Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika arguing with Ishita and Raman, and defending Ashok seeing him beaten up. Mihika asks Raman to leave and not beat her husband Ashok. Ishita says great, Ashok did the same with Shagun, and now left her, you are playing the same game again. She tells Mihika that her decision is not good, she will regret it her whole life for this mistake, Ashok has left the woman who gave her 6 years to you, the kid who called you Papa, and the man whose love you took, they will curse you, and I m cursing you won’t be happy, and Mihika this is not your place, but Shagun’s, you did wrong with her and yourself too. Raman pacifies crying Ishita and takes her. They leave. Ashok says this is why I love you Mihika, you did great today, and holds her. She says don’t touch me, stay away.

Ashok gives all updates to Suraj and says it was fun, I got beaten up but its fine, the junk went back to Raman’s house again, so they got to know this. Suraj says they think I m in coma, I m enjoying here, and your drama shot two things. You got rid of Shagun and Raman will face problems. Ashok says yes, Mihika is my wife, and don’t know what will happen when Shagun stays there at Raman’s place. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla talk about living room to Adi. Ruhi says make him sleep in my room, and asks Adi to slepe in her room. She says Ishi Maa says Sharing increases love.

Romi asks Adi to come. Ruhi takes Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t answer Ruhi. She says Adi is so scared. Mr. Bhalla says don’t take tension, Adi is with us and we will manage, See Ruhi, she has given her room to him, even when Adi did not talk to her well, this is upbringing. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita does everyone”s good and bad happens with her, she got Adi here and Shagun came along. I don’t wish Shagun stays here forever and prays for Raman and Ishita’s lives. Raman makes Ishita sit in the car. She cries. He asks what happened. She says I can’t bear Mihika has married Ashok. He asks will things change if you cry. He says Shagun was also not like this, Ashok has changed her by his money, he ended one game and targeted Mihika, I can’t do anything.

She says what about Mihir, how will we manage him. He says we will talk to him, I will manage. She says I have Mihir’s home keys, lets go and take Shagun and Adi’s belongings. He asks is she mad to say this. She says Adi will have to do his homework. He smiles and says lets go. He asks is she sure of this. She nods yes. They leave. Adi talks to Shagun. She asks is he fine, how is he. He says I m fine, are you fine? She says yes. He says don’t cry, I feel like crying seeing you cry. She asks are we at Raman’s place. He says yes, don’t think about this, i was afraid seeing you, promise me you won’t go back to Ashok’s home. He cries. She says calm down, I won’t go.

He says when you were sleeping me, Ishita told me not to worry as this is my home, I m not homeless, and Ruhi gave me her room, everyone took care of me, they all love me, I felt Ishita aunty is bad, but no, she is very nice, she took good care of you. She says shut up, how can’t you see her truth, Ashok married Mihika because of her, he left me and you and ruined our lives, Ishita is lying to impress Raman, you are my son and remember Ishita is responsible for this. Adi says but… she says what but, you feel I m staying here on their pity, no. She sees their oic and says what will she keep me in this house, I have come here to snatch her home, you see Adi, how I teach them a lesson, when a person falls so low, then a person just goes up, I was lying in junk yard and I will throw this Ishita there, you are my son, your mum will give you everything. She says wait and watch Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Mr. Bhalla about Ruhi and Adi. She says I sent him to Shagun, I m worried. She cries and says Adi is ours, and he acts like stranger. Mr. Bhalla says he has poison, and it will go with time. She says first we sent him to hostel, then Ashok, then Mihir, don’t know what else will he bear because of Shagun. He says you used to cry thinking about him, now he is here, love him, when he gets love, he will become our old Adi, kids understand language of love, Shagun can’t teach him always. She says its not easy, Shagun will not be quiet and still fill poison in Adi’s heart, I wish I could explain him about Shagun, Adi does not understand, what should I do.

Simmi comes to Adi and asks did he not sleep. Shagun says he was not feeling sleepy there so he came here. Simmi says fine. Shagun says she will leave form here soon, I don’t want to interfere in your lives, and don’t become a burden. Simmi says we don’t trust you, what will you do, you don’t have work experience, you just … men…. Adi gets up and looks on. Shagun says I have friends, anyone will help, I will get a job. Raman and Ishita looks on and asks Simmi to take their bags. Shagun says we will sleep in hall. Ishita says no, we got all luggage Adi, you can enjoy, be comfortable. Shagun says we will sleep in hall, its yours and Raman’s room. Ishita says its Ruhi and Adi’s room too, you stay here. Raman says I will manage in hall, and asks Adi to sleep with Shagun and Ishita. Simmi says Shagun has come to spread poison.

Ishita comes to Raman and says even I will sleep here. She asks will you not have backpain here, I came here thinking Adi will not be comfortable if I sleep there. He says he is fine, and gets idea. He says actually, I m having lots of pain. She asks why did you not tell me and goes to get balm. He smiles. He says see here, and shows the shoulder, smiling. She applies the balm and he says ouch, do it with love. He says your hands have magic, you touched and the pain is gone. She laughs. He says here too, I said its aching on left side too. She asks is he sure, you were fooling me. He smiles and holds her. She falls on him and they have an eyelock. They talk about their romance stopping mid way and smile. Music plays…………….. Adi comes in the hall and sees them in such odd state. He is shocked.

