Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman being shocked seeing Ishita and Mani hug. Mani says if you love me so much, leave Raman and marry me. She says hmm, you are my savior, I should leave my husband and kid to come to you, you are my everything, my hero. Raman’s ears starts paining and he leaves. Mani says leave it, you are caught in Ravan Kumar’s trap. She says thank God, my friend is intelligent. They joke and laugh. Mani says Raman is lucky to get a wife like you, I bless you both. She says I will be happy as I have world’s best friend and world’s best husband. Raman misses this golden words and cries standing outside. Raman comes to his office and is in shocked state.

He thinks about Ishita and Mani, and Shagun’s words against them. Raman says its great Raman, you always failed by a woman, you did not hear your heart break, a woman has once again ruined your life. He gets the constant flashes in his mind. He says if she loves Mani, why did she do all the drama to keep fast for me, they feel they will break my heart and I will cry, no I cried enough, I won’t give anyone the right to break my heart. Mihir comes and asks him to sign the contract papers, its urgent. Raman looks at him. Mihir asks are you alright. Raman leaves.

Mihir gets worried. Ishita comes home and talks to herself saying now no one can stop Raman from being Asia’s business head. Raman drives thinking about Ishita and Shagun. Jo tere sang kaati raatein………….plays……………. He thinks of Ishita cheating on him and drives in high speed. He thinks about Mani and Ishita’s words. Mrs. Bhalla comes home and talks to Ishita. Ishita says she made all Raman’s fav food and Neelu made chicken too. Mrs. Bhalla asks why, anything special. He asks where is he, he went to take you and Ruhi. She says no, I came alone. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe he went for some work, I think his work increased. Ishita thinks he might be worried for Romi, anyways its over. She says I will call him, don’t worry.

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She says she will not call and give him surprise, as she made his fav Punjabi dishes. Raman comes at the bar and meets a wife stricken mean. Raman says what happened friend, don’t you wife love you. The man says wife and love can’t be together. Raman says why not, its life long commitment, why can’t we expect love from a wife. The man don’t your wife love you. Raman says she loves everyone, not me. The man does she love someone else. Raman gets angry and says I got same pain twice, I thought she loves me, but Mani came in between, she did not talk to me well, and smiles with him, she says I love you Mani to him, and did not tell anything to me.

He says I won’t cry this time, I will not give her right to break my heart, its her time now. Ishita gets ready and imagines Raman smiling looking at her. He says you did a big favor on me and did not tell me, you love me so much right. He fills sindoor in her Maang. He holds her and says I love you too. She comes out of her dream world and sees Raman has not come yet. She smiles. Raman is on the way again and same wordy torture happens to him. He imagines Ishita saying him that she does not love him, but loves Mani, and both Ishita and Mani laughing with vampire teeth. Raman stops his car and gets down. Raman’s mind makes the illusion. He sees Ishita coming to him and wipes his eyes. He is unable to walk right. She says Raman….. are you fine.

He then sees Mani making a heroic entry and joining Ishita. She says Raman, I don’t love you, I m not happy with you. I love Mani. Raman is shattered. She says I m happy with Mani. She says I m going and he tries to stop her. She leaves smiling and goes in Mani’s open arms. Raman gets shaken up. Ishita gives him a mean look and leaves. Raman says Ishita…….. They suddenly disappear as Raman comes out of this imagination by the sudden rain. He falls and gets drenched.

He holds his head and cries while his tears go unnoticed in the rain. Ishita calls up Raman and says its very late, he should have come by now. She says there is no network. Mrs. Bhalla asks did she talk. Ishita says its not connecting. Mr. Bhalla says he is not in office, they said he left early. Simmi says maybe he went on dinner meeting. Mrs. Bhalla says no, he said he is going to pick Ishita and Ruhi. Ishita says what to do. Mrs. Bhalla says he is in tension, and asks Romi to see Raman’s state. Ishita signs Romi and he goes to his room. Ishita says its small matter, he can easily handle this, its something else, I will ask him when he comes.

Mrs. Bhalla says he is in tension, everything is on him. My heart is sinking. Ishita tells Mani that Raman did not come home, and she is worried as she can’t talk to him, she is thinking to find him and check on office-home route. He says its late, I will come, we will go together. She says come fast. Mani says I hope everything is fine with Raman. Mani and Ishita are on the way. She says I m afraid, I should have told him about Sarika and Romi’s matter solved, he is in tension. Mani says he is fine, think positive. She sees Raman’s car and stops him. She looks for Raman calling out his name and finds him lying with the tree support. She runs to him and wakes him up.

Mani says I think he is drunk. Raman opens his eyes and sees her with Mani. She says come and asks Mani to help. Raman pushes both of them holding the wine bottle. He says don’t touch me, move away. Ishita says what are you doing. Raman throws the bottle and says I don’t want you both, I curse myself. Mani says come with us Raman, everyone is worried at home. Raman says which home, I had a home and you broke it with her. Ishita says what are you saying, come. Raman gets angry and pushes her. He says I will manage myself. She says you will fall. He tells Mani to stay away else he will kill him. He goes to his car. She says you won’t drive, I will drive, you are drunk. Raman sits in the car saying no and gets unconscious. Mani says he has drunk a lot. Ishita says sorry. Mani says no need, he drink to relieve his tension, everything will be fine in morning, the good thing is we got Raman and he is fine. She asks will you drop us home. He says sure, lets go in my car.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that the pillow was wet by Raman’s tears, just the same way when Shagun left him and his family was breaking. She is stunned and comes to Raman, to keep his head on the pillow right. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………………

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow so sad

  2. Come on… raman say it to ishita yaar…. uff relationship is so complicated… oh well i just hope raman confess his love quickly so tht ishita can also say her feelings….

  3. arey yaar raman u and ur stupid imagination.just dig the mud and put ur thoughs in that.iam really feeling bad for u today.phir bhi koi baath nayi i heard in tellyreviews that in the asia award function u confess ur love to ishu and mani say the truth of ur misunderstaning.its really so awesome.waiting for that moment.


  5. ishu y did u cld mani 2 c Raman if u cld romi r bala thy wld hve cme.

  6. He he he poor raman

  7. are yar drama band karo

  8. Sad episode on Diwali….poor Raman…also Ishu shouldn’t move much close with Mani

  9. SO SAD EPISODE but I think coming episode very interesting.

  10. it is my favourate show

  11. Why cant ishu take romi r mr bhalla 4 help everytime. She needs. Mani……why….? .wats d hell man jaldi Mani Ki hatawo nd e natak bandh karo…….

  12. very boring episode in diwali…..

  13. Disappointment

  14. Oh God poor Raman. Solve this quickly pls pls

    ISHRA is LIFE !!!
    yaar, why dunno you understand that raman loves you ishu,

    <3 heart mein breakage !! <3 heart mein leakage !!

    mani : maybe you are ishra's saviour but for me you are a kebab mein haddi !! GO TO HELL !! </3.

    ISHU : yaar, understand !! warna LIFE IS COMPLICATED. why do you take EVERYTHING so lightly ?? 🙁

    raman : yaar, tune to rula diya !! ;(

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