Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh talking to Dadda ji. Bhabhimaa tells Akshara and Naitik that Devyaani did not tell Bau ji about Naman’s financial problem, he is feeling bad now. She says she should have told us about it as we are family. Naitik says I remember you told me about this, but this is a problem as Naman has come back again, they should go back to their dad and Devyaani can go to meet them whenever she wants, else it will influence everyone’s lives. Varsha and everyone talk about Naman. Kaki says I don’t understand them. Jasmeet’s parents come to meet them. They come to congratulate them for Naksh’s victory. Dadi asks do you want to tell anything else.

Pammi says yes. Her husband says we will tell later. Rajshri gets tensed. Bau ji tells Devyaani that Naman was kicked out of the project as he did not have money, you were sending him money, but it was not sufficient for him, you have harmed his project, why did you not tell me, are we strangers, we are linked now. Devyaani says I m sorry. Anshu talks to Jasmeet. Jasmeet’s dad says the thing is we want Jasmeet and Anshu to get married. Everyone smile happily. Anshu and Jasmeet get glad and hold their hands.

They smile. Vishwamber says we don’t have any money, if the kids are ready then lets proceed. He asks Anshu. Anshu says yes, we are ready to marry. Everyone laughs. Devyaani comes to talk to Naman and Muskaan. She cries and says your dad is right, I m not able to do anything for you. Naman says no, you are world’s best mum. Devyaani regrets that he lost his project because of her and asks him how can she help him. He asks her t take rest. Muskaan asks shall we go back to dad. Naman says no, he won’t allow us to meet mum again.

Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani why did she tell them about her kids. Bhabhimaa tells Akshara that Chitti is always making idli sambar, so fire him. Chitti says I will make what you say, but don’t fire me. Bhabhimaa says fine, we will give you one chance, but work well, else we can’t keep you. He says fine, I will make your dish. They smile. Muskaan and Naman help Naksh in his study plan. Akshara and Naitik come and see this. Naksh asks how did you like my room. Naitik says very nice. Naksh says they have helped me. Naksh says I have big friends, like Naman, Muskaan and Ruhaan.

Anshu and Jasmeet have a talk. He says come to me soon, I can’t live without you. They smile. Varsha and Shaurya see them holding hands and come to them. They ask whats happening and pull their leg. Shaurya hugs Anshu. Naitik and Akshara hug Naksh and say we will always remember this day as Naksh has learnt a good lesson to win by courage and will power. Naitik hugs her and says it was a good day for us, I just regret that I could not become a part of this hardwork. She says don’t say this again.

He kisses her and says I love you. She says I love you too. Everyone is excited about Anshu’s marriage and smile. Everyone sit for breakfast. Naman and Muskaan come there. Bau ji says come, sit. Bau ji talks to Naman and asks him what did he think now. Naman says we will go abck if we can arrange anything. Bau ji says is it so easy to arrange, you are new here, you don’t have money, how will you manage, what will you do. Bau ji says you have made me upset. Naman says we don’t have any option. Bau ji says discuss with elders, atleast hear your mum. Akshara says Bau ji is right. Naman says you all are really great as you worry about us, thanks, but its enough now, we don’t want you all to face problems, so we will leave don’t worry. Bau ji says how will it happen. Suresh comes there and says Naman’s dad is still alive. Everyone is shocked seeing him.

Akshara signs Naitik to calm down. He asks Bau ji not to give tension to his kids, as they need their money and support. He tells Naman that Devyaani can’t take care of them. He says I thought she will manage but…. He says she will always hurt you, so I have stopped her, now enough, come with me now. He says I love you both a lot, I missed you a lot, lets go home now. Devyaani cries. Suresh says explain her that she should not meet you from today and don’t keep any relation with you. Everyone looks on.

Suresh says I don’t want her to be with you, you have faced problems, lost the project because of her. He says she does not understand your pain, come with me. Naksh says uncle, how can you tell bad about Devyaani, she loves Naman and Muskaan a lot. Suresh asks him not to talk between elders. Suresh says I m waiting in car, I got out tickets for evening flight, come. He goes out. Muskaan and Naman cry and hug Devyaani saying love you mum. Devyaani says I knew this day will come, but not to soon. She goes to her room crying.

Muskaan says we want to thank you. Naman says we are sorry too. Muskaan thanks Naitik. Naitik says take care. Akshara says he is your dad, don’t think bad about him. Naksh meets them and says I love you a lot, but don’t go from here. Muskaan and Naman hug him. Muskaan says we love you too and will miss you. Naman says superboy does not cry. Dadi and everyone talk about the rituals of them and Punjabi rituals from Jasmeet’s family. They tease Anshu and he smiles being shy. Naman and Muskaan pack their bag and leave greeting everyone. Everyone feel bad seeing them leave.

Akshara tells everyone about Devyaani that she will never be happy without her children. She says I want to say that………….Everyone looks on.

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