Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the judge giving primary custody to Ruhi to Shagun, till the both parties mutually agree otherwise. Ruhi asks Raman to take her, and looks at him with hope. They all leave her. Ruhi cries. Simmi asks Ishita to have water. Raman comes to her and Ishita says she saved Adi, she broke Ruhi’s trust, she came with packed bags, I was not able to meet her eyes, she was looking at me and crying, I have let her down. He hugs her and promises he will get Ruhi back, both children will be with them soon, it happened because of him, he will make it fine. She says no, not alone, we will fight together.

She says we take tough decisions for children, they are small and they won’t understand, but my Ruhi will understand that I can’t think bad for her, where is Adi, I did not meet him. He says he is with parents, we should spend much time with him, he should not feel he is unwanted and no one loves him. She says take me to him, and wipes her tears. He says come. Everyone pamper Adi and he is happy. Simmi talks about Ruhi and gets sad. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to sit and eat. Ishita thinks did Ruhi eat food or not.

Shagun asks Ruhi to have food, and says she ordered everything, don’t get angry, don’t think about people who don’t care for you, I told you Ishita won’t come. Ruhi goes. Shagun says no one cares for you Ruhi, till when will you be annoyed, you have to accept that you have to be with me. Raman asks Ishita is she feeling cold, did she take tablets. She says I don’t want and rests to sleep. He says he was playing games with Adi, he is looking happy, he will be fine soon, I m thinking about Ruhi. He sees she got fever and calls everyone. Ishita takes Ruhi’s name.

The doctor treats her and says her BP is high, and fever too, she has taken stress, I can give medicine, but she wants to see Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Shagun will not send her. Raman says no, this can’t happen and goes. He meets Shagun and asks for Ruhi, as Ishita is unwell and wants to see Ruhi. She says stop this drama, you lost and making reasons now. He stops her and folds hands, requesting her to allow Ruhi. Shagun says now if you are begging, then beg well on your knees. He says fine and sits crying.

She says relax, I was just seeing how much love you have for Ishita, you can take ruhi, but I will also come along. He says fine, thanks. Raman brings Ruhi and Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her. Raman says she was sleeping, so she is not responding. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to meet Ishi Maa. Raman takes her. Simmi asks Ishita to get up and see Ruhi came. Ishita sees Ruhi. Raman asks Ruhi to go to Ishita. Ruhi recalls their moments and how Ishita chose Adi over her in court. She pushes her hand and says no.

She cries and gets away. Raman asks what happened, go to her. Ruhi says I will not talk to her, she said she is not my mum and made me away, I will not meet and talk to her. Shagun looks on and smiles. Raman stops her and says how will Ishi Maa get well. Ruhi says she said this is not my house, I will not stay here, and tells Shagun that she will not stay here. Shagun asks her to meet everyone. Ruhi refuses. Shagun says I m sorry Raman, I tried. Ishita stops Raman and says she is annoyed, and it means she loves me, let her go. I love Ruhi a lot.

Ruhi says no one loves me. Mrs. Bhalla says no, everyone love you, meet Ishi Maa. Ruhi says no, Shagun mumma take me, you all want Adi, why you want Ruhi now, why did you not come to take me, no one fought for me, not even Ishi Maa. She says she will not talk to anyone, she packed her bag, and Papa and Ishi Maa left me there, she said we are playing game, and took me out to drop me there, I will not come here again. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t break my heart. Raman cries. Shagun smiles seeing them and takes Ruhi. Simmi stops Mrs. Bhalla.

Raman asks Ruhi to stop. Shagun says don’t force her, she is my daughter. He asks till when will she act. She says Ruhi has seen how much you all care for her. He stops her and says fine, I will see how you do her upbringing on your own, and how you maintain your high society, I will not pay anything, the day she gets some trouble, I will drag you to court and prove you are a bad mum, I will take my daughter home and leave you on road. He says get out. She leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to make Ishita have food. Ishita recalls Ruhi’s words and is sad. He comes to Ishita and asks her to have food, else he won’t eat either. He makes her eat food and she cries. He asks her to rest.

Ishita cries and says she is restless as Ruhi is so happy without me, she does not need me anymore. Raman hugs her and says everything will be fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  19. nice sbs segment…. hoping for ruhi’s come back soon @ bhalla’s house mainly her ishimaa… start the next track soon and end the character shagun….

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  22. wow sach me ruhi ka vaapas aane ka track shuru hoga……..hey bhagavaan jaldi se ruhi vaapas ana chahiye……..muje ishraruh ka happy family dhekne ka man kar raha hai…….mere khaan aankh sab tharaas raha hai sirf e sun ne ke liye ki ruhi vaapas agayi hai

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