Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman taking Shagun’s side. He says Shravan is mannerless, he teases Ruhi also. He taunts Vandu for his wrong upbringing. Vandu argues with him and says you know Ruhi and Shravan love each other, its their innocent fights. Ishita taunts him about the deals, when he uses Ruhi again and again. She says we should talk to principal. Raman says Adi is my son, I will see how Shravan studies in this school. Shagun thinks wow Adi, you did what we could not do, you have ruined Raman’s life. The principal asks them what have they decided. Ishita taunts Raman and Shagun. Raman says know the story first, its Shravan’s mistake, he can beat Adi in future, it should stop. Shagun says why to call them here, please take action. Raman says I know my Adi, it would be

Shravan’s mistake, lets call him. Vandu says yes, we will know everything.

Shravan comes with Ruhi. Ruhi sees Adi and everyone. Vandu asks Shravan why did he tell Adi bad words. Raman asks Adi to let him speak. Raman says I m sure its not your mistake. Adi gets tensed. Shravan holds his ears and says sorry, I did not know its such a bad word. Ruhi asks Shravan to tell that the senior boys were beating him. Adi says Ruhi will you take his side, you know he lies. Ruhi says he fights with me but he does not lie. Vandu asks Shravan to tell. Shravan says Adi and his friends were bullying me, they scared my friends and beaten me. Adi says he is lying. Shravan says he spoke ill about Appa so I got angry. Shagun says he is lying.

Raman says let him talk. He says Adi why are you lying, I will prove you are not wrong, call Adi’s friends. Shagun says why. Raman says let me handle this. Adi says please finish this. Raman says I know my son can’t be guilty, don’t be scared, prove them wrong, tell your friend’s name. Ishita thinks I m sure Raman understood everything that Shagun has done all this. Adi says I will not call them. Raman says call them. Adi says I have beaten Shravan. Raman asks why. Adi says I saw him dancing with Ruhi in you wedding video. Adi says I hate him. Raman says enough Adi, I know you are annoyed with me, but you can’t get angry on this kid. He says we love you, I know your mum filled poison in your heart against me, but I want to tell you Papa is not wrong, hopefully one day you will understand me.

He says I love you, what you did was wrong, but we will not punish you, everyone makes mistakes, its good to accept it, you know you have to say sorry now. Raman taunts Shagun and says tell sorry to Shravan, Ishita and Vandita auny. Ishita thinks of Raman making Ishita apologize to Adi. Raman asks Shagun to stay out of this. The prinicipal asks Adi to apologize. Raman says else you can punish Adi. Shagun gets angry. Raman says if you want to stay in this house, you have to say sorry. Shagun thinks Raman acted like Ishita.

Adi apologizes to Shravan and says I should have not behaved like this with you. Raman says apologize to them too. Adi apologizes to Ishita and Vandu. Shagun says enough lecture now, lets go Adi. She takes Adi and leaves. Kabhi kam na hogi ye chahatein………………yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays……………… Ishita looks at Raman. Shagun sends Adi to the car. Raman asks are you fine. She says congrats, you took revenge from your son. She says a game well played. He says I have learnt this from you, but how did you become so weak, you fell so low that you are using your son, Adi is a kid, don’t use him. Shagun says shut up, you proved that Ishita is important to you than Adi. Ishita hears them talking. Shagun ;eaves.

Ishita thanks Raman and smiles. She says you took a good decision. He says I did this to make Adi right, I will not leave Shravan if he teases Ruhi. She smiles. Ruhi thinks why did Shagun tell Ishita Bahenji. Mrs. Bhalla comes to Amma to argue with her about Shravan and Adi fight. Amma takes Shravan’s side. Mrs. Bhalla says it means Shravan has used bad words to Raman. Amma says he said sorry. Romi comes to them holding his head seeing them fight. Romi says mum come home. Amma says about paper leak scandal which they don’t see. Mrs. Bhalla says I know that Shravan used bad words. Shravan comes. Amma asks her to speak well with Shravan.

Vandu says calm down. She asks Romi to take his mum home. Romi says come home. Amma calls Mrs. Bhalla fat. Mrs. Bhalla raises again and Romi pulls her. Amma smiles.

Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla that Ishita is not pregnant. Mr. Bhalla says maybe some miracle can happen. Mrs. Bhalla says I wish Adi to come back. Raman and Ishita come home and hears this. He says I told you there won’t be any miracle. He says Ishita that he told her to tell everyone the truth. He scolds her. Ruhi shows icecream to them and says Shravan gave her. She asks Raman to take her somewhere. Raman laughs. Raman gets Mihir’s call. Mihir asks him to leave for Mumbai as the meeting is there. He says if we get the contract, it will be biggest project for our company. Raman tells everyone that he is going Mumbai for two days. Parmeet hears this.

Ruhi asks Raman to come with her. She takes him. Parmeet thinks Raman is going Mumbai, now Ishita will be alone, its my duty to do her timepass. Bala meets Ishita and says its good everything sorted out in school, is there Raman’s problem? He says I have to talk to you. Ishita cries. Bala gives her a tissue and asks her to share with him. She says when Ruhi came in my life, I forgot that I could not become a mum, and now my inlaws are worried about it. She says they are hurt because of me, I can’t do anything for them, I m so helpless. Bala says I m happy seeing you like this, you have addressed them as your parents, you have accepted them. He says now you are Raman’s wife and their bahu.

Raman and Ruhi are on the way. Raman asks Ruhi what you have to buy for Ishita. She says clothes. He says she has many. She says she does not have a dress. He says she does not wear dresses. She says she will wear if I say, I want to show she is not bahenji. Raman says when did you hear this. She says Shagun called her. Raman says yes she is pretty. Ruhi says so you love her, we have to show Shagun that Ishita can wear dress and look pretty. yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………….

Parmeet says come Ishita, I m waiting for you, your husband don’t worry about you, I have to do everything now. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Parmeet is disgusting

  2. IdontknowHindi

    What does bahenji mean?!

  3. Bahenji means respectful sisteer

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  5. Actually @IdontknowHindi in this specific phrase, Bahenji means someone who is dressed up like those “typical Indian aunties”.

  6. hey !how much du u luv ds show?do vote for Yeh Hain Mohabbtein!make it win ..just click on this site,no login required : please vote

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