked faces wid eyes coming out for every silly little things…..

  9. It’s been to long please reveal now don’t keep dragging it please it’s a request

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