Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi saves Chawani

Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep leaves. Arohi goes running and screams chawani.. She screams and cries. Arohi says deep you ruined everything. You will pay for your sins.
Arohi comes home and hugs tara. He says Chawani is one. Tara says I knew you would keep everyone away from me that I hate. I would have killed him long ago. He says shut up.

Arohi says how will I take my revenge from deep. He killed Deep as well. I have to save my child from him. I wont tell deep about my baby. Chawani is in a net. He tries to come out. Arohi pulls him. she hugs Chawani and cries. Arohi says chawani.. My brother. I am Arohi. Chawani says I know you are my didi. Forgive me. I didn’t recognize you. Aroi says I know it was not easy. Thank God you are fine. She hugs him. Arohi gets a text. Its Virat he says Anjali where are you? Pick the phone. Virat calls her. He says where are you? She says I am at my friend’s place. Pick from her house in the morning.
Arohi buys chawani food. He says why did deep do this? He loved you so much. Arohi says I could never see his real face.

Arohi sees Virat leaving. He leaves. Arohi comes in and looks everywhere in the house. She sees some papers and says I am coming deep.
Deep comes home. Tara has decorated everything. Tara says did you like the surprise? Deep says I don’t like all this. She says you used to celebrate with Arohi. She says what do you want? She says we will take a lot of pictures. Deep throws them away and says stop it. He leaves. Tara says I did all this for you. Aroi’s fake mom says you need to ahve more reasons to live than just deep. Arohi coms to bank and says I want to withdraw my money. He says you have to wait for a week. Our bank is closing. Its 80 crore. Arohi says I will donate 10 crore to your trust. He says okay I will get you the payment. Arohi says see what I do now deep.

Deep looks at Arohi’s picture and says you will do what I want. You can’t even breathe without my permission. Some thugs come and kidnap Arohi. Deep smirks.
Precap-Arohi runs from the kidnappers. She collides with Deep.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. i would sincerely like to know who is writing the script lol…. Arohi sees 80 crores in the passbook and she is like, now Chawanni and i can live comfortably. i mean, 80 CRORES! and then what she does? she goes to bank and says i want ALL the money right now. she is going to put all that money in her purse or what?? what if Modiji declares another demonetisation? then what she will do with much cash ๐Ÿ˜› …. i mean come on! even 80lakhs would have been more than enough for a few months…. i dont how they could treat that aount of money so lightly… and then she gets kidnapped and all the money in her purse is lying on the road. another big LOL

    1. Hi dhara.the bank owner told to arohi I will ready to money in 2 she didn’t get money from precap she lose her pass book.that’s it.but am not understand one thing. Why she need a 80 crores.

    2. are you sure… because Arohi said that she will give 10cr to bank manager from the 80cr if the manager gave her the money immediately. the manager got very happy and said ok maam, please wait…. but they didnt show Arohi actually getting the money. so i dont know what actually happened. it seemed like the manager went to get the money and then when Arohi came out she was not tensed about not having any money and i assumed she has got it

  2. also i have feeling that now Tara will think about having babies. since she cannot be mother herself, when she realizes Arohi is pregnant she will plan to keep Arohi safe until pregnancy and then snatch the baby so that Arohi can cry even more that ‘i have lost everything waaaa!’
    btw, chawanni has accepted Nia much easily than the fans lol.
    also i dont like the message that it is important to have babies if husband and wife want to stay close. just doesnt feel good for the couples who genuinely cant conceive. this is not related to the story but just wanted to mention. another thing also, when Alisha’s image came infront of Nia, i realised Alisha was wearing the same dress as Nia but Alisha somehow looked so much better and graceful ๐Ÿ™ please come back as Arohi

