Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Parmeet traps Raman and Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and everyone praying. The snake goes. Raman calls her out. Ishita says everything is fine, Simmi and Pihu are okay, stones fell down and it has become a wall now, don’t come here, if people come, they won’t see us, you have to be there. Raman thinks to leave a sign for people to come. Raman falls in and says what would I do there, where are Pihu and Simmi. She says that side. Parmeet sees Shagun and everyone coming.

He gets worried and runs away. Mani and Bala catch him and slap. Bala beats him and asks where are Simmi and Pihu, where is that cave, what did you do with Raman and Ishita. Parmeet says I didn’t do anything. They fell in cave and got help from now. Ruhi tells villagers that Parmeet is their enemy, he is a liar, help us in finding our people. The old lady asks what are you doing here, go and help that woman, find her, she was so injured when she came to me, go and find out. Ruhi says they are my family, tell me. The lady says she came to take help, she said they fell there at the mountain side in a deep cave. Mani says we should go there and find them.

Mani says take us there if you want to get saved, Parmeet will take us, else we will beat him. Simmi and Pihu shout for help. They ask Raman and Ishita to get them out. The villagers come there. Parmeet tries to mislead them. Bala says there is no such cave. Parmeet says maybe they got saved, or they have died. They all scold him. Shagun says what’s this joke, he is lying, what nonsense is this, this is third place you got. Parmeet says how would I know. She says call the cops. Mani says police is coming. Shagun says he is not helping us, look at this place. Parmeet thinks they are foolish people. Ruhi sees Raman’s blood stained shirt. Ruhi shouts to them and asks them to come. They see the cave and shout to them. Parmeet tries to get a stick. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to do anything. He asks them to tie up Parmeet. They hear Raman and Ishita. Ishita asks them to send help, they are caught up here. Everyone tries to pacify. Ishita says help us, get someone to get us out. Mani says we will get you out, don’t worry. Raman says Pihu, everyone is here to help. They all send help inside the cave.

Villagers enter the cave. Raman takes the axe and hits the rocks. He breaks the walls. Pihu sees Ishita. Raman and Ishita get them out. Parmeet is tied up. Pihu comes out. Ishita hugs Simmi and says you saved my daughter’s life. Simmi says forgive me. Ishita asks her not to be sad, and thanks her. Simmi says forgive me. Raman hugs her and says think of this as a bad dream, Simmi go first, we will come. He sends Simmi. Ishita says you didn’t need to come.

Simmi is pulled up. Parmeet opens the ropes and gets away. Simmi says Raman and Ishita are still there. Ishita says they will save us, come. Parmeet takes a stick and makes the big boulder fall. Simmi says Parmeet kidnapped Pihu. Mr. Bhalla says where did Parmeet go. They see the boulders rolling down. They get shocked. They side to a side. The stones fall down in the pit. Ishita says some sound is coming. Parmeet hides and looks on. Ishita says stones are coming towards us, come fast. Raman and Ishita go back. The cave gets shut. Everyone looks on shocked.

Ishita asks Raman to come. Raman says promise me, you will be my wife in all the births. She promises. He faints. She asks him to open his eyes. He doesn’t respond. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think the villagers will help them out

  2. I hope he doesn’t die you know with these serial one has to be prepared for the unexpected. Simmi is not pretending she really turn over a new leaf??? Parameet needs a sound trashing the beast he did so many wrong and keeps doing more. By the way where is Roshini???

  3. How long are they going to keep dragging this cave thing. Need to move on

  4. Lot of things happens by Param. Why nobody will take action against him. Why not they inform to Police .How is it possible to save IshRa.The creators were real life relationship with Param(Anurag Sharma) So they doesn’t want to harm Param.Whenever to close the Param:s chapter the serial will be in the TRP rank list .Otherwise waste.

    1. TRue Giri ! He is a classy villain acts brilliantly .
      Until and unless cvs bring new villain they have to keep him . Otherwise so many people against one Param cannot finish off atleast break his legs if not killed .
      But whatever said nd done hats of to Ishra and Pihu and Simmi ! I dont like this thriller .. type but directed well with their acts superb !
      Just to redeem Simmi …. all this … I cant believe .The positiveness of prayers nd all shown is bit relaxing . It was nice to watch and leads dedication and hardwork will bring TRP for sure .Hope YHM will return back positively like the old golden time till surrogacy .

  5. sometimes am depressed for the incidents they faced. society might be so cruel. even this a drama should be a mold of good values, in this drama all the good dedications will fruitful after tragedy happened.

  6. Pls give death to Raman Bhalla.After that I will be relaxing & I don’t want to see the serial.For raman only I am seeing the serial(His act, romance, affection , sincerity, business man……………..( if he is not in the serial I will be free)( hats off to Raman Bhalla( Karan Patel0

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