Mahabharata ff part 52

The epi starts with Krishna asking Draupadi if it is her final decision to to stop the war. Draupadi nods a yes. I’m not strong enough to stake the lives of my sons for my revenge. I can’t do that. Please stop the war. This is my final decision. Krishna says but I can’t do anything if Duryodhan refuses. Draupadi says that I don’t know. Right now I only know that you’re going to stop the war, as a peace messenger.. Won’t you? Krishna nods a yes and turns to go. Arjun stops him. Madhav, bhrata Yudhishtira has said to ask the kauravas for only five villages if they refuse for Indraprastha.

In Hastinapura.

Duryodhan gets super glad hearing that Krishna is coming as a peace messenger. Now I’ll insult him so much, so much that he’ll remember his entire life. Shakuni tells him that he still has a chance to coax Krishna to their side. Duryodhan arrogantly refuses. Not at any cost..! I have full faith in my win, and those pandavas’ defeat. That’s all I know!

Krishna arrives in Hastinapur. Kunti, Gandhari and bhishm pitamah welcome him. Krishna greets everyone present in the sabha and says, you all know very well why I’m here. I’m here to…. Duryodhan interferes in between. We know you’re here as a peace messenger. Now listen carefully you’re not going to get what you’re here for, so better go away.. Bhishm pitamah asks him to stay silent. Krishna says Duryodhan, the empire of Indraprastha doesn’t belong to you. And I very well know you’re not going to return it to the pandavas at any cost. So I’m not asking you for it. I’m asking you for just five villages for the five pandavas. The pandavas will be happy with five villages, as they’re not greedy like you. If you give the five villages peacefully, the war can be stopped. Now if you don’t care about the people being killed in the war, at least care about the time and energy that’ll be wasted. Think about the destruction if you are not afraid of your death. Five villages isn’t a big deal, is it? Duryodhan says sarcastically, never ever! Krishna says one village..

Duryodhan says noooo.. Leave five villages, leave a single village, leave one-fifth of a village, I’m not going to give those pandavas even five pinpoints of land. Tell them, if they’ve the guts fight with me.. But I know they’re afraid of me. After all I’ve your army, and of course I have my strength. I’ve my 100 brothers. Krishna says 100, or 99? Duryodhan says I’m saying after including karna okay? So you better leave. Vidur says Duryodhan, think about it. Nothing goes in five villages. Duryodhan says no. We gave them a forest, they created Indraprastha. If we give them five villages then…. Bhishm pitamah says no Duryodhan. You’re not thinking about anything. Your eyes are covered with the shine of money. This isn’t the way to talk to anyone. Dhitrashtra reminds bhishm pitamah of his vow to be the side of hastinapur. Krishna says seems like you’re more and more eager for your death Duryodhan.

Duryodhan says is it so? Then I should welcome you heartedly, shouldn’t I? Hmm.. I’ve something to welcome you. Bring them dusshasan… Dushassan brings some chains. Krishna smiles seeing them. Hmm, so they’re bringing chains for themselves.,

Precap:-) The war is final..

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