Sasural Simar Ka 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya says sid has come here with his will and i gave lives of all of you in return. why are you here then? I harmed some of you in anger. I don’t wanna harm anyone else so its better for you to go from here. simar says even if you want you can’t harm us. We are all together as one unit now. My husband is with me and so is God. Maya says in this world no one can do anything but me. simar says God has made this place you call your world. maa says you sister roli has disappointed sid. He thought roli would come and save him but that didn’t happen. maya says that is the difference between you and roli. A husband and wife’s relationship is made of faith. she is preparing to end your game. maya laughs,

prem hears her laughter with the villagers.a man says this medicine faints animals. Prem says she shouldn’t know that we are planning this against her. we will faint her and take her in control.

Sujata says mata ji please eat something. mata ji says i cant do anything for my family. you know when you lose, when you have to see your family being served unjustly. Sujata says I have never been this hopeless all my life. Has God left us alone in all this? mata ji says no. don’t say like that. Sujata says we don’t even know if we will meet sid again. but who has take our peace from us and made our lives hell will have to face the consequences. This is a mother saying. God will give us return of our good deeds. That snake will die soon, this is faith of a mother.

amar sees a long hair man doing some pooja in plants. He says to roli we shouldn’t go there if we disturb him, he will kill us. this is really dangerous. Roli says i am not scared anymore. I can face anything. We wont stop, we have no other way. before someone comes we have to leave from here. Amar says we have to be careful while crossing that man.

Simar says you still have time maya, stop all this. God has made some rules that we all should abide. i know you went through worst. this doesn’t mean that you will someone else sindur yours. maya says i don’t wanna argue with you. i will do this maha pooja and make sid mine forever. simar says you wont do this. maya says who will stop me? you? I request you go from here or.. simar grunts or what? Maya says i will kill you.

Prem comes in with the men. He has pot of medicine in his hand. maya says don’t be stubborn go from here. Prem says maya and throws that medicine on her. maya shivers, her head hurts. Prem says this medicine faints animals. she will faint and we will take her in control.
Maya says what you did? A man says i think the medicine didn’t effect him. Prem takes the fire and stay away. maya says stop it. I vowed that i wont kill anyone but you kept deceiving me. i know you can do anything to save sid. that is why i am breaking my promise. Pardon me God i have to do this, i have no other way. i have to kill you all to have sid. Prem starts moving towards her. Simar says don’t do this prem. She starts fainting, her head hurts, she falls on the couch.

Amar and roli are trying to cross the man doing his pooja. roli says looks dangerouse. amar says we have to be careful. roli trips over a stone, the stone goes to the man.Roli and amar hide behind a wall. the man stands up and looks here and there.

Precap-all the long haired men come and surround roli and amar. They say you know what happens when you ruin our pooja, we wont let you go.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sasural Simar Ka to take a leap; Siddhant and Maya to live together!
    Rashmi Sharma Telefilms’ popular show Sasural Simar on Colors, is leaving no stones unturned to grab the attention of the audience by creating interesting turns and twist in its storyline.

    As per the ongoing track, Roli (Avika Gor), Simar (Dipika Samson), Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Amar (Alan Kapoor) are trying their best to get Siddhant back from Maya’s trap who is trying to take him along with her, by making his body possess with that of the Naag’s soul.

    More drama awaits for the viewers of Sasural Simar Ka, in its upcoming episodes –

    Our source says, “Roli along with Amar will reach the spot where Maya has taken Siddhant. They will get the trishul with which they can kill Maya (Sara Khan). On the other hand, Simar and Prem will be present there who will try to stop Maya from performing the Puja for making Siddhant possessed with that of Naag’s soul.”

    “Roli will however, try to kill her with Trishul but with her power, she won’t let Roli kill her. While Maya and Roli will be fighting, Siddhant will come back in his conscious state and in order to stop this fight he will attempt to kill himself with the Trishul,” adds the source.

    “Everyone will be stunned with Siddhant’s move and Maya will take Siddhant’s body along with her. While Maya and Siddharnt will be going in car, they will meet with an accident and it will be assumed that both have died in the accident.

    Soon after this sequence the show will take a leap of two months, it will be revealed that Siddhant and Maya are alive and living together in a lavish house,” ends our source.

    Will Siddhant and Roli unite or will get separated forever?

  2.…rosid..will..unite…i am fed..up..with…this..track..all r guessing..that nagin…roli..and..BW family..acting…but..ssk..thinks..different… family..thinks..he..dead… alive… live…together..for 2 years… guess..friends…

    all trust..all..gone… 2 months…now.again……2…months…maya..and sid…together.. more..worst..than..sid…die..really..better..ssk..can kill..roli..and..sid…and end is..better…


  3.…in this…leap…

    1. may or may not be.. we dont know ….. but dey spoled pure love of rosid and dey shows dat nagin won da challenge… its not good and not fair…. y still aviman der in show… i want dem to quit da show.. or else kill roli wen sid with nagin… s cvs plz kill roli.. we cant see her without sid and alone…

    friends..who..r..still……this.. understand..our..feelings…really..
    so..i dont..wont…to hurt..any..more..

    1. its 2mnths leap or 2years leap clear it


  5. dont know some hope she didnt do anythng with sid but dont no yaar…. but with dis thng dey didnt get trp its decreased… most of rosidians ka patience ab katam hogaya and ab now poora hogate dey loose der ssk fans and trps… plz frnd stop watchng ssk….

  6. plz..friends..allstiop..watching..ssk..

