Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani telling Bau ji that she is not a good mum. He consoles her saying you may get a second chance. She says no, their dad won’t let this happen. He says we don’t know our future, don’t lose hope. She says no, I don’t want to hope, as it breaks heart. She cries. Muskaan and Naman talk to Suresh in favor of Devyaani. Suresh says don’t think anything now, what did you get there, except sorrows. He says I don’t want to talk, I m still alive, you don’t need anyone’s favor. He gets a call and goes. Muskaan says Naman that she is worried about Devyaani.

Muskaan says mum and dad love us, they are trying to keep us happy and still we are unhappy. Naman says we got independent but unable to take any decision for us. Bhabhimaa misses Muskaan. Akshara says think what Devyaani is feeling without Muskaan. Naitik and Naksh looks on. Bhabhimaa says Muskaan was taking good care of Naksh, very helpful. Naksh says why did you let her go, I m angry. He leaves. Akshara says Naksh can tell it to us, but Devyaani can’t. Bhabhimaa says yes, Devyaani is so sad, she can’t get her happiness in few hours.

Rashmi comes and says but now she can’t get happiness, it does not mean they will stay here for lifetime. She says I brought gift for Naksh, but I m happy with this good news, its good they went, else there was tension because of them. Akshara says don’t say this, there was no tension because of them, Devyaani will feel bad if she hears this. Akshara comes t console Devyaani and colsole her. Devyaani says I have lost. Akshara says don’t accept defeat, we know our destination, so why to leave finding the way, have hope.

Akshara asks her and go and meet her children. Devyaani says but if their dad gets angry. Akshara says go and meet. Devyaani messages Muskaan to come and meet her at the temple. Muskaan tells Naman that we have to lie to dad else he will not allow us. Muskaan tells Suresh that they want to go to a temple and come. Suresh agrees. Muskaan says shall I go dad. Naman says you won’t go alone. Muskaan says so you come with me. Naman says dad, you also come. Suresh says no, you both go, come back soon, the flight is on time. They leave.

Naksh talks to Akshara and says Suresh uncle did not understand that its bad to separate babies and mother. Muskaan and Naman come to the temple and says sorry Lord, you know why we lied, its good did not come with us. Devyaani comes to meet them. They hug her. Devyaani cries and says your dad can keep you happy, which I could not do. Muskaan says no, you kept us a lot happier, we will miss yiu a lot. Devyaani says even I will miss you. Naman asks will you call us. Devyaani says if your dad does not have any problem. Suresh sees them and says I knew this, they will meet Devyaani.

Devyaani says I m lucky as I have good family and good children. She asks them to go and take care of dad, not hurt him. Naman says you are so good. Devyaani says he is your dad, and did your good upbringing. Devyaani says go now. Muskaan and Naman leave. Devyaani cries. Suresh asks her why is she crying now, she won’t change, she tried to trap them again, they are my kids, they love me so coming with me. He scolds her. He says you can’t get them till I m alive. Muskaan and Naman see them talking.

He tells his plan why did he not send money to Naman and Muskaan, as he knew that she does not have any money to give them, and they had to come back to me, I had to teach you a lesson. He says now what will you do, why will they come to you. Naman and Muskaan are shocked knowing Suresh’s plan. He says you have lost, don’t try. I will erase your name from their hearts slowly, I can do anything. Naman and Muskaan leave. Bau ji explains Rashmi talking to her on phone. She says you all have gone away from me because of them. Bau ji says no, forget this. She says I can’t. She ends the call not listening to him. Naitik and Bhabhimaa asks him what happened.

Bau ji says Rashmi does not want to understand. Natiik says we all love her, but she feels we don’t care. Bhabhimaa says she is good at heart, she is angry, but will understand when she becomes cool. Bau ji says now we are related to them. Bhabhimaa asks did Devyaani meet her children. Bau ji says she did not call me. Naitik says I will drop Naksh and go to office.

Naitik asks Bau ji to give Nandini, Rashmi and Chikki monthly cheques, he will deposit. Akshara says Devyaani can never be happy, as she was blamed wrongly, we know how much she loves them, we should keep happy and its her children. They ask what does she want to say. Akshara says we should stop Naman and Muskaan. Naitik says what? Akshara says we have only one reason to stop them, for Devyaani’s happiness, is there anything important to us than this. Everyone looks at her.

Singhania family come to stop Naman and Muskaan. Bau ji talks to Suresh defending Devyaani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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