Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vadahi recalls what Roshni said. Piyush comes and says where are you lost? He sees tears in her eyes. Piyush says why are you crying? Did something happen? Vadahi says in heart she can’t tell him. She says I am just scared nothing goes wrong. He says I will stand in front of every bad eye. This kala teeka will protect you from everything. Vadhi hugs him.

Everyone is preparing for engagement. Aamr and shalu are doing decorations. Prem is getting pandit ji. Vadahi gives everyone tea. Mataji says Vadadhi come here. Mataji says what are you doing? You shouldn’t be doing all this. Simar says mataji is right. You are bride you can work all your life. Put the tea there. Vadahi places the tea on table. Vadahi says I will do this no problem. Simar says you are arguing with your mother in law? Vadhai gets worried. Simar laughs. Mataji says don’t tease her. Simar says you can call me mom aunty anything you like. Simar says when I came here after marriage I always felt like a daughter here. All this time passed. MAtaji and ma were so loving. I will be like them. I will give you the love I got here. Vadahi hugs her. Mataji says everything will go good.
Roshni comes with dresses. She says this for piyush and this for vadahi. simr says it is so pretty. Roshni says you didn’t like it? Vadahi says its pretty. I love it.

Scene 2
Simar gets Vadahi ready. She says you look so pretty. Piyush comes in and looks at her. Simar says you were saying something? Piyush ma mataji is calling you downstairs. Simar says okay you two ome as well. Simar says let me put kala teeka. Piyush I already did. Simar says wow you care so much. They all laugh. Piyush shows her the ring. Vadahi says it is so beautiful. He says you are more. Try this if it fits. Vadhi says no I can’t. He says that’s nothing. He is about to make her wear it. roshni comes in and says stop. Everyone is waiting for you downstairs. Piyush says you go I am coming. Roshni packs the ring and and takes Piyush.

Prem and simar welcome all the guests. Sumit and Rita come too. Sumit hugs Piyush.
Prem welcome Vadhi’s aunt and uncle. They say the house is so big. We will get rich too now. Roshni places garlands on stairs. She says in heart someone will stumble in it and fall and the engagement will have to stop.
Mataji brings Vadhai downstairs. Piyush smiles. Amar says control. Mataji says I brought the gift but forgot the ring. I will bring it. Vadhi says you stay here I will bring it. Mataji comes downstairs and falls. Roshni expected Vadahi to slip. Everyone is dazed. Mataji’s head bleeds. They all run towards her. Amar calls the doctor. They take her upsatirs. roshni says mama I made a mistake. Rita says stay quite the engagement has stopped. That is what you wanted.

Scene 3
Doctor treats mataji. Vadahi looks at roshni in anger and takes her out. Vadhi says you didall this? Roshni says are you out of your mind. I can’t hurt mata ji. Yes if you want answer I didn’t spend a moment when I didn’t want to hurt you. You have really hurt me I had to do something too. Vahdi says you know what you did. Mataji is injured because of you. Roshni says you are responsible for this. You did all this. What vikram’s dad suffered happened because of you. You defamed vikram and now you want to ruin this house too. You are an eclipse for Piyush that would ruin his life. She leaves. Vadahi is crying she says I don’t want ruin this house. Please do something. She is crying.

Doctor says nothing to worry everything will be fine. Mataji opens her eyes. Piyush kisses her hand. Piyush says are you okay? Mataji nods. Piyush says you scared us. Maaji says I am sorry it interrupted your engagement. Piyush says I won’t engage till you are okay. Your health is more important.

Precap-Anjali massages Vikram’s hair. She says you like papa ji? Tao ji shows to saroj and says she has changed. Simar says to Saroj you saw anjali is taking care of him with all her heart. saroj says that only shows one quality. And look at apples time is slipping out of hands.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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