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Meethi and Damini are at Manor railway station. Their train is about to leave. Damini stops all of a sudden for no reason. My feet stopped on its own. I have seen Iccha doing the same thing. It isn’t this easy to forget someone. Think for the last time. Meethi says there is nothing to think about. Damini says we will go far but will you be able to forget Akash? Will you be able to forget everything? You will yearn for him all the time. Meethi doesn’t want to fall weak. I am not only breaking it but I am cutting off all the hopes of a return. I don’t want to look back now. I am waiting for you. They both head together for their destination.

Sankrant calls out for Maiyya and tells her about Akash being in jail. We will have to bail him out somehow. Maiyya is confused how can this happen. He points out that without bhabhi no good can happen in Akash’s life. Gomti repeats that Meethi has left on her own wish. He ends the discussion. The mother-son duo leave. Pavitra is tired of hearing Meethi’s name even though she is gone now.

Constable tells inspector that he saw the cctv footage of Manor Station. A woman dint let her bag slide through the metal detector very smartly. The train is heading to Jammu.

Meethi boards the same train from Manor Station. She is about to keep her bag under her seat when a guy (the new entrant) stops her. He takes his bag and leaves from there. Meethi and Damini take their seat. Train leaves from the station. A lady does namaz in train near Meethi’s seat and she looks on. Meethi even shushes the tea vendor as it can affect that lady’s prayers.

Police has checked the whole compartment but find nothing. Is it a false story that there is a terrorist in Jammu express train?

That lady finishes her prayers and smiles back at Meethi. She offers her tea but it sprinkles on her hand a bit. Meethi apologizes and is concerned for her while she reacts like nothing happened.

Akash is out on bail. Maiyya reprimands him for fighting with the policemen. Is it Aatishgarh? Come let us go home. He declines. I wont come home till I find Meethi. Mukku is sure Meethi cannot be upset with them and leave them like this. Jogi tells Akash to go home and they will find out about Meethi for sure. Mukku wants to find Meethi anyhow. Maiyya asks why. Mukku questions her on it. Maiyya replies that Meethi left on her own. She dint tell me or Akash. I don’t need those people in my house who do anything that they feel like. Rathore is sure there is some misunderstanding between husband and wife. Meethi is not irresponsible. Maiyya admits knowing why Meethi left. Everyone is shocked to know it. Maiyya insists Akash to go home but Akash stays put. There is no home or family without Meethi. I will find her and bring her home. I got to know that she has left for Jammu. I will go there and bring her back.

Meethi talks to that lady (Fida). Fida explains the meaning of her name – a devotion or a sacrifice for anyone. Meethi thinks about her love. She notices the henna in Fida’s hands. She smiles in reply. I am looking like a new bride right? Whenever I remember my God I apply henna in hands. My husband is my God. He is sitting there (indicating at the new entrant). Meethi, Damini and that guy look at each other’s direction. Fida is knitting sweater for her husband. Meethi asks about her husband’s work profile. Fida talks about doing what God wants him to do. Meethi has shared her story with Fida. Fida says you left everything even when you had someone who loved you so dearly. Meethi doesn’t want to pain Akash for her own sake. He wanted a baby. His happiness lies in a baby. I left him so now he can have that happiness. What’s the point of love if I cannot do even this much for him? I cannot make others life painful for my sake. Damini adds that she has questioned God time and again as to why has he given so much pain in her kids’ life but got no answer. You ask your God. Meethi says God shows us the way and we have to walk on it. God showed us a way and we took it. Fida finds her very straight and simple. Where are you heading? She is taken aback to know that Meethi is heading to Jammu. Her husband too looks at them. Fida wishes that their this journey is fulfilled without any problems or anything by God. May you find your destination! Meethi asks about their whereabouts. Fida answers Kashmir. I go wherever my husband asks me to go. I don’t ask him too many questions as I love him. Meethi gets emotional. I ask my husband a lot many questions as I love him a lot. That new guy wonders at the bonding between the ladies. They are meeting as if they are very close relatives. She (Fida) has forgotten her mission. I will have to remind her. Fida asks her husband if he would like to eat something but he only stares back in reply. Fida explains that he doesn’t talk much.

Damini offers food to Fida. Damini sounds quite enthusiastic about sharing food. Fida too shares food made by her. Damini remembers Anjum Nani. She always used to say that we make relations by sharing food. It is weird. At one side, we are leaving all our relations behind and here we are making new relations. Anjum Nani would have said the same thing. it is all God’s will. He can join hearts wherever he wants to.

The tea vendor keeps his kettle near Fida’s husband’s bag. He lashes at him. Fida tells him to let it be. She again explains that her husband gets angry easily. Meethi asks her about it. He got angry when I had come and had shifted his bag a little to make space. What is in that bag after all? It feels like it has something very expensive or valuable.

The new guy checks the bomb in his bag in some other compartment. He gets a call from his boss. Tell me when to blast it. Fida, my wife, will do the blast. She will be the Fidayin (female suicide bomber).

Precap: It talks about the bomb blast in Jammu express train. Akash is looking for Meethi and she is shown to be near some lake or riverside. She wakes up across the border. The speaker talks about the step that Meethi has taken unknowingly. Her small step will turn out to be a distance that she will never be able to bridge.

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