Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 2)

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Chapter 2
The Oops moment and the past !!

As she had observed previously, he wasn’t really handsome, but something about him was so…..
What is the word ?!! her forehead crinkled for a word to describe the tug of a rush she felt when she saw his half smile, her mind grabbed a word from the vocabulary that she already thought of from looking at him top to bottom. Yes, Alluring. She can see it in the faces of the mesmerised yet fear filled eyes of the group of girls who were staring at him unblinkingly. He was very devil. A hot looking one for that.

He was 5’9 or an inch taller or so, she guessed. The suit around his biceps stretched. He seemed to work out lots. His hair was midnight black. She didn’t see him smile much though. It wasn’t like he was stiff and indifferent, but she observed he was always calm, cool and relaxed.

Well, One good thing about staying put in the dark corner of a room was she gets to observe each and every person specifically in leisure. There was no one to disturb you and it was quite interesting how you can know more about a person with just more than few keen glances.

Alright, now she was pretty thirsty with all the thinking.

Naira got up to take a glass of fruit punch that the waiters were serving.

She saw Gayatri Deora snicker behind her. Gayatri is young and vivacious and is engaged to one of the most handsome eligible bachelors of the country. Naira was three years older than Gayatri and it was a joke among the barbie doll and others that she wasn’t capable of snaring any man.

She took the glass from the tray and was about to turn when she collided with a hard wall. She groaned in pain and rubbed her hurting arm.

Looking up, straight into the most spectacular piercing brown eyes that she had ever seen in her life. She couldn’t even blink, afraid that if she did, the magnetic spell of the hot gaze pulling at her eyes will be broken.

Naira looked down abruptly unable to hold the stare anymore. Her eyes widened.

She didn’t realize that the fruit punch was all over the expensive looking suit. The glass was empty in her hand.

“Oh, my god. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to.” She started to apologize profusely.

Naira gulped hard as she looked at him fully. His jaw set hard as he looked down too. This close she could see the thunderstorm working on the hard planes of his face, darkening his eyes to a brewing storm. It was him. That was the reason why everything went silent around again.

She just threw a full glass of fruit punch on Karthik Goenka. The VIP guest of the evening. This is going to be in the newspapers and her father was going to kill her.

She took several steps back. She spun around and ran from there real fast. God, why do you do this to me ?!! Her mind vibrated a prayer of miracle to get out of this situation. She prayed to god that she wasn’t clicked by any of the media cameras present at the venue.

Karthik stared at the running figure of the wide eyed, scared girl. The shimmery gold and pink disappeared in the crowd gathering around him. He looked down at his suit. The fruit punch absorbed into the white shirt dampening his skin in a sticky mess. Damn !!. It was an expensive Armani suit. Extreme annoyance prickled his already blackened mood.

He glanced around bored out of his mind already, but keeping up appearances to such events was very much important for the public image. The people around him moved out of his way. He smiled. Scared rats. His adverseries were looking at him with a scowl from across the hall. He liked that they feared him. It fueled fire and zeal in him to hold tighter the reins of control he had over them in market. He could pull any strings of cord with his fingers and down fells their precious companies one by one without preamble.

They could hate him as much as they like and also plaster his repute with countless demeaning titles, it doesn’t matter. He was ruthless and harsh when it came to business. He became cold and rough like granite from years of hard work struggles.

Fifteen years ago, his father went bankrupt, Karthik had to take care of the dwindling business at a very young age. Every so called friend of his father closed their door on his face when he tried to ask help. His business associates laughed and sneered at the young vulnerable businessman. These men would eat alive emotions.

Karthik’s father did not survive the fall. He became bankrupt and alcoholic overnight. He died a year later. His mother already passed away when he was very young. After his father’s death there wasn’t a person in this world to bring him down to vulnerability. He felt empowered and climbed up the ladder becoming more closed off with emotions.

Karthik looked around, and now the people who jeered his efforts years ago were eating out of his hand. The dropped heads in shame brought his bruised vitiated ego and revenge hungry soul little but some repast. He was regarded with respect as he raked a deep sense of fear in their minds with year after year of great heights of success in the business world.

He worked hard yet he did not party hard. The only break he got was from these functions, which only brought him little momentary peace.

He looked around again. There were a group of young women giving him the eye, but tonight he wasn’t in the mood.

An hour later it was becoming grinding on his nerves. Finally, he left after countless clicking of cameras with the future bride and groom and their relatives and so on. He should have charged another million, that way there will be no invites in the near future, he thought in frustrated anger.

Precap : Karthik getting info about her father’s dream land and Naira. Will he use Naira to get his father’s dream land ?!! Will Naira know what Karthik’s real motive is ?!!
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