  7. Rosid. Hm….

  8. I dnt have words to schold tis show cha I dnt know y the writers r like tis if they dint get any other story y they r doing like tis

  9. Plz change the story

  10. i want only one answer dat.. is sid turn into nag or not? because in article dey said dey living together but not said dat he turned as nag… i have dis qns in my mind… ….. is really sid turn to nag or else nagin vl do hypnotise him to frgt roli and bw family… dnt no… plz tel me…. wat u thnk guys is really sid turn into nag?????

    1. means he turn into nag??? in seg dey said he is taking break with dis and gng to new york for study filmphography wat abt it dear??? and said with dis twist dey hopefully comeback…. dey said it as joke or else in reel or real.. dont know.. its to confusing story and crap… hope dat he not turnd into nag .. but cvs show dis only i thnk… crap..crap..crap..

  11. Matarani ki jai.apne sid ko muche vapas louttado
    uss bakvas naagin se meri pati ki raksha karo

  12. Rosid rosid rosid rosid

  13. She will wont hipnotise again because she said na if she hipnotize again sid’s life will be in danger so she will convert him into nag…..

    1. if she convert der is no possibility to brng him back as human as baba ji said… den wat vl hapn next…. we didnt get rosid back……??? der is no chances to get rosid back ah???

  14. What all this nonsense
    Roli dead actually she is with veeru
    Simar dead bt she is with vikrant
    Now sid death a.a.aaaa and stays with maya
    U left only prem …. Pls give him such type of opportunity with surabi other wise he will feel sad

  15. Always helllll with this serial ; all foolish crackpottts!

  16. Wants happening here yaar the same naagin drama pls we want rosid

  17. idotic drama a man going to become nagin and live with female naging for
    2 months and again become a man and live with rolli what a foolish story

  18. Wow…wat a wonderful foolish story..writer is drunk while writing the story iguess.His brain giving wrong signals to him

    Please get lost n don come up eith such crap stories…naagin or nagin ki.bachi..irritated to the core

  19. if maya and sid together…r watever but pls dnt show any maya and sid combination romance scenes it is very worst..pls ssk teams do soon rosid reunite..hereafter dont separate rosid because they have so much fans…they r all hurt including kindly request tis..

  20. u me e24 segmnt me with his dead its taking leap 2yrs.. and sid vapas aane ka puri umeed hai.. and intrvw rosid told dat hopefully kuch twist aane wali hai rosid ka kuch hoga pakka hai ki sid dead but kaise kya hoga kaise uska love story aage bade vo dekna cahathe hai.. and in dis segmnt told is break me manish newyork me filmography karne ka pura plan kar gaya hai… so wat u thnk abt it guys… is sid with maya and he turnd into snake???? or else he lost his memory or again nagin hypntzed him to frgt roli and bw fmly… but aftr leap is sid naag or human wait to see. what u thnk???

  21. one telugu mve same stry dat nagin took his hero husband away frm heroein and dey live together in dat also hero dead.. but dey both seeing da heroien love for hero dey realized and by using der powers dey bring her hero husband life back and hero heroein live happily is end of da mve… but in dis serial wat writers tryng is dont know… but if dey show sid wth maya and he turnd naag no one will watch dis serial and it becomes bore…. trp decresed…

  22. if sid leavng with maya so plz show roli is wth amar he is also good with roli… because we dont want to see roli as widow and alone with sid memories… or else kill roli.. otherwise bring any person into roli life… as it some what good to see….. der is no rosid.. no rosidians…

  23. sharmila mary

    wat s dis yaar plz finish dis nagin track as soon as possible yaar plz plz

  24. So wht abt d video in which it shows Sid being taken to hospital nd maya fighting wit roli to take his body along wit her… In interview Sid also stated tht his character is going to end and all.. Which one is believable???

    1. dear in dat video told dat after leap he is takng break frm ssk and gng to study filmotography in newyork and did all arrengements in dis break.. and said manish will back…. which one is correct dont know.. he is gng to newyork or not dont know.. he quit ssk or stayng but took break? but article said dat sid maya alive and leaving in lavish house together.. what it which is beleivable dont know..

  25. So wht abt d video in which it shows Sid being taken to hospital nd maya fighting wit roli to take his body along wit her… In interview Sid also stated tht his character is going to end and all.. Which one is believable??? Nyways stpd watching ssk as every rosidians said to reduce trp rating nd for bringing our lovely rosid back

    1. dear i thnk prem amar rosim bw thnkng dat sid dead but wen maya took sid frm hsptl car accident der dat tym may be she did somethng dat only gave in article and in this article tellng sid alive and living with maya together.. i thnk main twist in hospital scence only… sid said dat he dead means and sayng hopyfully rosid ka kuch hoga kaise uska pyar aage bade vo dekna hai… i thnk maya took sid frm hsptl.. but aftr leap he is nag r human? dont now…but rosians patience katam.. trp fallsdown yaar plz stop watchng ssk .. den dey brnhg rosid back wih other twist..

  26. whats this crap…cvs hurting rosidians a lot…i want to stay away frm ssk untill rosid z back….love u rosid…frm dec waiting fr rosid union…nw i lost my patience…

  27. How to express our dislike towards maya nd sid living together to the crew of ssk.. Is Sara fans more in number than our Avika fans in online media???

    1. dear rosid fans or higher dan sara fans…. avika and manish has alot fans… ssk takng 2mnths leap.. dat it will be uncovered dat sid and maya alive.. and living together in luxirious house… roli kill her with trishul on cliff but she back… hw sid vl back dont no … nw hw rosim bring back sid we have to wait… it alll depends on ssk writers… aaj ka sbs, sbb segmnts dekho.. roli kill maya with trishul

  28. Thanks sss for d reply… Hope everything will b ok soon…

  29. I vl nvr watch ds show nw…sid seems gud nly wd Roli..n d show z nw going bakwass

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