Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pavan wiping Sonia’s photo and fixing it back on wall. He says he could not see her whole day because of Raghav and Raghav will pay for it. He says he has taken even Raghav’s pic and shows Raghav’s pic with X mark as if he wants to evict him. Door bell rings and thinks marriage card has come. Courier boy delivers him a car. He is surprised to see single card with his and Rathi’s name.

Rati is alone at home as Sonia and her sisters have gone to attend a function. She gets marriage cards from courier boy and is shocked to see Pavan and Sonia’s name on it. She reminisces Raghav beating Pavan and realizes that he was telling truth. Pavan calls card printer who tells that his courier boy delivered his and Rathi’s name card to him and Sonia and his name card to Sonia’s house by mistake. He rushes to Sonia’s house. Rathi calls Raghav and speaks to him worriedly. Raghav asks what happened, but she drops phone seeing someone outside door. Pavan enters house via window. He gets a call from card printer who tells that Rathi received card. He calls Rathi that he came to meet her, but she hides behind bed. He searches her in whole house and says he knows she knows the truth now and asks her to come out. He checks bedroom, but before that, she hides under bed. He walks out asking her to come out repeatedly. He then sees cards and keeps them with him. Sonia and sisters reach home and search keys to open door. Rathi hears their voice and comes but. Pavan catches her and warns her not to tell his secret to anyone, else he will kill his sisters. He says if Sonia is not his, he will not let her become any one else’s and says after 2 days, he will marry Sonia.

Sisters enter house and don’t see Rathi there. Pavan comes out with Rathi. Sisters check card and joke that Pavan is eager to marry Rathi, so he has come here with card. Rathi says Sonia that she wants to tell her something, but Pavan frightens her and asks what she wants to say. They all come out to drop Pavan and see Raghav there. Deepu says why did he come when Sonia warned him not to come near their house. He says he remembers it well but Rathi called him. Sonia asks why did she call him. Pavan asks her what she wants to speak to him. She says she dialed his number by mistake. Soniya says she does not want to share anything in front of outsiders and gets into house. Raghav sees Pavan signalling Rathi and walking from there but does not do anything. Khan chacha comes and sees Raghav there. Chintu says Rathi had called him, but then said she phoned by mistake. Chacha says he knows these girls well and they would not go against Sonia, so she must have called him by mistake. He says Pavan must have frightened her. Khan says Rathi is very innocent and if you are right, then she will be in big trouble. Raghav says he will do something.

Precap: Rathi informs Sonia about Pavan’s true identity.

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