Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Anuj saying Avantika to prepare for him always. Adi tells Sameer that his plan will work and I will get my old maasi back. Peon keeps the lunch for Rubel. Rubel opens the tiffin and finds I am sorry chit. He sees only chits inside the box. Peon comes and gets other tiffin box for him. Rubel is happy to see Pasta and Custard in the other tiffin. Preeti comes to Harish’s studio and sees the shooting. He meets Vinod and Raksha of Nach Baliye. They speak about being each other strength. Preeti says it is unbelievable to see your love. Vinod and Raksha speaks about completing each other. Adi comes and says I am big fan of Vinod. He introduces Pankhudi. Pankhudi asks them to teach Adi, how to praise the wife daily. Preeti thinks about Raksha’s words. She tells Sameer that they are happy. She says, we shall not lose hope. She thanks Adi and Pankhudi and promises to have positive thinking. Adi and Pankhudi smiles.

Rohit tells Latika that it will be fun now as Govardhan has no choice then to agree with my lie. It will be fun to see Payal’s reaction. Latika tells him about the purpose of visit. Payal tells Pankhudi, that Rubel didn’t call her and he might be still angry. Pankhudi says, his anger will go off. Sheela is showing some guys pics to Kaira. Payal laughs. Sheela taunts her. Pankhudi tells Kaira to see the pic. Kaira says, I don’t want to marry now. Sheela says, my son married somebody and my daughter don’t want to marry anybody. Adi comes with Rohit and Rubel and calls Pankhudi. He introduces Pankhudi to Rohit. Rohit says, I heard much about you with Govardhan mama. He says, I lived in Shimla and just now came here. Adi says, I confirmed with mama. They sit for dinner. Payal asks Shanky kaka to serve the dinner. Sheela says, you have achieved so much.

Rohit goes gaga about his fake achievements. He asks for the way to washroom. He sees Payal and stares at her. Payal gets tensed. Pankhudi calls her. Payal wonders what he is doing here. Adi asks, what is in dinner. Payal hears Kushal name and gets tensed. Dish falls from Payal’s hand, Rohit picks it and touches Payal’s hand. Adi asks, did you know each other. Payal says no. Sheela taunts Payal. Adi introduces Payal to Rohit. Pankhudi asks her to sit as well. Payal is tensed.

Preeti calls the hospital and says, I will work from tomorrow. Sameer pulls her leg. Preeti says, I have realised to stay positive. Sameer says, I am so happy to see you like this. He says we will go on a long holiday after your operation. He tells Avantika is ready to donate the kidney. Preeti says, I won’t allow her to donate. Sameer asks, what is your problem when no one has any objections.

Adi tells about Rohit’s proposal. Avantika says, why Pankhudi and Payal didn’t know about you? Rohit says, when I was small we shifted to Shimla and that’s why Pankhudi didn’t know about me. Rohit tries to misbehave with Payal and touches Payal legs. Payal gets up and goes to get something. Payal comes to the kitchen and wonders why Rohit came here. She says, I am sure he came to trouble me. Pankhudi asks, what happened? Payal says, everything is right. Payal says, Rubel is still upset with me. Pankhudi says, he will be fine. She asks her to come. Payal thinks I can’t lie to Pankhudi. Rohit tells about rock music. Sheela says, I like it. Rohit says, you are very good and lovable. Anuj says, I like you. Rohit is still troubling Payal. Pankhudi gets down to pick the spoon.

Pankhudi calls Govardhan mama to ask about Kushal Maheswari/Rohit. Rohit calls Kaira. Kaira says hi. Payal looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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