Sasural Simar Ka 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Surbhi and prem are out. prem says you can shop for family from here and keep this card. I am coming after making some phone calls. She says okay and goes in the mall. Prem calls his client and says yes I will come. Vikrant comes to him. Vikrant says why are you not letting simar move on? When you have divorced her why are concerned about her ? Why you don’t get it that she will never move on if your are in front of her. You are unjust to simar an surbhi both. I want her to move on with me. prem recalls vikrant filling her hairline. Prem says I didn’t know I was coming in between you. I have no concern for her. You keep your simar I don’t want her anymore. Vikrant recalls simar saying I only belong to prem. Prem says its better that you clear everythin. surbhu comes out. vikrant says you are getting it wrong. Prem says stop it. Prem says lets go surbhi.

Perm asks surbhi are you done with shopping? She says no somethings are left. he says I have to go to hotel. Can you come by yourself? She says yes I can. orem leaves. surbhi gets a call from pari. surbhi sys you called on perfect time. tell me what to buy for you? pari says everything is changed. baa and karthik came here they told the truth of sunnaina’s soul to everyone. she tells her everything. pari says mata ji will call prem and tell him everything, you have only two hours you have to do something. surbhi sis shocked.

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prem comes back to the hotel. He sees simar. Prem comes to her. simar says please sit down. Simar says contract is ready? he signs it and says this is a contract not a relationship that will take everything from a man. Simar wonders what happened to him. Prem leaves. simar says please stop and listen to me. prem says I listen you to everytime and you slap me again and again. I thought you care about Anjali and family but I was wrong. Simar says what are yous ayong> prem says because vikrant has tld be me his and your reality. he asked me to go from your life. Surbhi is righ we should move on why don’t you accept your relation with vikrant.
Prem says i don’t care what you do. Don’t; you miss the three years we spent together. I feel ashamed of the day I made you my wife. It was my biggest mistake. No one knows whats in your heart and on your tongue I hate you name.
your existence suffocates me. I will pray God never make me face you.

Pari calls archan and tells her about simar. she says the relationship of prem and siamr will be alive again. archana sys they are not divorced yet. Khusho overhears her. Pari says he will bring simar back home. I will find a way. Khushi locks the door and says what you are thinking will never happen. mata ji called surbhi and told her everything. she asked her to talk to prem. I feel so abd so her. oari says I will not let this happen. what if prem knows the truth he can’t leave my sister like this, khushi says we know that the day prem knows about simar’s innocence he will bring her back. What will happen to surbhi now.

Scene 2
Roli sys I have to call didi and tell her everything. Sid says she asked you nto to call her. Roli says she said that so I she won’t create any problems in the house, mata ji comes in and says God has given us a chance. We all have to apologize her. call her I will start It. Roli calls simar. simar is not picking up the phone mata ji says call prem. He has to apologize first. Roli calls prem. Prem is recalling Vikrant’s words. Prem gets the call. he says why are you calling again and again roli. roli says simar is innocent. baa and karthik lied I the court and they confessed that in front of everyone. she tells him everything. Mata ji takes the phone and says she is right. Come back we have all the proofs that will prove simar innocent. prem is bewildered. mata ji says she never betrayed us. she was stuck in problems one after and another. she dd this to save all of us. Prem disconnects the call in disbelief.

Precap-Prem is standing alone on road and doesn’t know what to do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. whats going yar i cant understand

  2. wow perm ur so stupid.i dont think perm will say sry to simar becoz of that surbhi.and how mean it is.pari ur just disgusting.per perm u atleast u can give anjali to simar right.

  3. vikrant was correct prem is injustice to both surbhi and simar he do not have
    clear mind in this so simar should think about her life she leaves prem and
    stand alone or join with vikrant for vikrant child

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