Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 1st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram telling everyone that today is celebration day and that’s why I am going to have one piece of barfi. Priya asks to have 4 as it is made of dal. Ram says, I will not have it. Priya says, your sugar will increase. Ram asks her to make kerala juice. Sid comes for breakfast. Pihu shows Sammy’s photo to Mayra. Mayra says, he said yes naa. And says if you like someone then he will get back to you. Juhi thinks Ram is going far from her. Suhani comes and Pihu spills water on her dress. She goes to change. Mayra asks Priya to give tips to Pihu about relationships. Ram says, relationship is about taking. I mean to take everything seriously. Priya speaks about trust, compatibility, compromise and adjust is necessary in a relationship. Ram says, one needs

to learn to say sorry in a different ways. Priya and Ram argues cutely. Mayra says, these are tips on relationships or breakups. Pihu, Mayra and Naina laughs. Ram goes after Priya.

Sammy is walking on the road and thinks about Suhani. His friend sees him and takes him forcibly. Priya comes to the room. Ram says, I was just saying that. Priya says, I know what you were saying and in what sense. Ram says, you said that I don’t know how to say sorry. Ram says, we will try and prove each other. I will say sorry and you forgive me. Priya says, you don’t know how to say sorry. Ram holds his ears and says sorry. Priya laughs. Ram asks, aren’t you upset with me? Priya says no. Priya says, I was just checking whether you are afraid of me or not and you have just passed. Ram says, I will see whether you are afraid of me or not….He runs after her….

Sammy’s friends ask him to have bear. Sammy says, I am not drinking now. He calls Suhani but she didn’t pick his call. Sammy’s friends ask him to chill and have bear. Suhani picks his call and asks, who is on the other side. Sammy is silent. He cuts the call and have bear. Priya tells Pihu about Ram being upset as you will go after marriage. Pihu says, so cute.

Riddhima comes and asks Cady to sleep. Cady says, I was waiting for Sammy. Rahul comes and asks, what you are doing here? Rahul says, he might be at his friend’s place. Cady thinks to give Sammy sometime with Pihu. Rahul asks Cady to come. Juhi brings sweets for Pihu. Pihu says, I don’t want to eat. Juhi feels bad. Pihu says sorry. Juhi says, you can reject me as your mom has come. Pihu says sorry and eats the sweets. Juhi thinks to get her place back through Pihu but how?

Sammy comes and asks Suhani, why you are ignoring me. Just because I refused to marry you. He takes her forcibly and says I will marry you now. He injures himself with a bear bottle. He says, we will make a nice end to our relationship. Let’s get married. Suhani says, are you mad? you agreed to marry Pihu and enacted this drama with me. Suhani says, I don’t love you. I love Khush. She asks him to keep far from her. Sammy is heart broken. Suhani comes home, Sammy follows her. Sammy says, I want to feel you madly. you said I love you to me. Suhani says, I cleared my point and asks him not to do drama. Sammy says, you complicate my life. You are punishing me. Suhani is crying silently. Sammy asks her to return the time. Suhani asks him to leave if he is done. Suhani makes it clear. She says, our love had ended.

Priya wakes up and asks Ram to get up as she heard some noises. Suhani says sorry to Sammy. Priya sleeps. Next morning, Ram asks Priya to pick up the phone. Priya pick the call and says good morning to Vikram. Vikram says nothing is alright. He says, we don’t know about Sammy’s whereabouts. I don’t know where he is? He didn’t do this before.

Pihu is doing Sammy’s bandage. Sammy asks her to do slowly. Priya asks Suhani to do the bandage. Pihu is tensed. Priya asks, what is going on between you both.

Update Credit to: Amena

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