    1. i’m still watching just beacause one i wanna know how dare deep betray arohi again, why ? AND i hopeeeee that alisha come back as arohi

      don’t understand the story really it seems like deep don’t love tara or arohi just himself and use sometimes arohi sometime tara for his job mayba he has slip personlity or twin or motivation but this time i don’t arohi forgive him at all i want virat repent for everythinkkkkk and protect and accept her

      maybe deep keep tara with him to know about his past but this is not an excuse really i want arohi with someone else and deep die by jalousy

    2. I also want deep to get jealous

    3. hi… i agree, that Deep doesnt look like loving either Tara or Arohi. i dont understand, he is rude to Tara and even aggressive, but at the same time he is always saying her that i am with you. dont know what khichdi he is cooking

    4. Hi dhara….actually i have read in one interview rght now i dont have that screenshot that alisha always be in a lead role i.e arohi role untill she doesnt quit and makers also were saying that as about nia this track is just for 2 month i guess some new twist ll come bcz as mamta patnaik director of this show was saying in her twitter post that i introduced new character not to put layer but to uncover them….so by seeing her statement we can for sure say that “many twist n turns has to come” after all its a daily soap

    5. hey preet… are you sure?? if that happens then i cant tell you how happy i will be!! whenever they show flashback scenes with Arjun and Alisha it is evident that they Arjun and Alisha are the main leads and backbone of the story…. but now they show Nia all the time, she is there 80prcnt o the time and even ‘remembers’ everything that i get confused… lets see what happens in two months. this is what, the second week of Nia acting as Arohi?

    6. Is it true mean am happy.i got a one news about nia.sill enter in biggboss house season nia shoot will be end in August last.I don’t know it’s true or not.

    7. Yes Alisha looking so beautiful and calm.her acting is perfect.i don’t know how chawani accept arohi(nia).

  3. shayad deep nahi yeh deep ka jurwa bhai hai.Danny ne kaha tha ki Deep ne uske maa ko nahi mara tha.Deep kke bhai ka ekbaar zikr hua tha.Mujhe lagtaa hain Deep ke jurwa bhai ne Deep ke ma ko mara tha.uske baad deep ko fasaya.

  4. shayad deep nahi ye deep ka jurwa bhai hai.Danny ne kaha tha ki Deep ne uske maa ko nahi mara tha.Deep ke bhai ka zikr hua tha ekbaar.Mujhe lagtaa hain Deep ke jurwa bhai ne Deep ke ma ko marke usko fasa diya

  5. Lol……………………..
    I would now like to see how Aarohi escapes from Deep’s trap. It will be interesting to see how Aarohi takes her revenge.

  6. I am still having a doubt that why did deep react like that when tara had bought gifts for him? And honestly I don’t think that tara will think about having kids .she will not be able to handle it . I still dony think that deep knows that arohi is pregnanct . whoelse agrees with me ?

    1. hi neethumol…i dont think Deep knows either. Nia didnt have a chance to tell him and when Deep went to see the plastic surgery doctor, even he didnt mention that the girl was pregnant…. so logically Deep shouldnt know. but we viewers have no idea what Deep knows or what are his plans -_-

    2. I also doubt deep.his attitude is different.and deep hired sudha mean deep knew arohi is pregnant.the lady doctor also saved arohi in two times.may be its deep not sure anything. It’s my guess.

  7. Thank god chawani is alive. Nia is an okay actress itโ€™s just gonna take some getting used to that sheโ€™s playing arohi. The writers are mad. Constantly confusing us and changing deeps character. Is deep bipolar? He has different personalities, Its no wonder him n tara make a great mad couple they are both lunatics!!

