Sasural Simar Ka 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar lightens the temple candle, it is about to blow roli comes and saves it. Everyone comes in the hall and gather for pooja. roli and simar do the pooja together. roli completes the arti.
Everyone is on the breakfast table. Simar says taste this dish you will pray for the one who has made it. mausi ji says you make the best dishes. Simar says roli has made it. Roli syas try it after so many days I have made something. Shalu says this so tasty. sujata says yes this is so good. roli goes to bring drinks for everyone.

Daksha maa and leela come in. Everyone is shocked. simar is so glas to see them. Mata ji welcomes them in. mata ji says welcome to bharadwaj house. Simar hugs leela and asks how are you? she says I am fine. Daksha says we came to meet roli when we got

to know she is back home. how is she now? Simar says she is good now but her face has changed. SHe underwent a plastic surgery. Mata ji says when you meet her please act normal she will feel better. roli comes out and says daksha baa leela. they are shocked to see her. roli hugs both of them but they are still startled. Leela says we feel so good to see you fine roli.Simar says in heart why leela looks so worried? Adns he smiled when she saw. She is hiding something. sid says you came on right tine, its roli’s birthday after three days. mata ji says this time we will celebrate her birthday. roli says yes now I have to live with this new face so lets make new memories with it. So I can accept my new face. Mata ji says I invite you both. leela says but daksha baa we can’t stay here for three days. I mean we have to go back to village. mata ji says consider this your house. leela says daksha baa has a load of work load. We came here to meet roli. simar says it would be good if you would stay. daksha says our prayers will always be with roli. They meet everyone. sid says I will drop them to the bus stand.
Roli comes and says to simar the milk os boiling. simar syas I am worried for leela’s behavior. They came here to meet us but left so early. roli says why don’t you call her? Let me call her. siamr says how do you have her number you returned from hospital yesterday? roli says so you still don’t trust me. its sid’s phone it has everyone’s number.

Scene 2
The party of roli’s birthday starts. mata ji and sujata welcome all the guests. simar goes to roli and hugs her. she says happy birthday. khushi and then all the women wsh her. sid is outside and says everyone has wished her except for me. She slept early last night and now everyone is around her. All her brothers come. Shalu says why you look agitated sid? sankalp syas why wont he? he has not even wished roli. prem says why don’t you surprise her? sid says what you mean? you played a prank with me 5 months ago remember? sid says yeah I will aslo take selfie. sankalp says no you are not taking selfie. sid says okay then tell me what to do. sattu says tell him prem. prem says its roli’s birthday we want you to gift her something special. so today you will hold her hand in the party in front of everyone and say I love you. sid says yeha no issues. but mata ji wont spare me. prem you only talk high ut you fear man. They are leaving sid says okay I will.

The party starts. Roli comes in a red saari and simar in white. Maysi ji welcomes them. all the brother stand in fron t of roli/ sid comes and waaves. He gives her a rose and says happy birthday dear roli. everyone claps.

Precap-Simar reads out chit and is shocked. She collides with the candle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what is meant by ichadari nagin???whats it all abbt to do???

  2. @aa
    ichadari nagin is a shape shifter snake i changes to any living i think it has changed its snake form to Roli…

  3. How could the snake be roli I mean she knows everything about her family and everyone how.the snake can’t be spying on her

  4. Kya bakwaas hai yaar. Simply giving unwanted twist and dragging.

  5. tnx 4 d info paroo,,,,,:)

  6. i think she might be the wife of snake which has biten sid in the village who has come to take revenge fom sid & his family..

  7. hi guys i knew about that itchari snake the story belongs to this snake already
    came in Tamil movie Neeya (Kamal and Sripriyaya) if it is come means it will
    come in Avika Face only not in others face

  8. Did that snake die that day??

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