Dil Hi Toh Hai 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak agrees to talk to VP

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It’s morning. Dadi asks Mamta whether Palak called. Mamta says not sure why she didn’t call. Ritwik tells VP that he loves Palak, he is not sure why they are testing her. VP says how many times he needs to tell that Palak taught her mother what to say here. Mamta tries to calm him down, but he leaves without having breakfast. Ritwik also leaves. Dadi tells Mamta they will have to do something to save father-son relationship.

Palak is at shopping with Setu. She wonders why Ritwik didn’t call her yet. Setu tries a saree and shows it to Palak. Palak says it’s very nice. Setu asks whether she decided what to wear in marriage. Palak says yes. She goes to check jewelries. Setu’s mother reminds her of Rohit’s condition. Setu says she’ll talk to him. His demand is unreasonable.

Ananya comes to Ritwik’s office. She asks him to call Palak. Aman told her everything that happened in his house. Ritwik says this Aman also.. She says he didn’t call her. She called him to ask when Ritwik and Palak are getting married. Her dance is must in his marriage. They are good as best friends only. He hugs her saying one needs to learn from her how to be true friends. She asks him to call now. He says he doesn’t want to go against his dad. She says she knows he loves his dad a lot, but he also loves Palak. Other side, Setu tells Palak to call Ritwik. Palak says it’s not about ego, but her dad is right that Ritwik needs to take stand for her against his family. She recalls their close moments and hopes Ritwik doesn’t step back. Mamta and Dadi come to same mall as their driver gave them information about Palak being there. Mamta asks Palak if she can talk. They go on side. Mamta informs there is a big mess in their house because of VP and Ritwik did take stand for her. She tells Palak that VP is very sensitive and Ritwik can’t go against his father. He knows pain of losing someone from past. He’s complicated and she is the one who has to take first step. Mamta leaves. Palak decides to talk to him. Both call each other at the same time and their lines come busy. Finally Ritwik manages to call her. She says she was about to call him, she wants to talk to him. She asks him to meet up. Ritwik thanks Ananya.

Rohit’s father comes to invite VP for Rohit’s marriage. He says he wished Ritwik and Ananya also get married but.. VP says they will get married. Ritwik is lost right now. Rishabh will help him in making this possible.

Palak explains her mother’s side to Ritwik that she doesn’t want any money, she was just fighting for his right. Ritwik says mistake is his.. he was the one who used to call Manjeet gold digger and all. He knows she is not like that, but she used to behave like that. Now he’s telling that to his father and he thinks he’s lost it in love. She stares at him. He hugs her and says he means he has become mad in love, but he’s not fool. She says they are in a shop. He leaves her saying they will go to Amsterdam for their honeymoon. He will show her crazy things there. She asks can they be serious? She is ready to apologize to VP saying she’s committed to Ritwik and she can’t lose him. He says he’ll always support her and stand with her for her self-respect. Tailor comes to take Palak’s measurements. Ritwik doesn’t like tailor touching her. He says he will do it. He asks Palak to get a female tailor, he doesn’t like men touching her. And if she can’t find any female tailor, then he will become her tailor.

Setu’s family is busy in wedding preparations. Rohit’s family comes with Shagun. Ananya takes Setu to a side and asks her to go outside. Rohit is outside in a veil. Setu gets surprised. He says his mother said he can’t meet her before their marriage, so he had to come like this. He asks what she was doing. She says she was thanking Palak for all that she did for them. He says she won’t come to marriage no matter what. She says it’s wrong what Ritwik did with Ananya, but Ritwik and Palak helped them so much. If she still can’t come, then Ritwik will also not come. In end, he was the one who proposed Palak in front of everyone. He agrees to let Palak attend the marriage. Setu is happy.

