Million Dollar Girl 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat tells Avanti all the best,,Avani tells Virat have alot have attitude she will show,,Vicky tells kavya that he have profit and loss documents Now loan will be passed??Kavya tells that Lona is not any game,,kavya tells he will not get loan till He brought dhaaba paper’s.Vicky gets angry falls tea accidently on kavya.Vicky tells wait he will bring ointment kavya tells its okey Vicky brings and puts on Kavya’s hand..Kavya thinks about Vicky,,Kavya tells enough she is alright..Vicky goes..
Avanti tells why the system is jam from half an hour…Avanti passes from market sees Cricket match….Avanti tells she got an idea now…Avanti calls DJ tells that Zubair gave her a challenge to convert 10thousand into 20 thousand,,,Avanti tells she is thinking to giv ethe money to Rajat..DJ tells but it is buisness??Avanti tells yes Investing money …DJ tells AVanti that Virat came here,,Avanti tells to se VIrat what he is doing??DJ slowly goes and peeps into Virat’s laptop…DJ tells some graph…Avanti tells Dj to look carefully…Avanti tells DJ to do something,,,DJ tells what she can do??She dont have brain like avanti,,DJ tellls she have an idea!!!DJ goes with tea and fall on Virat laptop..Virat shouts and tells what she did??DJ tells sorry as because of High heels..Virat sees and that DJ is not wearing high heels..VIrat tells he known this is all Avanti’s idea,,Virat tries to beat DJ,,DJ Tells sorry and goes…
Avanti tells Hi to Rajat…Rajat tells to go away..Avanti tells that If Rajat has a good knowledge aboout cricket…Rajat tells yes which cricketer is in form,,who is good,How many sixes happens,,He known..Rajat tells but he has to stay away from Police informer’s,,Avanti tells to forgot about past and live in future…Avanti tells that she has an deal for Rajat…Rajat tells How Avanti taught he may help him…Avanti tells that Enemy enemies is friend..As Virat also in the compedition and she also dont want VIrat to win..Rajat agrees tells that he will help Avanti..Avanti gets happy,,Virat tells this much happeend also Rajat is helping avanti..Virat tells he have to do something…VIrat tells time is wasting have to do something…Virat goes Suddenely a car goes Virat shouts to drive slowly,,Virat gets an idea seeing cars.A man comes out of Car…Avanti and Rajat sees match…Rajat and Avanti discuss about match,,Avanti gets happy seeing the team winning,,,,Rajat tells to calm down,,Avanti tells she want more six thousand…Rajat tells wait…
Virat tells that Man that there is no number plate in his car and his car is scratched…And he also bumped into his car..Virat tells that he will take to police station..People gather around tells yes they will take to Police station as because of this type of people accident occur,,Man Asks how much money??Virat sees the scratch tells that he have to repair and then colour,,Virat tells twentyfive thousand..Man tells that he is middle class have only 15thousand money,,The man gives the money and goes,,,Virat tells sorry as soon the task is over he will return the money…Avanti sees Virat Taking money,,,Avanti shouts at Rajat tells that he is not listening to her that’s why he is not winning,,,Avanti hold’s Rajat tshirt,,,Rajat tells to wait and cool down…Rajat gives %thousand rupees to Avanti,,,Avanti tells that she lost one thousand Now she known why betting is illegal because people loose everytime,,Avanti tells what to do now As Virat won this compedition and she lost…
In restaurant DJ tells Bhuwan that she dont have feelings for him,,She was just taking revenge,,,As on friendsbook he insulted alot,,,And she was humiliated…Bhuwan holds DJ’s hand..Dj shouts tellls to stop as everyone is seeing..Bhuwan cries and goes…Dj smiles…Avanti comes home upset,,Mother asks what happened???Avanti thinks,,Zubair tells that he dont wanted to see loser’s face..VIrat smiles…Zubair tells Virat not to be happy as he just won only one task,,Zubair tells If avanti looses another task then she wont in the compedition…Virat tells Avanti that like her today he did cheating and won but Avanti cannot become like him…Avanti tells her mother that she went for job but there was big big insects in the chair thats why she came back,,MOther tells that from where she bring job???Avanti cries tells that in one day she will get the job,,Mother asks what she will do?Avanti tells to see,,,At night Avanti drinks near Ghat and calls DJ to come,,Dj tells that at night If she Comes her parents will scld..Avanti sees Bhuwan crying asks what happeend??DJ comes and smiles tells that her parents gave permission,,DJ hugs Avanti,,,Bhuwan gets angry and throws the Bottle..Avanti and DJ is scared…

Precap:::Zubair tells Avanti and Virat to convince their friends by Giving give Buisness proposal’s and who bring more will win…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Zubair is mad!
    Bt y did dj broke bhuwan’s heart?
    Dj n bhuwan luks nice together

  2. I agree natasha!
    Bhuwan is so cute n i felt bad when he was being dumpd by dj!
    Bt dj stil feels for him!
    I hope voh fir seh ek saath hojaye!

  3. Where is todays epi ansari?
    Update it fast!

  4. Chil yar!
    Ansari takes lot of tym nw to make d update!
    We can only wait!

  5. Update of 25 march!

  6. Ansari be fast!

  7. Plz plz plz plz update 25 march update!
    Y dont u did it ansari?
    SH,QH,YHM,IPKKND and many more get fast update so y nt MDG?

  8. Ansari update karo,jaldi karo plz!
    Show telecast 6 pm hua tha n nw its 8 stil no update!y yar?

  9. Y no update of 2day? Plz ansari , fast

  10. Plz update todays episode
    Sadda haq has updated but mdg not yet

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