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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi serving tea to her dad. He says he is reading hot news. She asks what is it. He says police is warning about a serial killer who does murder by screw driver. Police is finding him and he uses a mask of smiling face. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi not to go anywhere else take Raman’s car. Simmi says whats this. Mr. Bhalla says he attacks on beautiful woman. Romi says then mum can’t go. Mrs. Bhalla says I m worried, as I look 15-20 years younger. She looks at Mr. Bhalla and says 10 years younger. Romi says it means you and Simmi can’t go out. Mr. Bhalla says inform Ishita too, but where is Ishita and Raman.

Ishita wakes up Raman, you have to go for checkup. Raman says 2 mins. She says get up, its your blood test. She says he will be late, then can’t go, then shout on me. She says fine, I will use IV and take blood with injection and use sample for tests. He hears this and gets up taunting her. She says my idea worked. Ishita greets everyone good morning and says Raman is getting ready. Raman comes. Mrs. Bhalla says I made your fav Gobi ke parathe. Ishita says he can’t eat now, as he has to go for checkup. Mr. Bhalla asks shall I come with you. Raman says no, Ishita will come, we have to pick Ruhi.

Romi asks why are you taking her, for Ruhi, or to hold her hand at the time of injection. Everyone laughs. Appa tells everyone about serial killer news. He asks Mihika to be careful and not go alone. Amma says you are coming late. Mihika says I will punch and he will fall, I will be careful, bye now. Mrs. Bhalla walks in and stops her. She says I have come to secure ourselves. She tells them about serial killer. Appa says yes, we were also talking about him. She says I have brought everything, see this is pepper spray to use on the attacker. Mihika says wow, very cool.

Mrs. Bhalla says you be careful, take one and give one to Vandita, the remaining are for me, Ishita and Simmi. Amma says what about me. Mrs. Bhalla says he attacks beautiful girls, if he sees you, he will get an attack. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla taunt each other. Mrs. Bhalla says I got two sprays for me, as I look stunning losing weight. Amma says where. Mrs. Bhalla shows here, here, here and points to her body. Mihika stops them saying aunty, Simmi is calling you. Mrs. Bhalla leaves.

Raman is talking to himself if someone has a wife who takes blood, then there won’t be any left in body. Shagun comes there and is shocked seeing Ishita with him. Ishita says you here, I did not know you are coming. Shagun says Raman has some work. Raman says they need signs of both of us. Ishita says fine, I forgot, you go for Adi’s work here, I filled the form, sign here. Raman signs the form. Shagun asks why this, are you ok. Raman says yes, Ishita suggested me to have a complete checkup.

Vandu is at the same hospital and says I m busy at workplace, pick Shravan. I will come after college to take him. Ishita says fine, I will pick him. Vandu passes by Ishita. They don’t see each other. Raman is giving his blood and is tensed. Ishita comes and he says where were you, I was waiting for you. She says relax, I came. The doctor says his BP is fine and he is ready. Raman says why don’t you do this with new technology, why do you need big injections. The doctor says small kids come and take it, don’t be scared. Raman says I don’t have problem with injection but needle…..

Shagun comes and says Raman still is afraid of needles, till I held his hand, he did not use to take it. Raman says such drama did not happen, I m not afraid, doctor you do it. Raman feels pain and holds Ishita’s hand tightly. Ishita closes her eyes. Shagun gets jealous. Raman looks at Ishita crying. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein……………….plays……….. He leaves her hand. Ishita says its done so easily. Raman says I was not scared. Shagun says thanks Raman, for signing Adi’s papers. The doctor tells Vandita that it’s a good news for her and the accurate results will come till evening. Raman asks Shagun to get in touch with him if she needs any help for Adi.

Ishita says if his phone is busy, you can call me, I can send Raman. Shagun asks why. Raman praises Ishita and says I take her call even if I m busy. Shagun says ya sure and leaves. Ishita smiles seeing Raman. He asks what. She says it was easy for you to be polite. She says its good, if we can talk and end problems, then why to taunt, its good to see Raman to talk like this, sweet. He says so you are seeing Ram Kumar in Ravan Kumar, did you fall in love with me. He smiles. She looks on stunned by his question. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein………….plays…………

Ishita says what? And laughs. Nothing like that, my heart and mind are at right place. He says agreed, then why did you cry when I was feeling hurt by the needle. She says you held my hand so tight, that’s why. He asks was it I was feeling pain and you were hurt. She says no, don’t extract any meaning. He says no, such things people say, that if love happens, one feels pain and other experiences it. She says what are these dialogues, this looks in books, and don’t suit you well.

Raman smiles and says I write my lines on my own, I don’t need writer like you. She says yes, I have to think. Raman says I was thinking if I can bear you, then why not a small needle. She makes a beating expression. He says come home, then beat me, we have to go and pick Ruhi. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein………….plays……….They get in the lift and Ishita sees Vandu and thinks is she fine, what is she doing here.

Ruhi and Shravan come home. Ruhi hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Shravan also hugs her. Ruhi says this was my best trip. Shravan says mine too. Raman and Ishita looks on and smile. Ruhi and Shravan tell them what they did. Raman calls Ruhi and asks did you miss me. Ruhi says yes, I missed you, but we enjoyed there a lot, we took many pics. Ishita says show. Ruhi shows her pics and flowers. Raman asks what did you bring for me. Ruhi asks will you use rose? Everyone laugh. Shravan says I brought something for you.

Vandu calls Ishita and asks did Shravan come. Ishita says yes, and wants to ask her. Vandu says I was busy in college, will come till 4pm,make Shravan have food. Ishita says fine, and thinks why is she lying to me.

Adi talks to Bala. Bala tells about him and his son Shravan’s relationship. Bala meets Raman and tells him that Adi is a smart kid but distracted as Ashok and Shagun does not give him any attention. He needs small bits of happiness. Raman looks on thinking what all Adi is missing as he is away from his dad.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Aww.. What a cute sweet epi.. Detective ishita fir chalu.. Love Raman.. Live karan patel..

  2. Woow.. Ishita is in love wid raman i knew it! Thats why she used her voice seductively when she talks to raman,even if fighting

  3. Both Ishita and Raman looks cute together

  4. gd epi… 🙂 raman n ishita look cute together…:D

  5. I love this serial and i use to see each and every episode every day.But i get irritated that most of the times english sub titles are not coming for this particular serial.Do something for this guys.

  6. they romance the most I hospital <3

  7. they romance the most in hospital <3

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