Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman to calm down, Ruhi will know truth. He says no, he has brainwashed Ruhi, she will listen to him instead us, I told Romi to explain this to mummy and Mihika, once court punishes Suhail, Ruhi will know everything, till then Ruhi will not meet him. He says Suhail should be caught. He worries. She pacifies him. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays………. They stand in the window and see the rain, being gloomy. Mrs. Bhalla and Mihika come there and ask them what’s happening, did Suhail kill someone.

Abhishek interrogates Suhail and beats him asking why did he kill that man. Suhail says I did not kill anyone. Abhishek asks do you think police is fool, I know you are Niddhi’s brother, she used to trouble Raman and Ishita, you came to harass Bhalla family via Ruhi. Suhail denies. Abhishek says I know you are doing this along with Niddhi.

Ruhi walks in compound. She gets shocked seeing the masked guy aiming gun at her. She asks how can you be alive, don’t kill me. Suhail comes and stands in front of Ruhi. He asks the man to be away from Ruhi. The man shoots down Suhail. Ruhi shouts Suhail. She wakes up from her bad dream. Ishita comes and asks what happened, did you see any bad dream. Ruhi cries and gets away. Ishita asks her to share things, I will not judge you, Raman and I are overconcerned for you, tell us what is it, trust me, I m your Ishi Maa. Ruhi takes her bag. Ishita asks where are you going. Ruhi says let me go if you love me.

Ishita says tell me where you want to go, I will come along. Ruhi says I want to go to Suhail’s home, come with me, I know you won’t come, I saw a bad dream, someone shot Suhail when he was saving me, don’t stop me, he is my friend. Ishita says he won’t want you to come at this time. Ruhi says I have to see him. Ishita says he is grown up and can take care of himself. Ruhi calls him. She says he is not answering, where did he go, did my dream get true, did anything happen to Suhail. Ishita says stop panicking, you say he saved you in dream, when he is smart, he will save himself. Ruhi says you are saying good about him in front of me, I know you dislike him, he is so good, he always stood with me, you will never appreciate him, I did not think you can do this with me, stop acting, can’t you see he helps me so much.

Ishita says I will not let you, call Raman or anyone. Ruhi says fine and takes a blade to cut her wrist. Ishita slaps Ruhi and scolds her. She asks are you mad to end life for Suhail, he made your MMS, I will slap you if you say anything, he is your blackmailer, I m not saying this because I hate him, I swear on Pihu, I m saying truth, Suhail is Niddhi’s brother, they made this plan as they hate us, they hate you, they want to take revenge from us, this is the truth. Ruhi gets shocked. Ishita asks her to please trust them. Ruhi cries. Ishita hugs her.

Abhishek asks Suhail to say, you are doing this on Niddhi’s saying. Suhail says I did not do anything. Abhishek asks him to say truth, there is time. He beats Suhail and says Niddhi is in jail, she is your sister. Suhail screams. Abhishek says this time you won’t be able to use Ruhi, she does not know you are here. Ruhi cries. Ishita asks her to stop crying. Ruhi says I want to ask Suhail why did he do this, take me to him once. Ishita says we can’t go, he is in jail. Ruhi says I have to ask him why he did this, please I have to meet him.

Ishita says he is a bad person, how can I let you go to him. Ruhi says you are saying this because of Raman, you understand me right, take me to him please, else I will die. Abhishek asks what, you got Ruhi here to make her meet Suhail. Ishita says yes, allow Ruhi, Raman does not know anything, Ruhi is getting mad, I told her truth. Abhishek says you are Ruhi’s mum, you are getting emotional, I don’t think its a good idea. Ishita says Ruhi had to know truth, her heart broke, now she has to confront Suhail, I m her mother and friend too, let her meet Suhail once.

Ruhi is allowed to meet Suhail. Suhail gets glad and hugs her. He says I knew it you will save me from this hell, thanks. Ruhi slaps him and says you lied to me, you did drama of love and played with my feelings, how, I could not understand, you made me mad, I did not trust Ishi Maa, you lied to me. She slaps him again. He gets angry. She says don’t take my name, I hate you, is this not true that you are Niddhi’s brother, that woman has made my life hell for 7 years and now you also stay in this hell, I just hate you, you broke my heart. He asks her to listen. She says enough and leaves. Ishita sees Ruhi. Ruhi says I don’t want to see Suhail’s face again. She goes. Ishita feels sorry that Ruhi’s heart broke, but she had to know truth, I did not tell Raman and got you here.

Ruhi says that blackmailer died by getting shot, Suhail is innocent, I killed that blackmailer. Raman angrily beats Suhail in the court. Raman and Ishita try to stop Ruhi. Suhail smiles.

