Sasural Simar Ka 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar is going crying to her room. Mr singh sees her. karan sees her too. Simar ays I am all alone today. She is in corridor someone is following her with a knife. Prem sees her and the knife as well. He shouts simar. the man cuts her arm a little and runs. Prem comes to her and covers her wound. He says come with me.

At Bhardwaj house, Roli says in heart if karthik gets to know our plan will be ruined. Karthik sees the hands on the floor of his thug. he says I get ot now. you are trying to be clever. The thugs point the guns at everyone. sid poibts at one and says guns down. Sattu and shalu disguised as thugs point one at karthik. sid says now if you open your mouth we will shoot you. larthik says I wont’ leave you.

baa is in the bedroom with Anjali. Anjali is not sleeping baa says sleep or I will throttle you. Anjali is crying. baa looks for karthik. SHe say why isn’t he back. When she goes down all the men and karthik are roped. She is shocked to see that. all the bharadwajs mover to her. Baa says I will kill Anjali if you try to do anything. Sujata says no don’t do this. Leave her. Roli says we have karthik. if something happens to Anjali just imagine what will we do to karthik They ring karthik in.

In Hong Kong, Prem says to simar are you okay? Let me see it. He says thank God its not deep. Vikrant sees them and so does surbhi. He says someone attacked you who could it be? Simar says I couldn’t see his face. he says why? He was right behind you. Thank God I reached there on right time. Simar says thank you prem ji. Prem dresses her wound. Simar says I will do it. He recalls simar was never able to put medicine on her wounds. He recalls how she was scared of wounds and he kept her busy in his talks and slowly dressed the wound. he laughs. Simar is shocked. He takes the medicine form her and says I will do it. he holds siamr’s arm and dresses her wound. He gives her the bandage and leaves.

At bharadwaj house, baa is pointing pistol at Anjali. roli sees leave anajli ou won’t be able to bear your son being killed. It will be better that yuou surrender. Cops come in. Inspector says leave the girl. Baa says I will kill Anjali if you come near. Cop says you cant flee from here. Roli says police is all around. baa says let me and my son go or I will kill Anjali. baa says I can kill anyone if I can kill my son. mata ji says please let them go inspector I want Anjali to be fine. baa says I know you will use your heart. Roli says mata ji nothing will happen to anajli. mata ji says I won’t listen to anyone. they leave karrthik. baa slaps him. baa says because of you my whole plan ruined. He slaps baa as well. everyone is dazed. Karthik says do you enjoy the taste now/ I did all this for you and you are insulting me in front of whole world. mata ji says what comes around goes around savita ji. your wrong teachings are slapping you today. This is worse than a jail. You will be happy to know that I am thank ful to you euninting my family. cops take baa and karthik with them

Precap-rolo calls prem and says simar is innocent baa confessed it in front of whole family. Mata ji tells tis to prem. he is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Full update fast please 😉

  2. amazing precap!!

  3. aap tum kya karo ki perm.say it wt ab surbhi and simar.whom will u choose yaar.

  4. Hahhahah seriously dis gona b huge blast dis diwali. Full of twist n turn… wit full pleasure prem chosed surbhi… nw wat does dis prem do? 😎 amazing.. . Nw dis d best part to c ahead….

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