Raman holds Ishita’s hand and says Adi behaved so badly with you, always insulted you, but still your heart is so big that you care for him and his upbringing, people are right, just giving birth does not make anyone a mum, a mum’s heart is needed to become mum. Ishita smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. prayosha maine bhi ek story padi. …..ishra ff..story ka naam …..mera matlab woh nahin tha. .acchi hai short. .and cute. …IshRa. .ka. .love confession hai. ….

  2. horrible yaar shagun.aaj jab maind use dekha toh mujhe bahut gussa aya use dekhke.eagerly waiting to see ashok as santa and sooraj as item girl.ashok ko maza chakha rahi hai mihika lekin mihir ka kya hoga?ye sab kuch toh mihika ne socha hi nahi aur shadi karli.shagun jaise logon ko hell jane ki zaroorath hi nahi hai kyonki woh khud hi ek hell hai.plz finish this drama as soon as possible because its high time they have been stretching this drama.plz its a humble request ekta maam.

  3. Yeh Ishita Shagun ke games nahi samaj payegi….Dil ki itani achhi jo hai………par muje lagta hai ki Simmi & Mrs.Bhalla Shagun ko achhi tarah se jante hai…..wo dono Shagun ka koi bhi plan sucessful nahi hone denge…..Aur IshRa ko judaa bhi nahi denge…..

  4. Yaar yeh last scene me to Raman itna romantic tha phir precap me santi kyo ho gaya aur Aadi ke missbehaviour ke baarw me kyo baat kar raha tha kahi IshRa ko sawth dekhakar Aadi ne phir se to Ishita se misbehave nwhi kiya hoga?????
    Nahi aisa lagta to nahi aur aisa hona bhi nahi chahiye…ab Aadi ko negative roll me nahi positive roll me dikhana chahiye..aur kuch aisw ho ki Aadi hi apni maa Shagun ki sachchai sab ke saamne laye……

  5. Agar iss Baar Ekta Kapoor ne ishra ko alag karne ki koshish kari then main bombay jakar pakka Uska set jala donga ! She always separate them when their lovely moments starts !
    BAS jaldi se jaldi shagun aur adi uss ghar se Nikal jayein and then unke saath jo Bhi ho I DON’t CARE !

  6. If this time she even tried to separate ishra then she has no right to make serial ! She should retire as she don’t know what the viewers like . If she shows positive things in the serial then the serial would be more successful than it is !!

  7. There are many negative things in life she should show positive things in order to minimise the negativity of the life . My humble request and advice to Ekta Kapoor is that she should make the serial for showing good things not for TRP which inturn laeds profit to her. If she show positive things in the serial then people will like it more !
    For God sake don’t separate Ishra !!

  8. prayosha maine woh story padi. ….superb thi. …

  9. Which story u guys are talking about ? Can anyone explain ? Who posts it ?

  10. ishita. …….India forum pe. ..IshRa. .ki fan fiction story hoti hai. …..uss story k bare main baat kar rahe the. …….

  11. Hey guys. ……Go and vote for ishita as. .best current leading lady on Indian telly. …..

  12. wow…raman toh kaafi romantic ho raha hai…nice.


  14. yar its high time katham karo e drama plz yar kuch bhi karke ek romantic vala new year dhikado plz plz plz ekta mam plz iss shagun ka story bus do theen episodes me katham kar do na plz

  15. yesterday’s climax was the best moment/scene of YHM so far. From the beginning we have been observing one thing. Whenever Ishra get closy/romantic, some or the other interrupts. Why? R the makers not interested in showing some cute and beautiful moments to us. This is a love story with no love scenes and romance between the lead pair. what r we supposed to see in this show. bullshit drama?

  16. merry episode
    Raman Bhalla’s (Karan Patel) wifey Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is all set for Christmas. Yes, the actor promises to make this festival special for her daughter Ruhi and the Bhalla parivaar. Divyanka Tripathi revealed her plans to celebrate the red festival. She said,, “I really like Christmas celebrations, everything looks so beautiful. I think experiencing a white Christmas with snow all around, making a snowman and having snow fights is delightful. But it doesn’t snow here.”

    The actress adds, “Ruhi is super excited about going to see the huge Christmas tree that has been put up at a mall and she has also asked us to get her Christmas presents this time. I will also purchase Christmas gifts for the entire family, after all everybody loves gifts.”

    Well, we can’t wait to find out what surprise present Ishita has in mind for darling hubby Raman?

  17. Have u guys seen the new spoiler ! It’s just completely unacceptable . I can’t see ishra getting separate again . No one will watch as Ekta Kapoor does this always to get TRP ! Cheap tricks to earn profit . She should show positive things in the serial .

  18. wat’s the new spoiler?

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