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  1. Is ruhi mad and out of senses? She was the one who brought ishita and raman together and now she is not believing her ishimaa for the sake of that pagal suhail.

  2. So now we know why Raman is going to be angry with Ishita. She never learns!

    1. very true Susan … whatever said and done … Ishitha is wrong today . Cvs need to twist in such a way where seperation is on the track … even now they can move the storyline positively .

    2. Khushiarvind

      True susan… The sole reason for all her problems is her nature of hiding things frm raman..she never learns frm her past mistakes.. Hwany times they will show this seperation tracl.. Sometimes for adi sometimes for ruhi or pihu

  3. Today’s episode is horrendous!!! Ruhi is crazy, mad, not sound etc… Did she pretend to hate Suhail infront of Ishita and then tell in court that she is the culprit? What is this? They can ask Pihu to testify. After all Pihu was the eye witness. Why are they not using Pihu’s witness? Aren’t they going to accept a young girl’s testimony? The court should know young children would not lie. Oh i really am fed up with YHM. I so tired watching Suhail and Ruhi drama and MMS scandal prisons. Someone said right in this group that the prison is Bhalla’s second home. It is true. Practically everyone has gone to prison except Mani, Shagun, MIhika. Omprakash and Toshi. The rest of them have gone to prison countless times. Ishita has created that record. Now with a third separation, the plot is going to be so convoluted. with no head or tail. I have given up hoping for Ishra’ s romantic moments and Pihu and Ishimaa’s moments. It is not going to happen and I can forget it.

    Hello all my dear YHM fans……

    1. Sindhu ruhi didn’t pretend to believe ishita she really believed ishita she took the whole blame on herself in court just to save ishra sohail threatened her that he can harm ishra even by staying in jail sohail himself said this in one of the segment ruhi is not that foolish

    2. I too feel the same Siddhi … she took the blame to save Ishra … yhm is story where nobody tells the truth … but she is a minor … no court can give 10 years in prison im the first hearing itself … Raman and Ishitha will stay in their own houses . May be for Pihu again they will show their mohabettein. Dt and Aditi nailed today with their acting … it was totally emotional . Dt looks stunning and Raman and Ishithas facial expression was awesome , looking thru the window … So much importance is given to this sohail … when they started this mms track … never ending .. fed up of yhm

    3. What did you expect in Ekta Kapoors drama ???? bakwaas

  4. Hi everyone what a eposide finally ruhi ki ankhein khul gii ishita acting hats off her expressions while she was standing near window ???????? her slap she was just wao don’t have words ruhi too acted well I just live ruhi for the slaps she gave to sohail ?????? it was the best part but now in the coming episodes Mrs bhalla m Raman will blame ishita but ishita did compleltly right feeling pity for ruhi read somewhere that a leap of 10 yrs is coming but I don’t think its true

  5. Well again Ishita did it again. Without informing Raman she brought Ruhi on her own to see Suhail. Whenever this happens, Raman gets angry with Ishita and hence separation. I think cvs have completely lost their mind. How can a couple separate just because of their daughter? Even though Ruhi said that she killed the man, there is always a supreme court hearing and they can hire a good lawyer to find all evidence against Suhail. You mean India’s law system is that unprofessional that they can’t find a good lawyer to fight the case. As for Abhishek time and again he has proven that he makes a lousy police officer. What can he do even after arresting suhail? Suhail is able to roam freely whereas stupid an dsilly Ruhi is in jail. She asked for it.

    1. Hello sindhu india’s law system is very professional everyone means a criminal also can hire a lawyer and send pitition to supreme court for justice but this is the mistake of cvs and this fictitious serial out of fens

      hello to all fans of this fictitious serial how are you all? Actually am down the line busy in study

      and shivani what about your study good or excellent haha and how are you? Vp how is your health?

    2. Hi magic, i am fine, thanks…studies going well…..
      Happy to see you here….

    3. Hi Magic how r you ? Missed your comments … I am very much fine . Thank you .. busy with work

    4. Sindhu when Raman told Ishitha not to reveal the truth to Ruhi … … its understandable … her motherly feeling forced her to tell Ruhi the truth … Ruhi was totally shattered … but taking her to see sohail is a wrong move . Ishitha should have told him … Situation only makes people helpless … but am sure Ishitha will save her true ..Ishitha . what are cvs upto … what message to audience … husband and wife relation is based on open communication … no hiding … no lies … yhm is totally wrong .. to save the other one … hiding things … Hi to all

