Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratna reaches Raghav’s room and asks why is he tensed. He gives a wierd answer. She says she will speak to him later and leaves. He remembers Soniya repeatedly asking to leave her and family alone and get out of their lives.

Card printer shows Pavan his wedding card. Pavan says he need 2 different cards and tells him what he has to do. Printer says he will do as he says. Pavan thinks he is getting back Soniya by fate and says after today’s plan, she will not see Raghav’s face again.

Soniya reminisces Raghav beating Pavan. Raghav on his bed reminisces Soniya telling that Pavan will marry Rathi after 5 days. Ye duriyaa…. song plays in the background. He falls asleep but wakes up hearing mobile ring. It is chintu’s call who asks him to come there soon.

Pavan with bandages over his head and injures on his face reaches with his puppet and police outside Khan’s hotel. Puppet says inspector that Raghav works in Khan’s hotel and he should arrest him for hitting Pavan. Pavan thinks he is overacting and says puppet that he does not want to arrest Raghav and asks Soniya if she saw Raghav hitting him. Sisters think Raghav is so sweet that he cannot harm anyone. Soniya says she does not know anything about it. Inspector asks where is Raghav. Raghav comes there. Inspector identifies him as Raghav Roy and says Pavan is alleging that you hit him and this man/puppet is eye witness. Raghav says Pavan and his bought puppet is telling lie. Inspector asks Soniya to tell truth. Pavan smirks. Raghav confesses that he slapped him as he wants Pavan to accept his truth. He says Soniya that everyone were there when he slapped him. Khan says he cannot believe Raghav can hit him so badly and Pavan is lying. Raghav says Pavan wants to marry Soniya after marrying Rathi. Inspector asks if he has any proof. Raghav says hope he had shown him what he saw. Inspector says he has to arrest him. Anjali says he is from Roy family. Puppet says what if he is from rich family, does he have license to trouble poor. Inspector says he has to arrest Raghav at any cost. Pavan says he does not want to complain against Raghav. Inspector says as he wishes and leaves. Pavan starts his acting and says Raghav that he does not want his family’s issues to come in public. Deepu says Raghav that he should thank Pavan for sparing him. Raghav asks if Pavan has become dearer to them than him and says he will teach Pavan lesson today and tries to hit him. Soniya comes in between and stops him.

Soniya says Raghav that she believed him again and kept quiet when he hit Rathi’s would be husband and says she will not listen to him now as he is not related to her now and Pavan is related to her instead. She asks him not to keep any relationship with her or her sisters and if he tries to talk to them again, she will complain against him and asks him not to show his face again. Raghav stands sadly. Once Soniya leaves, Anjali and other sisters say they know how he is feeling, but they cannot help him now. Rathi stands there. Raghav says her if she is confused, she should listen to her heart.

Precap: Rathi is surprised to see Soniya and Pavan’s name on wedding card.

Update Credit to: MA

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