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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being worried for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says where is Raman. Mr. Bhalla says don’t know. Romi says I will see him. Mr. Bhalla says no need, this all is because of you, you always gave us tension, now spare us, we will manage. Mani brings Raman and Ishita to the building premises. Mani stops the car and says come, we reached. They get Raman out of the car. Raman is angry. Ishita says I m sorry Mani, if anyone sees, it won’t look good, I will take him. She asks Raman to come and takes him. Raman says leave me, I don’t need you and walks alone. She still holds him. Mani looks on. Raman walks inside the house in drunken state shocking everyone.

Romi and Mr. Bhalla hold him. They take him to the room. Simmi says I will get water. Mrs. Bhalla asks where did you get him. Ishita says on road, near the tree. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Ishita pacifies her and says I don’t know whats the problem, he promised me he won’t worry, I know Romi’s problem is there, but he knows to solve it, then what. She says what was hurt Raman’s heart so much. Mrs. Bhalla says I feel Romi is not responsible for this, its something else, his heart is deeply wounded, its something that is hurting his heart and he is not able to say anyone, and bearing alone.

She says I know my son, when his heart is hurt, he does this. Ishita says what can it be. She says she understood in morning, when she called AC mechanic, I wanted to tell you the wet pillow has Raman’s tears, but AC leakage, it happened before when Shagun left him and kids were going, when his family was breaking. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says he used to hide his pain all day and his tears at night used to drench the pillow, he cried like this at Shagun’s time and even today, don’t know where he got hurt again. Ishita asks her not to cry, we have to solve his problem, we can’t cry, we have to support him, but we have to know what is the matter that is troubling him so much.

Ishita comes inside the room and sees Romi taking Raman’s coat and shoes. She looks at Raman sleeping. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………….plays……………. She makes his head right on the pillow. She holds him and looks at him. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………….. She says whats the matter Raman that you are keeping in your heart and not sharing with anyone, you just say you don’t care. She cries and says it matters to you a lot. She says you should have told me. She says give me all the pain of your heart, it’s a big day for you tomorrow, I want you to enjoy the day, you are very good, just share things with me, don’t stay worried.

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She covers him with the blanket. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita did Raman wake up, did he say anything. She says yes, but we should not remind him anything. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. Mr. Bhalla says yes, don’t ask anything, he will be angered. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to have breakfast. Romi says no, I m going out. Raman comes and sits at the table. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have breakfast as she made Aloo parathas. Ishita asks him to have Shikangi. Mihir comes and greets everyone. He says its good day, Raman is going to be Asia’s business head, you all have to come. They smile and agree to come. Mihir asks for sweets. Mrs. Bhalla says why not. Simmi says congrats Bhai.

Mihir says its big day for all of us, especially for Raman. Ishita says I will go parlour and get fully ready, as I m wife of Asia’s head. She asks Raman what to wear and says options. Raman holds his head. She asks Raman to say. He says what will you take to shut your mouth, I m becoming Asia’s head, why are you becoming happy and asks Mihir to do work, he did not invite him to have sweets. Raman goes to the room. Ishita smiles and Mrs. Bhalla sees her hiding tears. Ishita asks Mr. Bhalla to pick Ruhi, and she will go clinic, but then go to parlour. Mihir asks them to come on time.

Raman thinks of Ishita’s words about the dress code of the party and thinks in FB about Raman talking to Ashok. Ashok says Shagun called him and asks him to wear black color code. Ashok asks Sarika to be ready and tell in party how Romi cheated him and Raman is supporting him. Sarika says I m sorry, I don’ need this papers now. Romi has decided to give his name to the baby. Ashok is shocked. She says its enough for me, I m content now, I don’t want anything more to happen, and you were right, I should get justice and I will get it. She leaves.

Ashok says shit… wahts need for Romi to do justice, I won’t let Romi do this. Ishita thanks Sarika. Sarika says I m doing this for you, you said Romi will give the baby his name, even Romi told me. Ishita says we will keep our promise, Romi is coming in party in evening. Sarika says I won’t come inside, I will stand outside, its big for Raman, I don’t want anything to happen. Ishita says you are a very nice girl and I m sure you will become a good mum Sarika says it happened because of you and Abhimanyu, who saved me and my mum. Mani says most welcome, thanks. Ishita hugs Sarika. Mani says lets go. Ishita smiles and wishes Raman to get world’s happiness.

Raman says I can’t be happy, I married for Ruhi, and have no relation with Ishita, it does not matter to me. He sees the event invitation and says no Ashok, no Ishita and no Mani, I will show them their place. Ashok breaks wine glasses and tells Suraj that Raman will be flying on seventh sky today, I won’t go in party. Suraj says will you show the world you failed. Ashok says why to go now, to clap for him, its party for his honor, Sarika is not coming, what to do now. Suraj says if not Sarika, there must be some weak nerve in him, think. Ashok smiles.

Ishita comes from parlour and asks about Raman. Simmi says he left, its his function, we got late because of you. Ishita gets upset. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come with them. Simmi stays for Ananya and says she will come with Romi. Suraj asks Ashok whats his plan to show down Raman. Ashok says I have to go in party, I will go there to be part of Raman’s happiness, if not Sarika, there is one more weak link, Romi Bhalla, I will use him, I have a key to break Romi.

Raman arrives in the party in white suit and is welcomed. He sees Mani also in white suit and says can’t we sit somewhere else. The man says its centre of attention, this is good, its perfect place. Mani asks Raman, did Ishita not come with you. Raman says don’t you think its wrong question, she is more with you, I should ask you permission to meet her. Mani says don’t know what happens to him.

Mani and Ishita have a talk on Raman and smile. Raman sees them laughing. Mani compliments Ishita and asks about her hair flower band. She says smell and see and bows her head. They laugh. Raman gets angry.

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