Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rustam saying I won’t come here if you have speedy recovery. Avantika thanks him for his good treatment. Rsutam says no, don’t praise me for the Lord’s miracle. Adi tells Ayesha that Mr and Mrs Jagruti are coming. Avantika says yes, but we are lucky that we got our Pankhudi, she won’t know whats special day after tomorrow. Adi says don’t tell me. Ayesha asks what is it. Avantika joins her hands and says I m really happy that you guys are so happy. Adi smiles. Avantika thanks Ayesha and leaves. Ayesha looks at Adi. Music plays…………

They have an eyelcok. Nilofer is upset and says I don’t know what does Ayesha want, Arif has given the credit infront of the world, what can a guy do more. Nafisa says now nothing can happen, as Ayesha loves Adi. Nilofer says what nonsense. Nafisa says can’t you see this. Nilofer says this is not true. Nafisa says whats the problem in this, Adi is better than Arif, we have see this family, what else do we need, I don’t think anyone can love Ayesha more than Adi. Nilofer says Adi loves her as she is Pankhudi’s look alike, but not her.

Nafisa says we have to be happy in this. Nilofer leaves. Nafisa smiles. Sheela says its good Rubel and Payal went out and everyone is busy with Avantika, I should go and check in outhouse for some proof against Ayesha. Nani talks to Rustam who tells her about his two daughters. She says they are so sweet but very little. He laughs and says I got married late, as I had to settle my young brothers and sisters, then ,my wife and I had age gap, we did not had happy couple equations, we got two daughters, but my wife left me out of India. Nani says I m so sorry to hear that.

Rustam says I m worried about my daughters, I m lenient to them as I could not bring their mum back, so out of guilt, I don’t tell them anything, I feel they need a guiding figure who handles them, I wish you can handle them. Why don’t you come my home and explain them. He leaves smiling. Nani looks on thinking. Sheela says I did not get any proof in outhouse. Sheela sees a diary. She gets Lucknow’s address and says now I will see who stops me from finding the truth.

Rubel and Payal are together. He tries talking to her and holds her hand. He says today I feel relieved. She asks why. He says I felt nothing will be fine between us lie before. She says let it go, we are getting a second chance. He gets Nafisa’s call and he cuts it. She asks who is it. He says office. Payal asks is Nafisa calling. He says she left office. She asks why. He says her mum did not like her working. He orders food. Sheela books a ticket and sees money deducting and transaction cancelled. She shows it to Rubel.

He checks it and says you will get money back, but where are you going. Sheela lies to him. He sees she was going to Lucknow. She says yes, I want to go for shopping. He says you want to go to cross check about Ayesha, I m requesting you not to create problems in Adi and Ayesha’s life. Adi makes Ayesha to meet the couple and says they have lost their daughter in the land slide and they have helped me a lot. Avantika and Adi asks them not to lose hope. They hope they get their daughter back. Ayesha says yes and gives them high hopes.

Nafisa comes there and sees Ayesha talking to them smiling. She asks Shanky about Rubel. She meets Nani and tells her that she needs poly bags to do her packing. She says I m worried for Ayesha, as she is turning into Pankhudi now. Nani says you go, I will see. Nafisa leaves. Adi gives a gift to them. It’s a cheque. The man asks why. Adi says I know you ended your savings to find your daughter, you will need this to find her, think your son has given you this. The man says we can’t take it. Ayesha says why, bring your daughter for dinner.

The lady says we know how painful it is to lose a loved one. Nani calls Rustam. He says I know you might be upset with me. She says no, why are you saying this. He says I gave a second thought to what I said. She asks what. He says I was saying I realized that a lady like you can handle my kids, I did not point to you. She says Ayesha came, I will talk to you later.

Ayesha comes to Nani and asks with whom were you talking. Nani says it was Dr Rustam, he said a strange thing and tells her everything. Nani asks shall I help them, its about two girls. Ayesha says you can go. Nani says but society backbites. Ayesha says why to think about others, you may get a partner in him. Nani says what nonsense. Ayesha says religion does not matter, between love. She says you should see the heart of that person. Nani asks is this all that’s important. Ayesha says why are you asking, is it you already love him.

Ayesha hears Adi and goes to him. Avantika asks Adi to calm down. Harish says yes, health comes first. Adi says look at her reports. Ayesha says you should take care, its an order, go for the treatment for Adi’s happiness. Adi says yes, thats why I love Ayesha. Avantika agrees and says I will complete my treatment. Nani smiles seeing this. Nilofer offers Namaz. Nani comes to talk to her about Ayesha. Nilofer says Ayesha is not ready to marry Arif and now she wants to go to London, I wish she gets a mind and she gets ready to marry Arif. Nani says if we keep Ayesha with us forever, if she can get in our family, take Pankhudi’s place in Adi’s life. Nilofer is shocked.

Adi says its our wedding anniversary and we should celebrate. Ayesha says no, I won’t, as I don’t remember anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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