Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Avni was telling Devika that he was talking about his heroine and she thought she was talking about her. raj tells Samart that he is avni’s best friend and she trusts his judgement. Samart says she told this to him, so he thought he would also be his best friend and give him advice too. Raj says sure I will tell you what Avni likes and what not. He picks up a comb from the dressing table and puts it in AC’s fan. He tells him Avni likes clean clothes. He tells him to give all his clothes if he wants to get them washed, pressed or burned. The AC goes off. Samart heads towards it, raj asks if he should awake Sucket to give him a new room. He says suket was very dizzy and went to sleep early. Samart says not to disturb him, he will manage. Raj tells him to take off his shirt cx it’s

very hot. He obliges. Raj takes his shirt with him telling him he will give it for washing.
At night Samarth wakes up due to heat, he goes out in the lawn and sees Avni sitting in her room window. He looks at her for a while but she gets up. He says there is definitely something special about Avni.
In the morning, Bhawna asks Sanvri in the kitchen that she was about to buy Mahesh wary Banglow but she saw some other people there. Arpita says Kavita had some financial urgency so she sells it to someone else. She says sorry to Sanvri as she had promised to get her that house. Sanvri thinks what a liar she is. Bhawna tells Sanvri not to worry; she will get much better than this. Sanvri says that she is not worried and she will soon buy another Banglow, she also tells Bhawna to give all her concern to Samarth in whose Banglow their Avni was going to live. Arpita says she prepared Kheer for Samarth with all her love. Bhawna tells her to serve it as she is going to call everyone. As Arpita leaves the kitchen, Sanvri says this Banglow got sold out because of Arpita and her bad will begin now. She picks up a lemon and sprinkles it in the Kheer.
Raj comes and says Good morning to everyone. He tells Sucket he called him to discuss the files. Sucket says he is already getting late, why Samart hadn’t come down yet. Akshit begins to leave but Arpita says she already sent for it. Raj says maybe he was habitual of getting up late. Samarth comes from the stairs, he was in vest only. Samarth greets everyone but no one responds. Avni comes downstairs. Sucket tells Avni to go back up in her room and not to come out until she is called. He asks Samarth why he came shirt-less. He says that you were waiting for me while all my dresses were gone for washing or press; I had nothing to wear. He says he is sorry if they didn’t like it but he stays like this in Mumbai and US and has got habitual of it. He excuses himself and leave to get dressed up. Sucket says it’s ok but be careful that it doesn’t happen again. Raj thanks God that his impression got down and thinks he will ruin it further in front of Avni. He tells Avni that this was not the way and Sucket uncle was very angry upon him. She asks him she had already seen him shirt-less. He asks what, when, how? She says last night when when she was reading novel she was walking in the garden. She remarks his six-pack is very good. Raj says he can also make six-packs, (confused himself), but he says she should understand he should behave with some discipline. He asks her to call jiji. Avni thanks him for helping her in Samarth’s case else she couldn’t have understood anything. Raj says I always want to live with you that is why I should help you. He leaves reminding her to call jiji.
Jiji asks how she is, and how is that Samarth doing. She says he just came today. Jiji says you should go to a beauty parlour. She suggests him one good salon and tells her she will make a reservation there. Avni promises she will go there today. After hanging up, jiji asks Sheru ji that she doesn’t understand why Raj wants Avni to get ready from parlour to go in front of Samarth. He says there must be something behind it.
Raj tells Samarth that he really feels sorry for whatever happened. Samarth says he had no idea they will make such issue of a petty thing. Raj says that these people are a bit conservative, you will have to adjust. Samarth says he has no problem with this; he just wants to understand what they like or dislike. Raj says he will explain it all to him as they are friends now. Samarth further asks him about likings and disliking of Avni and tells him he likes her and wants this relation to work-out. Raj says ‘And I also just want that this relationship never works out.’ He asks that how much you like Avni, he says he can do anything for her? He says something in his ear. Samarth says he will never do such a thing, but Raj forces him and he agrees finally.
They were in the parlour, the beautician doing threading of Samarth while he shouted with pain. He tells Raj he never got this all done as this is grl’s business. Raj says that the times have changed; Avni likes such guys who take care of themselves. He leaves winking at the beautician.
Raj sees Anvi in the parlour, he apologizes the ladies that it was his friend who was shouting inside. Avni gets happy seeing Raj; she asks who that friend of his was? He tells her to leave it but she insists. Raj dares her to go inside the male section and see by herself. She goes there, he follows saying he told her not to go inside as it was Samarth. He says he himself doesn’t understand but he wanted to get himself manicured, waxed and facial. Avni says that he show off his six-packs shirtless and now he is getting facial, this means he is even more fashion conscious than girls. Raj smiles standing at her back. She says she never saw anyone doing it before. Raj says he had come from US, God knows what else he does there. He tells her not to over-react in front of him, she says why shall she even meet him, she is leaving for home. Samarth turns his face and sees them. Raj says that since now he had seen her, they must meet. He goes to Samarth and tells him that Avni is very happy but don’t show that you did this all to impress her, just show to her that it is a part of your routine.
Samarth goes to Avni. She asks why he came here. He says he didn’t get time to get facial when he left US, this all is very important. She asks shall they leave. He says he will just come paying the bill. Raj comes to Avni and sneezes saying after marriage she will have to quit going to parlour, else they will smell like flowers all the time, think about it.

PRECAP: Arpita tells Avni that on their first date Akshit behaved like the gentleman opening the door for her, offering her a chair and paying the bill himself. Raj tells Samarth that Avni dislikes it all.

Update Credit to: sona

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  1. I dont like the way Raj is manipulatn the relatnshp btwn samarth& Avni.He shld be honest so tht she will fall in love wt him sincerely.

    1. Yes raj is behaving in a cheap manner. Dats making him a bad character. He shud b portraying a honest an genuine love roll dat conquers all odds.

  2. I hate dis episode raj is really acting like a b*t*h. Only women do those things

    1. O ya he really acting like a girl now I hate him n his acting ….but I have a feeling tht his girls plans is going to back fired on him hahahah. Tht I am waiting to see …

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