Mayavi Maling 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali gets special powers

Mayavi Maling 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad romancing Pranali and saying you are my wife, we should have love between us. She says don’t make this tough time for me, you know that we…. He stops and hugs her. He says just my love can save your life. Eshwarya checks the books and cries. She says there is no way to save Pranali. Garima comes and asks what are you finding. Eshwarya says I was finding a way to defeat Daanav vanshis. Garima says why are you lying when you know you can’t lie, I heard you and Chegu, you are worried for Pranali. Eshwarya cries and hugs her. Garima says I didn’t tell mum, we both will save Pranali. Eshwarya says why is this happening with us, why is Paramdev giving us sorrow. Pranali gets away. Angad asks what happened, do you want to accept death instead my love. She says your aim is everything, so you can’t see any other way. He asks what are you saying.

She says you can make a sacrifice for our beautiful future, if you don’t place the weapon in Sarovar, I won’t die, I m wrong to have expectations from you, your goal is to rule the world, you don’t value your married life, you don’t value my life, don’t worry, my eyesight is getting fine, and about my life, you don’t need to worry. She gets fire in her eyes. He gets shocked. She throws the powers at him. Winds blow. He asks are you fine. He gets hit and falls back.

Adhivan and Arak come to Eshwarya and Garima. Eshwarya says we have less time to stop Angad, he has placed one Astra in the lake. Angad comes and says something happened to Pranali. They all look for Pranali. They see Pranali representing fire avatar. Garima shouts Pranali. She asks Angad what did you do with him. Angad says trust me, I don’t know what happened. Pranali opens eyes and emits fire rays to attack Angad. He falls back. They get shocked. The door gets shut. They go to look for her. Madhumali shouts for help. Angad runs and sees her getting dragged towards the lake by some fire powers. She asks Angad to save her life. Her legs get dipped in the water and burn. She shouts for help. He holds her hand and pulls her.

Eshwarya and Garima smile. Angad asks Marekasur to give him powers. He saves her. She screams and cries. He takes her to the room and heals her foot. She gets conscious and asks who has done this with me, who dared to do this. She sees her burnt feet and says its some Dev vanshi power. Eshwarya and Garima come with Adhivan and Arak. Garima asks where is Pranali. Madhumali asks why are you questioning me. Angad says mum isn’t related to this, can’t you see her state, she isn’t fine, go from here. Eshwarya says we know just two persons can do this. Angad asks who are those two. He scolds Eshwarya. Pranali comes. They get shocked. Angad asks are you fine. Pranali asks why are you all staring at me, I m fine. Garima asks her to come along.

Madhumali says Paramdev gave his powers to Pranali. Angad says no, she can’t do this. Pranali says I have no threat from my husband. He asks her to choose family or him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The serial has a potential to be great but it is not fast paced..the writers have hit a writers block may be. The characters of adivan Hanan chegu and shiladitya can be more active.

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