Kaala Teeka 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pavitra and Naina are hidden in a truck.. They see thugs after them. Pavitra says what will we do now? Naina says we will run from here as soon as we geta chance.
Ambulance takes everyone from Chaudhary house. Chulbuli says I was not home. When I came this happened. Inspector says Naina and Pavitra are missing we are looking for them. Your neighbour saw them running. Chulbuli says I am sure Gauri did all this. I hope the kids are okay.
Pavitra and Naina are still hidden. Naina sees pavitra sleeping. She wakes her up. Pavitra wakes up and says mama.. Naina says we are in a different city. The thug comes and says you are at the right place. He says wash your faces a party is coming to see you both. They takes her inside. Pavitra says who are these people and who is coming? Naina says I don’t know but everything is wrong here.
The thug says on call we will get 50k for both of them. Naina finds spices and throws it in his eyes. They both run from there. The thug says to his partner the girls are running. Go catch them. Pavitra and Naina are running in the jungle. The thugs are looking for them. They hide. Pavitra says I wanna go to mama. Niana says we will go to mama. Prohit uncle said till we are together we are strong. Pavitra says we don’t know where will we go? Naina says I will find a way out. I am your elder sister. naina’s sees her locket and says your blessings are with us mama. Nothing can happen to us. She says let’s go Pavitra. She takes Pavitra’s hand. Naina says we have to get rid of them. They went this side so we have to go to opposite side. They both slide downwards.
The thugs come to a place and say where are the kids? If they are not here they might have gone towards jungle. Lets go there.

Its night. Pavitra says it is so dark. We can’t find a way out. Are we lost? Naina says lets sit somewhere. You must be tired. They sit at a place. Naina says are you tired? You should sleep. Pavitra says I want mama. Naina hugs her and makes her sleep.
Naina recalls when she was scared and Kali sang her a lullaby that made her sleep. Naina sings the same lullaby for Pavitra. Pavitra sleeps her in her lap.
The thugs are looking for them. They say where did they go?
Naina recalls Kali said you are my brave daughter. You always have to be strong and save Pavitra. Naina says I will always take care of Pavitra mama I promise you. It starts raining. A tree falls on them. The thugs says lets go from here before it gets worse.

Scene 2
Next morning the thugs come back to the jungle again. Pavitra wakes up and says didi where are you? Naina gives her a tree stem and says brush from it. Mama told me its good for teeth. Lets brush from it. pavitra says I brushed but i am hungry. Naina says i am hungry too. Lets go from here.

Chulbuli comes home and sees everything is burned. she says ramu kaka I am so hungry. He says entire kitchen is burned. I can bring you something from outside. Chulbuli gives them money. She says I hope the kids come home.
Naina climbs a tree and plucks fruits from there. Pavitra says these are enough come down. The thugs are coming in that direction. Pavitra says be careful. Naina says I cant come. She sees thugs from there. Naina says Pavitra hide behind those bushes. Those thugs are coming here. They won’t see me here. The thugs come and look for them. They say they are not even here. One of them sees an eaten apple. He says someone ate it half. The other one says some bird might have. He says yeah you are right. They leave from there. Naina comes down. She says Pavitra they have left come out. They will come again. She goes behind bushes and Pavitra is not there.

Precap-Naina looks for Pavitra everywhere. The thugs have taken her. They are calling the party to sell her. Niana sneaks there and sees Pavitra from a hole.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What happened to the precap shown in Friday episode….. Did they all gone mad and showing this dumbstruck

  2. Disgusting. Very much so

  3. I don’t think they all dead n naina n pavitra will be separated n grow up to take revenge on each other

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