Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman having a good time at the party. Priyanka comes to them and takes Ishita to see her daughter who have cavities problem. Raman says take her at your own risk. Ishita goes with Priyanka. Shagun eyes Raman smiling. Bala looks happy now. He gives sweets to everyone. He asks Vandu why does she look upset and offers her sweets. Vandu says I don’t want, will have it later. She gets a pregnancy kit delivered at home. She hides it in her purse and thinks she has to do the pregnancy test by hiding it from everyone. Raman asks Mihir did he find out about the car buyer. He says fine, tell me soon. Shagun comes to him and asks him is he thinking of any special day, he forgot the day, but can’t forget this. She shows him the earrings and asks do you remember anything.

Raman says I remember everything, but your cheat has ruined all memories, this day is special for me for Ritesh and Priyanka. She says you don’t care, not even this paper. He asks why, whats in this. He reads it. She says how could you forget, I will remind you, you renewed this medical health contract every year for your son, when he was born, this is for Adi’s immunity, this was expensive and I always wanted this, but today this contract is expiring and you forgot it. She says think about it.

He says I don’t know how I forgot it. She says this is your love, this needs your sign, last year you came on time to take me to hospital, what happened now, forget it, we will not renew this contract. He says why, this is important. She says then how could you forget. He asks whats the problem. She says your attitude is your problem, why are you defensive, you are busy with Ishita, that you did not think about Adi and me. She says you always call me a bad mum, what about this, if Adi knows you did not do this for him, what will he think.

Raman says I m sorry, thanks for reminding, don’t tell again that I don’t love Adi, he is my first child, I remember everything about him, when you gave me good news, I was mad and did all you said in your pregnancy, we went at night to have kulfi, I brought everything for you, when Adi was born, I could not limit my happiness. All those moments were mine, this is true that you made me a father, which I can’t be again, I love Adi a lot. Ishita hears this and cries. Shagun thinks she wanted this, to remind Ishita that I gave such happiness to Raman which she can’t give him, she can’t take my place ever.

Shagun says I don’t want these earrings, you gave me this being happy that time, now give this to your new wife. Raman says please, I gave you this on Adi’s birth, I remember this. I took big loan to buy this as you have given me lots of happiness, our relation ended but not those moments of Adi’s birth, please wear it, Adi is our happiness, he matters to me always, like we promised each other, we can do anything for his safety. She says I m going to hospital, and will sign the papers there, lets meet tomorrow morning. He says fine, I will come. Ishita leaves. Raman says thank you Shagun.

Bala discusses with Vandu to cut down expenses. She says sleep now, we can talk tomorrow. He asks what happened, your mood was not good even at Amma’s house, is everything ok. She says yes, its finance pressure. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine soon. Vandu turns and takes out the pregnancy kit. She thinks if I get pregnant then………

Raman looks for Ishita and asks Ritesh. Ritesh says she was finding you. Raman says I m seeing her since one hour, did she go home without telling me. He calls Romi and asks did Ishita come home. Romi says she went with me. Raman says fine, and ends the call. Ishita sits outside being upset. Raman comes out and sees her. He asks what happened. She says nothing. He says I was finding you. She says you thought I went home, how would I go alone, everyone will ask questions. She says you don’t need a new wife between old friends. He asks why are you taunting me. She says why, can only you insult your wives. He says what, wives? Now I understand, so you heard me and Shagun talking.

She says you can’t understand, I know you are Adi’s dad, you love him, you can’t get happiness like him again, but if you want such happiness again, why did you marry me, you knew everything about me. He says it did not mean this. She says then what does it mean. She cries and says I can’t give anyone happiness, your every word was right, I can never become a mum ever, but this is my issues, I can’t take your happiness, I don’t have a right, so I will never come in between you and Adi. He says you think you are smart, then do you talk foolish, I know this, Adi and you are at good place, Shagun is just Adi’s mum for me. Ishita asks are you sure about it., He says yes. She says I know Shagun is angry on you, anger is only for loved ones, love and anger are not much different. He looks at her.

Raman says this is just your thought, nothing else. She says no, you always scold Shagun, but with love, tell me Shagun is just Adi’s mum for me, if its so, then she deserves respect and not taunts, don’t keep any hatred, love, or any feelings for her in your heart. He says Shagun is not like you, not even a bit of you, and you want me to respect her, come in senses, whats wrong with you. She says don’t joke, I m serious, we are not talking about Shagun, but your children too, you forgot about Adi’s important date, its bad, I came in your life as Ruhi’s mum, so its my duty to know about her, her brother and father are related to me.

She says I should have reminded you about this date but I did not know, so I thought we will always share about Adi and Ruhi, everything, dates, or anything related to them, we will always remember it. She asks can we do this? Raman being overwhelmed by her goodness, cries a bit and turns to wipe his tears. He then says ok. She gives her hand and says promise. He says fine and holds her hand smiling. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………….plays………….. Ishita smiles.

Raman says Ishita, something new happened today, you are being smart now, strange. She says I m born smart. He says so you are sitting here. He says I m hungry. She says me too. He says come, lets have Delhi’s famous parathas. They come to a Dhaba. He applies lot of butter on the parathas and makes her eat. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………plays…………..They enjoy the food licking their buttery fingers. Raman feels its spicy and she makes him drink the soda. He gets up and she smiles seeing him wash his face.

Ishita wakes up Raman for the blood test. She says fine, I will take blood by the injection. He gets up and begins his day by his wonderful taunts.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. evrytym i wtch dis show, d only words dat escape my mouth r so sweet nd heart-warming! its nt melodramatic lyk othr shows nd is so true nd cute dat u just cant help fallng in luv with yhm! keep rockng nd touchng our hearts wid such a gr8 story! kudos!!!

  2. Thnks fr update amena
    I just love this show

  3. starting it was not nice but ending and precap r just raman ishita relationship will be more strong and no one can not broke it.not even shaugun.idoit shaugun

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