Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman meets Raghav’s wife

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala asking Raman to check the gift from Roshni’s side. Raman gets a letter and reads… Raman uncle, don’t feel guilty, this family has suffered a lot because of me, you are a good father-in-law, Aaliya is lucky, I felt good seeing your love for Aaliya, I want to apologize, I m leaving this music box, play this music for Adi when he cries, he will calm down listening to this music. Ishita reads further… I don’t want to say where I m going, I m going too far. I want to start a new life, I won’t be able to stay happy if you all stay sad, promise me, no one will be sad. They all cry.

Ishita reads…. give all the happiness to Adi, promise me, for my and Adi’s sake. Raman checks the music box. Ishita says Roshni wants us to fill happiness in Adi’s life, we will do this. They nod. Simmi says I will go and see. Parmeet says leave it, no one came in naamkaran, make a peg for me. She says I will go and get ice. He says you don’t need to go there. She says fine, I won’t go. He says you got angry and hugs her. She smiles. Ishita goes to washroom and cries. She thinks its difficult to leave a baby, I can understand Roshni’s pain, I just wish Roshni to stay happy. She washes her face. She comes to see baby.

Raman comes there. He says I can’t face the baby. Ishita says he is our baby, Roshni trusts us that we will take care of him. He says I couldn’t Roshni, don’t force me, I need more time. She goes and holds baby, watching him sleep. Mihika wakes up and says I didn’t realize when I fell asleep, sorry. Ishita says you better go and sleep. Aaliya comes and says you both go, I will be with baby, go and sleep. Ishita and Mihika leave. Aaliya recalls her words and gets sad. Ishita comes to Raman. He sees Adi’s pic and sits sad. Ishita goes to Raman and holds him. He hugs Adi’s pic and sleeps. The baby cries. Ishita hears the baby crying and goes to see. Aaliya says he isn’t drinking milk, what to do. Everyone wakes up and comes to see the baby.

Mihika says I spoke to doctor, he asked me to feed some gripe water to baby. Simmi asks what’s happening, can’t you make baby quiet. Parmeet asks where is his mum. Pihu says baby is missing his mum, you must call her back. Simmi asks is she not at home, what do you mean. Parmeet says its amazing, she left her baby, her responsibility here, will we manage this crying baby now. Raman gets angry. He says if we are silent, it doesn’t mean we will tolerate. Simmi asks what’s this bad behavior. Raman says shut up, your husband isn’t talking good things here, we know Tania’s death was a murder, not suicide, Raghav was hired for this, he got greedy and killed Tania, now Raghav is dead, someone is behind it, I m tolerating Parmeet as I have no proof. He scolds Parmeet. Simmi asks who is Raghav, we have no connection, we don’t know where he stays in balrampuri. Parmeet says no need to clarify to them. Raman slaps him and says you think how you will get saved.

Ishita comes to Raman and says you are still thinking about them. Raman says no, I m thinking what Simmi said. Parmeet says you told him the place where Raghav stays. Simmi gets shocked. Raman says it means Simmi and Parmeet hired Raghav. Ishita says yes, it means they framed you, Simmi have this clue under panic. Simmi says I m so stupid, so sorry, what do we do now. Parmeet says I will handle this, don’t use your brain. Raman says we have to gather more evidence against them, Parmeet is trapping Simmi, we have to prove that Parmeet did this, not Simmi, her life can’t get ruined, I have lost my sleep, until I get Parmeet punished, I won’t get sleep. Parmeet says before Raman reaches there, I have to do something.