    5. No doubt vp, definitely ishita will save her ruhi..m glad that mr.bhalla supports ishita…

  6. Hi in peace yhm.not watching anymore because of stupid directors end writers. Go to hell u brainless writers.

    1. very true Super girl ..,we cant blame the actors at all …

  7. I think they should bring niddhi in front of the court to face suhail n see Wat happen between them

  8. Hi… Friends good morning to all….

  9. Khushiarvind

    Disgusting… Aftr that surrogacy drama nothing is going on well in yhm…
    All tracks repeating back to back.. So boring.. I wonder if the actors are nt gettng bored with this repetition.. How many times they will show the same custody dramas, jailing, blackmailing nd seperation tracks..
    First rinkis murder, then chaddas murder nd ishitha in jail seperration drama of ishra. At tht time also they were foolin nidhi..the same thing repeted in case of shagun. They faked living seperate for getting pihu back.. First for ruhis custody they united, then for adi raman avoided ishitha, aftr winning adia custody again ruhis custody case, when pihu was born started custody case for pihu.
    For ruhi raman married ishitha , hwany times he insulted her juz to make adi happy, then together they get adis custody, then shagun befooled raman nd took away ruhi.. Ishitha struggled nd get her back only to lose her to another villian nidhi.. 7 yrs leap ruined evrything .. They united again for ruhi… Then for pihu ishitha left house nd 1 yr they lived seperatly. Nw again fir ruhi they r going to seperate.. This will nvr end.. Now adi nd aliya wil break up nd raman will blame ishitha nd throw her out for ruhi.. Then again jagatmatha ishitha will come aftr raman for pihus sake as she wants them together.. Raman will say pihu ke liye… Aftr that he will find another reason to throw her out..its better ishitha live as a single mothr

  10. My God!! I feel like stop watching this show. Only because of Ruhi.. I just hate her acting .. bored of crying and shouting face . Make some interesting changes pkeeeeeaaaase ?

    1. Khushiarvind

      Hi smitha
      Hw ru doing dear?

    2. All fine Khushi.. 🙂

  11. As you may never know why Ruhi tell court her lied because she want to save parent lives and did not think about parent separation. Sohail and Nidhi will celebration of Ruhi in jail and Raman and Ishita breakdown. Raman will beat Sohail but stopped by Romi and Mr Bhalla. Sohail traunt Raman in front of every people. Ishita then slap Sohail much hardest which make Sohail hit his head on the car then scolding him badly. Sohail smirks and not listen then traunt Ishita then Ishita slap again.

    Raman then scold Ishtia for not telling her and leaving whole family behind and drove off. Mrs Toshi warn Ishita to stay away from Raman while Ishita want to talk to him. They did not know about Sohail sending letter to Ruhi to threaten Ruhi to send goons to kill Raman and Ishita if she don’t confessed her crime and her killing the blackmailer. Ruhi get depression and tensed by Sohail threaten and decided to protect parent lives so she confessed her lied to court about killing the blackmailer that shocked whole families.

    Nidhi give Ishita the condition if they want to save Ruhi so that Raman and Ishita should divorce. Ishita tell Raman about Nidhi condition that shattered him. Raman and Ishita do small separation drama to save Ruhi. Toshi will keep warning Ishita to stay away from Bhalla family because Ishita ruin Raman and children’s lives that make Ishita heartbroken. Raman will feel guilty seeing Ishita hurting by Toshi words. Mr Bhalla get angry on Toshi for mistreating Ishita badly. Pihu will be upset and angry on Raman and Toshi for throwing Ishita out of Bhalla house then Pihu will pack her things and move out of Bhalla house and stay with Ishita in Iyer’s house. Raman get sad and Toshi tried to stop Pihu leaving then Mr Bhalla blame Pihu leaving the house because Pihu loves Ishita and don’t want to leave her then Toshi realised her mistake and will apologised Ishita but Mrs Iyer warn Toshi and Raman to stay away from Ishita. Raman become worry about Ishita’s condition and hoping that someone had to take care of her but glad that Pihu want to stay with Ishita so that Pihu will take care of Ishita for Raman.

  12. Once again there is going to be a divorce and Raman and ishita will marry for the 4th time on request of a petty reletive for the sake of children. Anyway accepted criminal law norms are all in jeopardy in this drama as in a murder confessions are not admitted unless it is being proven by independent evidence. Any why cant police call evidence of Pihu and psychiatric to corroborate it. Also it says that Shagun bail Nidi out. How can a convicted criminal get a bail. Only way is getting a pardon. Can a child kidnapper molester get pardon in India. There are many mismatches in regards of the present drama. Since it is only a drama they we have to accept these weird CV. But Abishek ACP cannot catch a cat.

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