Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rajul asking Vikram to bring Sammy’s remains now. Doctor checks Suhani. Khush says Suhani does not take care of herself. Doctor asks her to be happy and asks Khush to bring her for regular checkup. Khush says she should forget her past now. Suhani says how can she forget as Sammy told repeatedly he wanted to accept her and her child, but she refused. Khush says he knows he wanted her back in life, but she sacrificed her love for Pihu. Khush says he will go to Sammy’s house as it is his chautha today.

Prya and Khush reach Sammy’s house. Priya meets Neha. Neha hugs Priya and cries vigorously. Neha says she did not think that she will see this day. What did Sammy do, his only mistake was he did not love Pihu. Ram killed him for that and says

why does Ram get so much angry.. He does always and says sorry, his sorry will not bring Sammy back. She says Sammy told many times that he does not love Pihu, but she did not listen him and forced him marry Pihu. She asks Priya to go from here. Kady tries to console her, but she gets very aggressive. Priya goes. Neha cries holding Sammy’s pic.

Mamaji says Sid and Juhi are thinking of grabbing Sammy’s and even his profit. Sid it is not like that. Mamaji says he is his old companion and will go in losses if he removes him. Sid says he will take him to jail when he goes there.

Natasha come and meets Priya. Priya says Neha is very upset, she wanted to hug her, but she was very aggressive. She does not know what to do to calm Neha. Natasha says it is obvious for Neha to react as she is going through a lot of pain. Priya says Neha has a lot of courage and even she cannot go through the pain she is going through. Natasha says Khush told her what happened in Neha’s house. Priya says Neha lost her son and it happened because of Pihu’s ego. She feels responsible for all this. Ram did not do anything and will be back soon, but Sammy will not come back, he is gone for ever. Neha lost his son and we cannot clear her losses. She wants to be with her as a friend, but Neha will be hurt if she goes in front of her.

Ram is convicted for Sammy’s murder by court. Reporter gives a news that Ram killed his own son-in-law. Priya meets Ram. Ram says god does not want us to meet. He did not kill Sammy. Priya says he believes him and knows he cannot that. She says she will find out who killed Sammy. Ram says he does not have much time and says he will be with her only in next life. Police take him away. Priya cries vigorously. Rajath sees that standing from a distance.

Kady sees Rahul crying looking at Sammy’s pic. She hugs him and says he should be strong and stop the two families break. Rahul says he does not care about Kapoors. Kady says think about Priya, she is sure Ram did not kill Sammy.
Neha says Vikram that she is feeling good that Ram is convicted of Sammy’s murder. Vikram says it does not mean to him as he lost his son. Neha says at least her son’s murderer is punished. Vikram says he lost 2 important people of his life.

Mamaji is waiting on the dinner table to have food with everyone, but nobody wants to start food. He says he is very hungry. Courier guy comes and gives party’s video to Khush. Daadi asks everybody to have food, but everybody says they are not hungry.

Rajath says Daija that he will prove Ram innocent and bring back smile on Priya’s face.

Precap: Priya sees party’s video and finds who killed Sammy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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