    I think Deep has mental health issues just like tara cos all they do is spread blood shed

  8. Searisoly! What is she going to do with 80Crores….. Even 1crore is more for a year to spend…… Where will she keep so much of money…… Where as in some serials the lady who is pregnant can’t even walk properly, here arohi run so fast………. ……..our ye aisa konsa surgery hai jo sirf teen mahine me itne achi taraha se hojaye…….. Twins me bhi thoda difference hota hai par plastic surgery ke bad bhi ye just xerox copy hai!!!……… Our us doctor jisne ye surgery kiya usko Guinness book of world record me iska nam dalna chahiye…………… Agar deep arohi ki har chis par nasar rakha hai tho use ye kaise nahi pata ki wo pregnant hai……….. Chawani ko agar marnahi tha to pehele marde te itne din rukne ki zarurath kya thi. ………trust me this was my favorite serial but now I’m not liking it……. Specialy due to Nia

    1. Hi habeeba.agree with you.

    2. hey Habeeba, i agree, according to TV serials our doctors are no less than magicians. those celebrity fans who want to look exactly like their idols should come to these doctors. just three months and they will end up looking like the next britney spears, even height and weight will change ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Hello friends.
    Chawani is happy.I don’t like nia act especially she is crying, not suit for her.Alisha looking so beautiful in pink dress.virat call anjali as romantic.deep show video to Tara.but y? Is She need a proof.and Tara dialog: deep tum mujse itha pyaar kar tho ho kabi thakka kyun dekkar chali ja theyho abhi tak mey tum samaj nahi paayi( not only you Tara all immj viewers can’t understand deep)
    Ardeep flashback so cute.nia find out passbook: wow anjali is crorepathi.(80 crores)am doubt for virat he really love anjali or her money. Whatever please nia u will again done a plastic surgery because i want old arohi(Alisha).
    But writers said to me don’t expecct anything from ours.because next scene nia lose her hand bag.I lose my hopes.Tara celebrate deep birthday. But deep angry to Tara.y?
    Fake mom(I don’t know whose mom) advise Tara child will solve your problem. But how?
    Tara never pregnant. ( please writers don’t will shown surrogate mother track)
    Again I felt this is not real deep.may be he is deep bro.his name is Raj.( my stupid guess)

    1. when Ardeep flashback showed, i was thinking Deep bought a house for him and Arohi remember, the one where he gave Arohi promises and they got stuck in lift and the Raichands came and exchanged Arohi and Tara… i wonder what happened to that flat. ๐Ÿ™

  10. So boring…
    the two main characters alisha n arjun villain..
    We want alisha back as heroin’s main character not villain….
    We do not want nia sharma as heroin …
    Please alisha come back….

  11. I think writerโ€™s payment is not made thatโ€™s why they are writting such nonsense

  12. Yes alisah as aarohi pls

  13. I m happy to see chawanni alive. Thank God. Arohi saved him. But what the hell is Deep doing? How can he be so cruel with Arohi? He used to love her. Then what happened in two months that he started to hate Arohi. And that Tara’s drama!! I just fell like killing her. Such a disgusting girl.

  14. I guess it will take time for us to accept Nia Sharma as Aarohi but I am sure as time passes by we will accept her. Although I do hope that this time Aarohi should not fall for Deep again. I feel Deep is psycho person as he sometimes showcase his love for Tara and sometimes for Aarohi. Tara at least make an attack in front of her enemy unlike Deep who attacks his enemy by hiding. Director and writer of the show please show Aarohi this time wining in her revenge.

    1. ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAN this title is just for arohi or what she will die in this love, deep don’t deserve her

  15. I m pretty sure he is not Deep

  16. I have a confusion. Why didn’t Virat react when Tara has shown Nia photograph to him so that he can catch her and reach tara so that he could join Police Force again?

    1. hi Rhidm…. Maybe Virat didnt want ‘Arohi’ to know that that girl is his crorepati girlfriend lol. i mean obviously Tara didnt know about Anjali, so Virat has kept quiet about the existence of his girlfriend. Maybe that’s why Virat got confused that if Tara doesnt know about Anjali then why ‘Arohi’ is saying that Anjali can lead to Tara. i think Virat hasnt told Anjali anything about his own family either. He has met ‘Anjali’ twice already but still hasnt asked anything about Tara….
      i dont know if i managed to make myself clear. talking about this serial is so tough because there are two double roles now and people are always acting to be someone else so i have to use double quotes and it all gets confusing lol

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