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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita seeing the kitchen area and fire. She acts to fall down and says I can’t get up, call someone. Lady constable says I will call someone and goes. Ishita rushes to kitchen area and puts wooden sticks in the fire. She puts water and creates smoke. The constables do not find Ishita. Ishita hides and runs. The constables check the place and says fire caught up, get everyone out. Suhail asks Niddhi to come. She gets her hand off. Ishita collides with Suhail. Constable asks Ishita to come. Ishita tries to see the person and asks constable to leave her. Jailer catches Niddhi and says come to your cell, the one who came to meet you is safe. Niddhi collides with someone and falls. Her shawl gets removed. She covers herself with shawl again. She turns. Ishita gets shocked seeing Niddhi.

Simmi sees Ananya upset. She cheers her up. She says we will go to your fav restaurant, we will have lunch together, Gaurav is also hungry, you were with Param right, we will go. Ananya refuses. Simmi says I think Parmeet did not wish to come to pick you. Ananya says maybe he is busy in meeting. Simmi says you don’t want to have lunch with me, fine. She asks Gaurav to drop them home. Gaurav drops them. Ananya runs. Simmi worries. She says Param ji did not do right with my daughter. Gaurav asks are you okay. Simmi cries and says I m going to meet Parmeet and ask him why did he do this. He says I will drop you, I will come along, let me come please, how can he be careless, I don’t want him to harm you. She says why will he harm me, he is my ex husband… He says exactly, anything can happen, let me come. She says fine, come.

Raman says Abhishek, how did info leak, your team has someone leaking info. Abhishek says mind your tongue, our team is loyal, that person can’t run. He does his work. Ishita comes there. Raman asks where were you, why is your phone off. Ishita says sorry, my phone is off, Suhail was in disguise, I followed him to central jail, he went there to meet Niddhi. They get shocked. She says I have seen him meeting Niddhi. Abhishek says but what’s their connection.

Simmi and Gaurav are at the hotel. A man stares at her. Gaurav gets in between. Simmi asks the hotel manager to call Parmeet. Manager says I called him, he is not answering, maybe he went out. Gaurav says its okay, lets go, just wait here. He goes to hotel staff guy and bribes him, asking for Parmeet’s room number. Simmi knocks the door and asks are you sure this is Parmeet’s number, why is he not opening the door. Gaurav says open the door by master key. The man opens the room and says he is not here, maybe he went out. A phone rings. They check. She gets shocked seeing Parmeet sleeping with some girl. The room service guy wakes up the girl and says she works at our hotel. He makes the girl leave.

Parmeet wakes up and asks what’s happening Simmi. Simmi slaps him and asks him not to be around Ananya. She says you can never change. He says I don’t know what happened. She scolds him. He holds his head. She warns him to stay away from her and Ananya. He says I did not do anything. Simmi and Gaurav leave.

Raman says you are mad, why did you do, is it imp to become Jagga jasoos. She says you gave me such big spy name. He says its not funny, its risky. She says I had to follow Suhail, how is he connected to Niddhi, you have to smile now, I hope Pihu’s mood is good, I got her fav pastries.

Ruhi and Pihu play ludo and argue. Raman and Ishita come to them. Ishita says I got pastries. Pihu says Ruhi is cheating. Ishita says I got your fav scrapbook. Ruhi thinks to ask about Vikram. She asks Raman where did he go. Raman says Abhishek called, he felt he got some clue. Ruhi asks is all good? Raman says yes, its imp call from office. Raman and Ishita go.

Aaliya talks to Ruhi and says I will meet you tomorrow. Shagun asks Aaliya will you help me in getting Mani closer to me. Aaliya asks why do you think Mani will listen to me, its not in my hands. Shagun says I knew it, so I did everything, check this, I booked resort, you have to convince Mani, things will be better, else I will tell Mani about your and Adi’s breakup, I will forward this message, please do the needful. She goes. Aaliya says why did my life get complicated.