Ritwik tells VP that Palak called him and she wants to meet him to explain her mother’s side. VP agrees to meet. Rishabh is disappointed saying one side he’s telling him about Ritwik-Ananya’s marriage and now he’s going to meet Palak. Aman says he talked to Ananya, she is very happy with Ritwik’s marriage. Reeva interrupts and asks how many times she has told him not to interfere in their family’s matters. This time, Aman doesn’t stay quiet. He says, even if small, he’s part of that house. Ritwik is like his brother and he wants to see him happy. Reeva says if everyone wants Palak in this house, then fine. But make her sign an agreement. Saanchi recalls Rishabh telling her about an agreement as well, but she hadn’t agreed with him. Mamta and Dadi disagree. Ritwik says if an agreement can give her character certificate, then he’s okay with it. He knows Palak very well. She doesn’t want money from him. He will be happy to sign contract that says if she leaves him, then she won’t get any money or properties.

Setu’s haldi ceremony is going on. Palak tells her that she needs to go to meet VP, but she needs an excuse to leave. Setu makes up excuses. Manjeet understands it. Palak then tells her the truth. Manjeet tells her she won’t go to meet him unless she thinks Manjeet was wrong. Setu explains to Majeet that Palak is going to clear misunderstanding. Manjeet asks Palak she loves Ritwik? Palak says Ritwik is also trying to solve this mess. One of them will have to take first step, why not her? She feels if Ritwik won’t be around, then she won’t be able to smile. If that’s called love, then she loves him a lot.

Precap: Palak tells Ritwik that she told her mother about that night. Ritwik says they love each other and it was pure love for him. Rishabh informs VP that Ritwik-Palak relationship has reached to next level. What will they do if Palak claims she’s pregnant?

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  1. Typical ekta kapoor drama.now just like kumkum bhagya this pregnancy nonsense will go on for a year or so!

  2. Rishabh is so annoying and Reeva omg….they only care about themselves not their brother happiness and I’ve realized that Rishabh have always been jealous of ritwik…..hope things don’t escalate I’m so afraid of ekta serials that i don’t want to get to invest in this series she have a habit to destroy relationships but can’t help it palak and ritwik so loveable

  3. Which episode is my favourite ye bolna mushkil hai yaar day by day itna acha episodes mil raha hai humein
    Rithwik is jealous about masterji(tailor)
    He is nt allowed to tailor Take measurements of palak……jealous rithwik
    wo tumhe kaise touch kar saktha hai
    Yaha koi lady tailor nahi hai kya?abse main banunga tumhari tailor
    The whole conversation in shop was treat to watch
    Ananya is better than rohith real frnd of Ricky even setu also gud frnd of palak but iam nt interested in rohith Sethu marriage wrong decision taken by setu my feeling is he cnt stand for setu against his parents plz jaldi finish karo ye shaadi waala drama
    VP is behaving like immatured day by day rishab easily manipulating his father and saanchi
    I really wants to slap reeva aman we kaise bath kar rahi thi u r not family dnt involve in my family like seriously aman ko kyu pasand hai iss ladki
    But I like aman stands for himself reeva ko jawab diya..
    After watching precap i feel pregnancy track is coming soon but I don’t want this track sab palak ko blame kare palak family ko blame kare I really dnt want that rithwik jaldi se shaadi karo palak ko
    Next week bahuth saari complications between palku and Ricky
    I wish Ricky sort out all problems and do marriage with palak and mamtha aman ananya will have to help Ricky…….

  4. I really have a doubt on VP’s mind. OK, I agree that his first wife left him & Ritwik for seeking a wealthy life partner. Both VP & Rithwik was under the conclusion that all the middle class ladies are always behind money etc. Then, in that case, what was Saanchi’s status when VP got married to her. If she was belong to Middle class family or a wealthy family. If she was belong to middle class family, then how VP can think that all middle class ladies always behind money. Or else, if she was belong to a wealthy family, then he himself has married to her for becoming rich. Then also, why he is not liking Palak if he thinks that for money only, Palak is trying to marry Ritwik.

  5. Congratulations to whole team and our viewers
    Dil hi to hai completes 50 episodes guys half century
    Iam happy CVS giving us great actors karan yogitha as rithwik palak
    And offcourse asmitha bijoy rajeswari poulami akshay and aman(I don’t know his real name) the great actors…….

  6. Ryt yr ye agr pregnancy wala drama aaya na
    Toh mai dekhungi hi nhi
    I hate that pregnancy tracks in ekta shows
    Her show me ye track ghusaana zruri hai kya

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