Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update : Snow man Mistry.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Snow man behind Angoori,all reach the cave, Commissioner says you arevunder arrest your place is in zoo and not here,Hapu gets call feom wife,snow man dances on ringtone,Anu walks to him removes mask and slaps him and asks what’s this,he says my name is Yatindar i stay behind the mountain’s, and we have medicinal plants on mountain’s but we are scared of development that they will be misused, Anu says he is right,he says so i do this act to avoid city people from coming here and destroying my village so please keep mum about this, and im sorry,Angoori says apology accepted,Anu says commissioner won’t take any action too, Commissioner says i will shoot Hapu instead,Anu says Yatindar all the best bye.

Boys at tea stall filling cylinder, Tika asks wheres tilu,Malkan says picking cylinder,Tika and malkan deal for tika gas with business man and agree with 1 ton gas daily. Malkan says will you produce so much. Tika burps, Business man says looks like your chamber is punctured and cancels the contract, Tilu comes with empty cylinder and says refill cmon, malkan says chamber is no more, and all start crying.

Angoori singing and doing household,Tiwari walks to her and says Angoori if we have to sell this house will you live with me in huts,Angoori says im your shadow will stay anywhere you stay,Tiwari says dont worry i will work harder, Angoori says i trust you,Verma Lawyer walks in and says you won the case, and says i went to court and found that opposite party was into fraud signature and mentioned it to court and so court gave declaration in your name and you won the case,Tiwari says thank you.Verma says please my fees now,Tiwari says please get fees, Angoori gets rod to hit,Verma gets scared,Tiwari says get actual money.

Anu calls Vibhu and says look theres article on you, Vibhu on me unemployed person,Anu says exactly on an unemployed person and it says of your husband can pic you and lift you and hold for 15 min he still got into him or else he is out dated,so Vibhu do you still have it lets find tonight.

Boys dancing,Saxena walks, tilu says we are dancing shoot us,Hapu walks,Saxnea pulls gun and asks who wnats to go first, Hapu asks whats wrong, Saxena says they asked me too,all scared,Saxena says kidding boys. Malkan says please shoot our video, Saxena says sure you will be superhit, tika tilu malkan start dancing Saxena shoot their video.Hapu says danced so well,boys leave, Hapu says even i feel like dancing and uploading video but this job, Saxena says don’t worry its all about choices,Hapu says commissioner sir wont like it, Saxena says instead you will be promoted,i read it in news an inspector uploaded dancing video it got viral and he got promoted, Hapu says then go ahead shoot me too, Saxena shoots his video,while Hapu dances.

Hapu walks to Saxena and says all are insulting me since the video is uploaded ik suspended now,boys come and says you uploaded video with description whack them where ever you find them,Hapu says get him.

Pre cap : Anu asks vibhu do you have an affair,Vibhu says no baby,Angoori says i love you vibhu,Vibhu says bhabhiji i love you too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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