Uttaran 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Rathore seeks Damini’s blessings. You are like a mom to me. You have seen so many ups and downs…we both and this family too! Now I only want everyone to be happy. If you will bless us then we will be able to take care of each other and everyone else too. She blesses him well. Damini takes the tea tray and leaves after telling Meethi to bring the snacks. Meethi congratulates Rathore. They did this as both Mukta and Meethi wanted it to happen. Thank you. He couldn’t fulfill his other wish – Ambika. I had tried to meet her and took some books along. I want her to think of something good, study good books but I don’t feel that she wants to change for good or learn something. She wont get on the right track till something big (bad) happens to her. Neither should anyone explain something to her

nor should anyone go to meet her. Meethi wont force him to do anything. Rathore cannot forgive Ambika for what she has done with Meethi. Meethi tells him what Anni says – we should leave the past in the past only. It will harm our present and future otherwise. He agrees with Anni. Future is like a closed fist. No one knows what will happen in future. We should live our present fully as it is everything for us. He thanks her again and she smiles back sweetly in return.

A girl is being sold off by her uncle at Maharani’s brothel for he couldn’t pay the credit he had taken from there. Kajri is watching them scared. The girl is in tears and doesn’t want to be here but her uncle has no option but to leave her here.

Meethi and Mukta dress up Rathore ready for the party. He is feeling a little nervous. The girls joke that he is just like a teenager. They joke that they have arranged for a horse for him like it happens in typical weddings. He threatens to back off from the wedding when they tell him that they will go in a car only. They all leave.

Some ladies put mehendi on Kajri’s hands. She sits there all lost and in tears as Maharani comes there. This is one home where you come as a bride only the groom keeps on changing. You became the bride of one guy and saw what happened. His family members sold you off. But here you will become a bride every day and night. Maharani teaches her the art of luring men. Kajri sits there in shock crying. She finally spits on Maharani’s face. Maharani raises her hand to slap her but Kajri stares right into her eyes. Maharani instead claps her hands. I wont clean this and you will regret doing this I promise you. Kajri cries again as Maharani leaves.

Mukku calls for everyone’s attention. Everyone turns to look at the groom. He is feeling very awkward but both the girls don’t spare him. Jogi compliments him. He asks for Tappu. Rathore too is waiting for her. Just then Tappu comes holding Akash and VIshnu’s hand while they both announce her arrival. Everyone is so happy to see her. The bride and groom cannot take their eyes off each other. Kanha interrupts them so that they can atleast exchange garlands. Rathore puts the garland around Tappu’s neck but he is not ready to bend his own neck so that Tappu too can put it. Meethi signals Mukku and she acts as if she wants to talk to her dad about something important. He bends down to listen to her when Mukku gestures at her mom who is able to put the garland finally. Everyone claps for the couple. They sign in the register and Jogi, Meethi and Mukta sign as the witnesses. Mukta is so very happy for her parents. The couple takes everyone’s blessings.

Akash-Meethi, Mukta-Vishnu dance on Salaam-e-ishq. Tappu and Rathore too join in for the dance. Vishnu again has those sensations. Meanwhile, Kanha goes and dances with Tappu. Akash joins Mukta. Vishnu looks at them and he sees Yuvaan in Akash’s place. He feels as if Yuvi is mocking at him by dancing with her.

Vishnu pulls Akash aside. Akash is confused. Vishnu asks him as to what is he up to. Why were you dancing with my wife? You want her right? Akash cannot believe what he is hearing. Vishnu continues, I doubted your intentions from the beginning but I am all sure now. Akash is getting angry. Vishnu can only see Yuvi in Akash’s place mocking at him. He grabs Akash by the collar. You want to have illegitimate relations with my wife. AKash slaps him and he lands in Mukta’s feet. Everyone is shocked to see him thus.

Precap: Mukta asks Vishnu if he said something to insult Akash. Vishnu denies. Akash calls it a lie. Say it Vishnu what you told me back then. He is lying. Meethi tries to calm him down. Mukta is sure Vishnu can never lie. Meethi also knows this. She makes Vishnu take her swear. Vishnu swears on her that he dint say anything untoward to AKash.

Update Credit to: pooja

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