Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhiman on his bed thinks it is difficult to tell one’s personal problems to anyone and for the first time , he opened up in front of Deepika. He reminisces his happier times wit her and smiles. He gets her call and she says she just called and asks what is he doing. He says he was about to sleep. She says good night. He says it is okay she can tell why she called. She says she needs his help in fruity’s faces of moon project. He tells her how to make them on cardboard and says moon is very beautiful. Shed says it is beautiful and they both start chatting. Fruity comes and shouts seeing her. Abiman asks what happened. Deepika says she got frightened and asks her to come and sleep wit her. Deeepika says she has to go with Deepika now. Fruity asks whom she is talking to. She says she has office work and sends her. He asks why did she tell lie to Fruity. She says she would have told everyone about her calling him. He says he is feeling hungry now and says he will check if he has biscuits or fruits in kitchen. She asks if he does not know to cook. He says no and says his papa was a professional cook though and used to make aloo parantha well. She says she will teach him and tells receipe on phone itself. He prepares paranthas and likes them. She says he should marry so that his wife can prepare food for him. He says he will not ask his wife to prepare food at night and says he hears bird chirping sounds. She realizes it is morning and gets worried. He says we should not worry as we are not doing anything wrong. She says she will meet him in office and cuts call.

Deepika sees Ratna’s room’s light still on and goes to check. Seh sees Ratna tensed looking at a letter and thinks she must have not slept whole night, thinks of asking her but then stops thinking she should not disturb her at this time. She hears alarm and runs back to her room thinking Soniya will come there.

Soniya gets ready in the morning, takes out Raghav’s clothes and thinks why is Raghav angry on her unnecessarily, she will prepare his favourite breakfast and calm him down. On breakfast table, sisters says breakfast is very nice. Soniya thinks she heard from childhood that husband’s way to heart is via his stomach. Raghav comes and asks servant to get his milkshake to his car. Soniya asks him to have breakfast. He says he is not hungry and walks out. Soniya runs to her room crying. Sisters think they must have fought.

Ratna at her room thinks if Soniya and sisters have sent letter, then thinks they will not stoop so low for money. She then thinks Abhiman’s enemies must have sent it. Suhasi comes and asks why is she tensed, she can share with her. Ratna asks her to go out. She then calls cashier and asks him to arrange 5 lakhs and asks him to be careful. He says he will manage.

Deepika’s colleague sees Abhiman and her yawning together and asks if they were together whole night. Deepika asks if she has gone mad. She then looks at Abhiman and smiles. Colleague then starts badmouthing about Abhiman. Deepika pours coffee on her shirt, apologizes and sends her to washroom. Abhiman sees that and smile and thinks why did Deepika pour coffee on colleague purposefully and then thinks ladies mind cannot be read.

Soniya’s sisters console Soniya that jiju cannot be angry on you and he is DDLJ’s SRK. Anjali calls Raghav. Raghav says he is busy now. Khushi sneezes. Fruity says didi if you got fever. Raghav gets tensed, asks doc to reach home soon and runs home. Sisters make Soniya to act as ill.

Abhiman says Deepika to accompany him to their client’s place. Manager requests Abhiman to handover money packet to Ratna as he is busy. Abhiman hesitantly agrees and leaves with Soniya.

Abhiman comes home running and asks Soniya if she is fine, he has called doc. Soniay says no need to call doc. Sisters he should and says didi got ill due to stress. He apologizes Soniya and says he will not trouble her again. Anjali asks Soniya to get up now. Raghav asks what is this. Soniya says it was a drama. He gets tensed.

Precap: Ratna asks Abhiman what is wrong if she considers him as her son. He says people make relationship and forget. Raghav asks Abhiman to stop misbehaving with his mom and pushes him out. Abhiman starts fighting with Raghav. Ratna asks them to stop.

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