Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihir and Raman coming back home. Mihir says raman, the soft drink company saw the interview and they are not happy with it, so they are taking the contract back from us as it may affect their image. Ishita comes home. People gossip seeing her. Ishita thinks about Ruhi and cries. She thinks about Prateek breaking the engagement and how Amma and Appa were beaten up by the police. She gets Amma’s call and she disconnects. She sits on the stairs. Ruhi comes to her and asks why are you crying, you have beaten you, is it aching. Ishita holds her heart. Ruhi kisses her. Ishita stops crying and loves her.

Raman comes and scolds Ruhi for meeting Ishita. Mihir comes. Raman asks him to take Ruhi inside. Ruhi goes. Raman scolds Ishita and says this is the last time I m warning you, stay away from my daughter and family, you are a disgusting woman, I will show you how bad I can be. Some women come there saying Raman Kumar Haye Haye…………. Mrs. Bhalla and the Iyers come out and see them. Shagun also comes there and calls Ashok saying I reached the women are shouting here, what should I do here. Ashok says go there and look confused. She says is this necessary. He says yes, go and stand with them, you will get your daughter.

Ashok and Tannu are together and happy that their plan is working. The women say we came to take Ruhi. The Bhallas are shocked. Mrs. Bhalla asks why do you want to take her. They says give her to us if you can’t take care of her. They ask them to give Ruhi to her mum. Shagun talks to them and says they won’t agree, that girl is mine and I want her. They say we will let you get your right. Ishita and Mihika witness this. The women say we have seen how much Raman values her, a mum has the right to keep the child if she is under 9 years. Raman gets angry and Mihir asks him to calm down.

Mrs. Bhalla argue with the women. They insists her to go and bring Ruhi. Simmi goes to bring Ruhi. Mihir asks Raman not to call anyone and hold on. Simmi takes Ruhi with her and brings her out. Simmi says she is with us, fine and happy. Ruhi goes and hugs Ishita. Ruhi asks her to send those women. Ishita says they won’t do anything with you. Ruhi says I m afraid. Ishita says I m with you. Ruhi saysn I don’t want to go, I want to be here. Ishita says they want to take you to your mum. Ruhi says ask them to leave. The women gossip and asks Ishita to give Ruhi.

Ishita calms down Ruhi. Ishita says take care of the child first. Ishita says call her mum here. They says she is here, but not coming here as these people can attack her. They call Shagun and ask her to come. Shagun comes there. The Bhallas look at her angrily. Shagun smiles seeing Ruhi and says come. Ishita asks Ruhi not to cry and smile. She shows her Shagun saying she is your mum and I m taking you to her, don’t cry now. Ishita gives Ruhi to Shagun while Raman is looking at her.

Raman gets angry but Mihir stops him from reacting. Shagun kisses Ruhi and smiles. The Bhallas are silently watching. Shagun says I m your mum Ruhi, you will be with me from today in a big house. Ishita asks Shagun to give Ruhi medicines on time. She says I will give you her prescription and brings it. She says you can call me anytime if you need help. Shagun says thanks. Mihir asks Raman to let them go, we will go to the court. Shagun asks how are you, I told you Hi that day in party but you did not reply. She taunts him about Ruhi and blames him for Ruhi’s condition.

Shagun stops Ishita and thanks her again for saving Ruhi’s life. She says Ruhi is with me because of you, you taught him a good lesson, his truth is out. Ishita says it was not my intention. Shagun calls Raman an insensitive and uncaring dad. Shagun smiles and leaves with Ruhi. Ruhi looks at Ishita and cries. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says stop her, she is taking my girl, how will I live without her. Shagun tells the house is very big and full of toys.

Raman talks to the inspector about Ruhi. The inspector says we ca’t help. Raman gets angry and says I want my daughter. Mihir asks him to calm down and asks him not to go and bring Ruhi as the media will think yo are separating her from Shagun. He says we will bring Ruhi back and first lets pacify your mum, she is crying.

Mrs. Bhalla is crying a lot and says I have always taken care of Ruhi, she is my blood, my child. She gets angry on Ishita and tells Mr. Bhalla what Ishita did, what was the need of her to do this and say Raman is not a good father. She says I can’t forgive here ever. She says I went to apologize to her but what she did. he says forget everything. She says how can I, Ruhi went to Shagun, Raman cares for Ruhi, he earns for her, not for himself. We care about Ruhi a lot, where were these women when Shagun left a nine month Ruhi and when Raman took care of her, where were they all the time. Raman comes to his mum and sees her crying.

Mrs. Bhalla says Shagn felt Ruhi is a burden on her when she left with Ashok and now she came to take her. Raman pacifies his mum. She says Raman, Shagun does not love Ruhi, she took her to show you down. Raman says I know, I promise that I will take Ruhi back, they think I don’t love Ruhi. but I will bring her back for you all.

Raman sees Prateek and have a talk about Ishita. Ishita hears them talking. Raman taunts Ishita and she closes the door on their face.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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