Raman looks for Raghav’s house and comes there. He says I know you, you are Raghav’s wife right. The lady says please leave. Raghav has passed away, I have no money to give you. He says I want to know how Tania got killed, who paid Raghav. She opens the door. She asks what do you want. He asks have you seen them. He shows Simmi and Parmeet’s pic. She says no. He says I was trapped in Tania’s case, then police gave me clean chit. She says I don’t know them. He says don’t you want your husband’s killer to get punished, help me with any clue. She says fine, I have to send my daughter to school. He says its imp to catch that man, please help me. Parmeet comes and sees Raman. He hides. Raman leaves. Parmeet says maybe she told him something, I shouldn’t go right now, I can get trapped, did he lay any trap for me, I have to do something to solve this problem.

Raman says I have to expose Parmeet, Simmi will be punished if she is responsible. Parmeet says this is Raghav’s daughter, Raman might reach us, I have to shut up Raghav’s wife, this is the key.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. No matter how annoying sometimes the show may get i love yhm and I’m not one to criticize the show because I watch it and enjoy it the twist and it has some of my fav actors and actresses I don’t care if people think shame on you i dont care if people think im immature all i care is that i love the show no matter how annoying it gets people who hate it fine ihdc all i know is i hope yhm doenst end because there are a lot of hater and it people like them who get the show cancelled and it annoying because not everyone wants it cancelled loads of my fav shows got cancelled naamkaran, once upon a time, good luck Charlie there no way I’m letting hater have this shows cancelled too I might as well stop watching tv the world is full of critical people but if you like the show don’t let them influence you. #longliveyhm

    1. You keep saying you are not affected by people not liking this show, but we all can see how deeply you are affected and how much you’ve started hating people!

      Usually I don’t even reply to this kind of meaningless, repeated ranting but don’t you say “shame on people” etc. For critically analyzing a tv show using their logic if you are shaming people that itself shows how IMMATURE you are. You have been adviced by others that you are entitled to your opinion but kindly do not insult others you still keep doing this! So grow up!!!!

    2. First of you grow up and read the message properly I didn’t say shame on you i said people shouldn’t say it to me and two Doc anymore I did but I don’t anymore because it not worth my time

    3. Yes Wawa our concern also the best lead actors KP and Dt ! We cant see them butchered like this .Its the storyline we are criticizing … no logic no sense … In India which house will entertain an EMA relationship ? Child is innocent …we all agree ! They cud easily show Alia pregnant and move on . The twists cvs take is not at all digestable . Till surrogancy what an amazing story it was ? … after that bhooth track plus plus many unrealistic and logicless ..As Ann commented no proper closure is done for any murders …they show rubbish and you want us not to critucize !
      And Glady you have mistaken Wawas comment
      he had mentioned not to call him Shame on you and not matured for expressing his views .

    4. muniyamma rajasekhar

      grow up you wanker

  2. muniyamma rajasekhar

    rubbish upon rubbish upon rubbish

  3. Haven’t watched the episode but kind of liking Raman’s behavior. Now it seems a bit realistic.

    When everyone was with him he had an option to block Adi’s absence. With Roshni leaving the house, he is feeling guilty that an innocent kid has lost his mother & it all point towards the fact that all these have resulted from Adi’s misdeeds.

    Now consciously or subconsciously he can’t blame Ishita or anyone. He has to become this kid’s guardian & it will only remind him of Adi.

    I guess that’s why he is not gonna spare Simmi. May be deep down Raman is realizing if he hadn’t been blind towards his son’s fault, probably he would have been alive. May be that’s why he’ll become determined to do the right thing.

    1. Yes Niharika … Raman is really guilty … thats the reality ! Ishithas emotions was not at all
      praiseworthy . Roshni leaving and Ishithas sadness too did not have any impact except for Raman .

  4. Till this day rinki’s murder was not solved there comes tania’s murder investigation and another kidnapping. Once it was a familial show now it turned out to be savdhan india . Channels should make a rule to not allow show run more than 2 years…in long term writers turn psycho and litteraly butcher their own creation for no apparent reason…there must be a mental disease they contract working on daily soaps for a very long time

    1. Well said Ann ! Ekta , Sick Sickand and cvs have become mental better they dont drag to that stage

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