Raman and Ishita talk to Abhishek. Abhishek says its odd, jailer said Niddhi is behaving very positive, she is disciplined, she reads books on blackmailing and murder. Ishita asks why is she reading this. Abhishek says don’t know, jailer said no one met her since a year, I m feeling how did this change, we don’t see her connection with Suhail, I will update you details tomorrow. Ishita says I can’t believe this, Niddhi can never change, Abhishek should get concrete proof to know if she is acting or really changed. Raman says its complicated case.

Simmi says why is life complicated, why did this happen with me. She sees Ananya sleeping and cries. Ishita goes to Ruhi and recalls the incidents. She thinks don’t know how much dangerous is Suhail, if he is linked to Niddhi, he is risk to Ruhi, how to explain Ruhi that he does not care for her.

Ishita laughs and asks how did you do this, you made cornflakes, people buy it, but you made it. Raman says your face got a smile, I found you tensed yesterday night, I know we are going through tough time, best part is we are together, Niddhi thinks she is smart, if she does one small mistake, we will see her.

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  1. Where is Romy?

  2. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, MIno, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, Zaiba, Isuri, mp and many many more loyal fans of YHM

    Today’s episode is nice. Raman calling her Jagga Jasoos. I was afraid that Raman might shout at Ishita after realizing she went alone to central jail. At least he is now very accepting.

    Though I did not like Parmeet then before the leap, I think he may have really changed. To forgive is divine. Simmi need not remarry Parmeet but at least she should trust him as he would not do this to his daughter Ananya. He truly loves his daughter very much. It is definitely a plan of Gaurav so Simmi will hate Parmeet and she will agree to marry gaurav. He can take over Bhalla business. Everyone is after Bhallas’ money. I hope Parmeet exposes Gaurav.

    Well I am sure Shagun is going to be in cahoots with Niddhi again to revenge Raman and Ishita. Before that is done, can they have just Ishra and Pihu to go on a holiday and maybe together with Adi and Pihu to enjoy some quality family time and also show the romance of Ishra again please. I am sure tripping will go up. I read that the trp went up by 2.7. I am not sure but the comments said that it is good sign.

    1. Hi Sindhu … how are you ? I think Magic Shivani Rithu … busy with exams . Mino just say hello and go .. miss ur comments .. trust all fine with you .. susan khushi bhagya shreya shetty Madhu Riya Priya Priya Parichay MP Jay Raghu all yhm fans
      Dt looked very beautiful all thru ..And Karan too good with his expressions . Cvs are again mocking at our police dept anf jail system ..Acp is not able to investigate anything … its really cvs mistake … They have to script it in such a way where police is able to investigate . When its Nidhi .. no proof .. visitors list if they check they can come to know who is the visitor for Nidhi . Pre cap was very nice .. their chemistry also coming back … Ishitha looked awesome … Gaurav is playing a big game …any fool can understand . Laughed at Shaghuns love for Mani … I hope they will show Mani has a spine and unlike other men in Shaghuns life will not fall for her and reject Shaghun .

  3. Precap was nice though. They should include Raman, Ishita and Pihu scenes more. More uplifting and happy among the three. Suhail has become such a bore. I am sick and tired of Suhail and his drama.

  4. If spoilers and YouTube are to be believed then we are finally going to see some quality IshRa moments. Very excited!

  5. i am tired of this suhail drama and ruhi over attitude how can they make ruhi from a sensible and well behave child to such an unbearable teenager at first pihu now ruhi.loved how raman didnt just turn angry young man and shout at ishu. loved the precap and how shaggy is trying to fix her relationship with mani to the piont whee she has to blackmail aliya. i just hope the writers end this tract alot the way cant wait to see ishra romance after along time.

  6. Hi all yhm fans………………

    I agree with your comment Sindhu…..

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    Riya,super girl,Saba,Marin,Susan,
    Swara,lavanya & all..
    Hw r u guys???
    Hope this track will end soon..

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